Friday, August 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 4: Table Tilt

Part 4 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us move on to the Table Tilt, another cult classic amongst the Wii Fit diehards.  This is perhaps the best representation of what you can achieve with the balance board as you have to utilize all 360 degrees of the Balance Board to excel.  Check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 4: Table Tilt
Table Tilt

The Table Tilt exercise is broken down into Beginner and Advanced installments.  The premise is simple, get the balls into the hole(s) as quick as possible.  Everytime you pocket a ball and clear a stage you earn more time, up to a max of 99 seconds.  You can then proceed to tackle the next Stage.  Both installments have 8 total stages that give you 10 points for completing them and then a bonus score based on the seconds you have remaining.  It is a simple scoring proces and works very well.

This exercise mandates that you master Balance Board control.  You don't just lean left or right, or shift your weight forward or back, you have to do them in a combination and every sequence imaginable.  With practice you won't have any trouble mastering the controls and picking up 4-Star Rankings.

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