Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 6: Bird's Eye Bullseye

Part 6 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us ditch the Segway for an aerial flight of WuHu Island…granted that flight comes in the form of a Chicken Suit:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 6: Bird's Eye Bullseye

Bird’s Eye Bullseye
This is truly one of the best activities on Wii Fit Plus.  It helped launch the title, it is a great workout (believe it or not), and it is just pure, good old fashioned fun.  Best of all, in true Wii Fit Plus fashion, you look like a complete idiot when you stand on the Balance Board flapping your arms…your friends or family will likely burn as many calories just laughing!
This one is also broken down into three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.   I have spent the majority of the time I’ve played in Beginner and as you saw in the playthrough I had never once tackled Expert.  I really should play this one more and on a regular basis, it is a ton of fun and a good workout.   I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason I just seem to do other activities and don’t play this one often; I think I will change that!
You basically fly around the island from start to finish and have the option of landing on platforms for bonus time.  Some platforms have multiple time bonus rings, just like a dart board…it is actually quite difficult to land dead-center.
The easiest way to 4-Star any of these levels is to get a good score and then land on the rooster icon in the dead center of the final target…it will give you a significant bonus and can turn your ordinary 3-Star score into a 4-Star with ease.
Beginner is pretty straight forward, but Advanced gets a bit more challenging.  First off, there are multiple path options.  Second, some platforms sink below the water, land late and you’ll drown!  Both Advanced and Expert put the final target aboard the blimp, which makes it very difficult to land on that big bonus point (the blimp is moving constantly).
We clicked off a 163, 3-Star Early Bird on our Beginner Run which was good for 8th Place where my personal best is 233 (4-Star).  Advanced saw us muster a 6th Place Rank with 124 points as a 3-Star Early Bird rank, with my personal best being a 157 (3-Star).  Expert, which is really fun and challenging, saw me score 180 Points good for a 2-Star “Spring Chicken” Ranking (keep in mind this was my first and only time to play Expert).
I definitely plan to play this a lot more after the playthrough is complete and maybe even see how close I can get to some World Records.  The best thing to do is practice, learn the course, and perfect your skill to land those big bonus points.  I’ll definitely be coming back to 4-Star Advanced and Expert.  Bird’s Eye Bullseye is a great activity for Wii Fit Plus and shows how getting a workout can be very fun!


  1. My high score at expert level is 521 ...


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