Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 7: Penguin Slide

Part 7 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us slip our way to Penguin Slide:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 7: Penguin Slide

Penguin Slide

The Penguin Slide is another feel-good classic from Wii Fit.  The game remains unchanged and you simply shift your weight left and right to gobble up fish and earn as many points as possible. 

Blue Fish are one point, and you will note that they flop in the direction that the ice berg is leaning.  Green Fish are two points and they will hop across the iceberg regardless of the direction it is tilted.  Red Fish are 10 points and they hang in mid-air for a few brief seconds, to catch them you have to slide with speed in their direction and quickly shift your weight back the other direction to catch some air!

The best strategy is of course to get all the 10 point red fish.  After that it becomes logic...if you can get a green fish and blue fish (3) points on the left side, but there are 4 blue fish and 1 more hopping out of the waters to the right (5) points, go for the bigger score. 

When I get good scores, I can usually get up to around 75 points or so without missing a fish.  We started out with a 4-Star, and kept playing to see if we could close in on the personal best of 133.  We had a few decent runs and some that weren't so great and ultimately settled for a 123. 

This game is a lot of fun and will help improve your mind-body coordination while you burn a few calories.


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