Monday, August 22, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 3: Rhythm Kung Fu

Part 3 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough sees us move from Island Cycling to a mountain top dojo where we practice Kung Fu moves in rhythm with the music.  Let's take a look:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 3: Rhythm Kung Fu

Rhythm Kung Fu

This is a pretty fun exercise.  You have elements from rhythm boxing, but this might be a little easier to follow along with and execute.  You simply perform the moves you see behind you in the mirror...sounds simple, but it will take some time to adjust.

The best thing to do is practice.  Playthrough Beginner several times and you are sure to see your score improve.  Unlike Rhythm Boxing you don't have to leave the Balance Board, so foot work is a non-issue.  You do occasionaly have to raise a leg, but you always come down on the board, not the floor itself.  You will have some recovery time if you miss an intial move, think Basic Step. 

I had a pop-up processing and that somehow interrupted the recording is all there, but so many frames were dropped it ends the video portion before the sync'd commentary some points the Miis move in a much faster pace, that is the recording glitch.  It was kind of funny, so I opted to leave it.

I would like to 4 Star both of these, but that will happen after the playthrough wraps up here shortly.

This is a bit quicker than Rhythm Boxing, a lot of fun, and is a good change of pace from the norm.

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