Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Part 10: 2-Player Runs

Part 10 of our Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough sees us take on the never before played 2-Player Runs.  I really didn't know what to expect on this, at first they were extremely frustrating, but by the last few Island Laps I had a good feel for them...let's take a look:

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 10-1: 2-Player Run, Short Routes

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 10-2: 2-Player Run, Long Routes

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 10-3A: 2-Player Run, Island Lap Routes 1-3

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 10-3B: 2-Player Run, Island Lap Routes 4-7

2 Player Run: Distance and Breakdown

1.  Guide Mii, Town Circle
2.  Gray Cat, Blue Collar, to the Queen Peach
3.  White Cat, Blue Collar, over the fallen log, end at the falls
4.  White Dog, Red Collar, up to the cabins

1.  Guide Mii, Circle lap
2.  Tan Dog, Red Collar, to the winmill hill
3.  Black Cat, Blue Collar, up to the overlook point
4.  Tan Cat, Blue Collar, rooftop ending
5.  Black Dog, Red Collar, to the lighthouse
6.  Gray Dog, Red Collar, to the beach

Island Lap:
1.  Guide Mii, Traditional Island Lap
2.  Gray Dog, Red Collar, across the swaying bridge
3.  Black Dog, Red Collar, to the sand pit
4.  Tan Dog, Red Collar, to the lighthouse
5.  Tan Dog, Red Collar, to the beach
6.  Black Dog, Red Collar, to the castle
7.  White spotted cat, Blue Collar, to the ruins
This exercise had potential, note that I said "had."  Who wouldn't want to get their non-Wii Fit friend in the room and showcase some of the games by actually letting them join you on a run?  Cool idea right?  Well there are a lot of shortcomings.  First, your "friend" will get to run, but only as an unknown Mii...they can't select their own, let alone even a guest Mii.  Topping that off, their progress isn't recorded, which is understandable, but the biggest insult to injury is that they will hamper your performance!

I ran all of these with one Wiimote in the right hand and one Wiimote in the left hand...look how far apart the Miis were despite my concise motions...think how hard it will be for 2 real runners to go stride-for-stride and try to pass a guide and follow a dog etc.  I feel like the 2-P feature would have been better served had it been established a bit better or just thrown in with the Free Run.

That said, I sitll love running on Wii Fit Plus, I just prefer the Basic Run, lol.

I would suggest you work your way through all the routes on each distance and then progress to the next.  If you tackle this solo, follow my steps outlined in the 10-3A and 10-3B playthroughs to master passing and staying put.  You'll also need to be prepared to "row" to make it happen...

You really can't get a great score on this exercise unless you just avoid all the optional routes or take the first of each.  The stopping and running fast to pass only lowers your score as a consistent pace is what you should be after.

That said, I was still proud to wrap it up and be able to say I had completed all of the routes on the 2-Player run, lol.  It will be very rare that I go back to this exercise, but atleast now I have afeel for how to handle it.

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