Friday, August 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 3: Ski Jump

Part 3 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough features the Ski Jump.  Let's jump right in and take a look at the video:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 3: Ski Jump

Ski Jump

This is another classic.  It is simple, yet stimulating and another great showcase of howt the Balance Board can excel.  I hadn't played in quite some time, but I played often on Wii Fit.  It did not take long to regain my form.

You essentially "lower" your weight and place it forward enough to put the red dot in the blue-grey circle.  This will build your speed.  Now you need to stay centered and get ready to launch.  Toward the bottom of the ramp there is a red-zone with an upswing.  You need to wait for the game to tell you to extend. 
Now that you are launched you need to center yourself, vertically and horizontally, and get ready to hold that position.  The better you hold that pose the better your score will be...

I researched it fairly thoroghly on this playthrough and can offer this.  Stay centered and build your speed, try for high 50s or 60 mph, which I believe is the cap.  Now extend right after crossing the line.  Pull your weight back to a 50/50 center position and hold it as best you can, don't lean back or forward as that will cost you distance!  Nail the landing and stand backto admire your score!  Repeat it in Round 2 and you've got a chance for a World Record!

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