Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 7: Snowball Fight

Part 7 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us change gears, and clothes, as we bundle up for the Snowball Fight.  This is another Training Plus original that makes great use of the Balance Board (dodging) and Wiimote (throwing).  It isn't a great workout, but is great for hand-eye coordination and tests your reflexes, let's take a look at the action:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 7: Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

This is broken down into three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.  As you progress each level gets progressively more challenging.

After taking to the skies for Bird's Eye Bullseye, we make our way back to earth and find the ground covered in snow, perfect for a Snowball Fight. This isn't necessarily a great workout, but it will do wonders for your hand-eye coordination (point and shoot) and reaction time/agility (dodging). You essentially just dodge snowballs by moving behind your protective barrier and then pop out to the right or left to nail opponents. Beginner and Advanced give you 3 hearts, if you get hit your vision will be blurry (covered in snow) and you will loose a heart. You can regain the heart b not being hit in succession. Some enemies will have snowman suits which make them have to take 2 hits to be knocked out. If you time it all right you'll have fun and pull in a good score. We netted 4-Stars on all stages including the Expert course, which only allows you to get hit once, which is understandable given the fact your opponents are throwing entire snowman heads at you! Overall it is just a lot of fun!
The best thing to do to perfect your skill is practice!  You are probaby tired of hearing that, but it is true.  The simple controls make this one easy to learn and a pleasure to master.  I've found it is also a good way to relieve a little stress after a rough day, lol.

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