Friday, August 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 5: Tight Rope Walk

Part 5 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us take on the Tight Rope Walk....let's tread carefully right into the playthrough:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 5: Tight Rope Walk

Tight Rope Walk

This is another one that I do not play often.  With so many great activities in Training Plus and the exercises available in Aerobics and Strength Training, I just haven't spent much time with the Tight Rope Walk.  It is pretty fun, just not as fun, in my opinion, as some of the other activities. 

What you want to do is walk in place on the Balance Board, but that isn't easy when you consider you have to do so centered.  Put too much weight to the right or left and your Mii will start to lean, if you don't correct it in time you will fall!  But there's more...

Each stage (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert) will give you more obstacles.  The bear-trap line runner will knock you off the rope, so you have to jump it.  In order to execute a jump you simply bend your knees and extend upwards...just like the Ski Jump. The only catch is you have to do so while centered!  If you jump while you angle left or right you risk falling during the jump or right as you land.

The Advanced installment throws another robot bear-trap at you, but it also has flocks of piegons to contend with...that doesn't sound too daunting, but they can really wreak havoc on your progression.

The Expert rendition sees the same challenges, but with an added danger...wind gusts!  Again, in text it is easy to dismiss this challenge, but play it in person and you will learn just how dangerous it can be!  The trick to surviving the wind is to shift your weight INTO the wind.  Don't go the same direction or you'll be heading for the city streets below...a long way below!  You also have to clear 3 of the bear-trap robots.  When you jump the second one you will be hit with a wind soon as it ends another comes (I learned that the hard way).  The trick to mastering walking the tight rope and staying up in the wind is to watch for leaves.  When you see leaves swirly by you, you know the wind gust is fixing to come from that direction...prepare accordingly and you will be fine!

This exercise is a lot of fun and I should probably play it more.  Once the playthrough wraps up I might go back and try to 4-Star them, for now I am content completing them with 3-Star rankings, lol.

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