Monday, August 8, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Part 9: Free Run

Part 9 of our Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough featuring the Free Run is also broken down into 3 parts, let's take a look:

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 9-1: Free Run, 10 Minute

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 9-2: Free Run, 20 Minute

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 9-3: Free Run, 30 Minute

Free Run: 10, 20, and 30 Minute

Once again, this isn't the most exciting exercise in Wii Fit Plus, but it is great for aerobics.  This is a longer duration than even the Island Laps and really serves to get your heart rate going.  I will say it is tough to do the 30 minute version without some discomfort, but that could be because I am not a distance runner.  Anyone that is working their way into fitness should start with the 10 Minute run and work their way up to the 20 Minute run, and then the 30 minute run.

The other perk is they do actually score your progress, so if you get 1.5 miles your first time on the 10 Minute Run and then play a week later and get 1.8 miles you will know that you have improved by 0.3 miles etc.  I don't know the exact cut-off for a 4 Star Ranking on any of the Free Runs, but I managed to pull one off in each of the installments.  That alone makes for a nice accomplishment!

The best advice I can give, aside from building up for the longer runs is two-fold...

First, make sure you stretch before and after your long Free Runs.

Second, don't be afraid to pace yourself.  If you go 60% pace and get tired, don't be afraid to walk awhile and then pick the pace back up as you regain your breathe etc.  Just try to build up to a point that you can maintain a steady pace thru the entire run.  Once you can do that, work in a few sprints where you run faster for a short time span.  When you can do that and maintain a steady pace, feel free to progress.

My biggest disappointment in the Free Run is just that you run the same basic Island Lap (the paved surface route) over and over.  I had hoped you could select your route, or would at least have a large assortment of routes to choose from.  Nonetheless there is good reason for the basic nature of the Free Runs.

Nintendo, just like with the Free Step, intends users to watch tv while working out.  This might have been intended more for folks who might stray from the routine workout, but it is a blessing for someone torn between catching the news and working out.  You can pace yoursef leisurely on a long Free Run and take in your desired really works well.

Personally I prefer the Basic Run Island Laps, but if I had a show to catch, I would not hesitate to take advantage of the Free Run options.  If you stay on screen with the Wii you at least have the pacing, scenery, and other Miis to keep you company.  Just like with Free Step, the Wiimote will offer advice and update you on time thru the speaker.

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