Friday, August 26, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 13: Table Tilt Plus

Table Tilt was so popular on Wii Fit that the designers brought back a more challenging version for Wii Fit Plus Training Plus, let’s  check it out:
Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 13: Table Tilt Plus

Table Tilt Plus
This is a sequel to Table Tilt from Wii Fit’s Balance Games.   This is a one-and-done activity,  that is there are no advanced levels.  Once you play you will understand why.   Table Tilt Plus keeps the basic 8 stage strategy, but with one major change…Now when you roll a ball into a hole you only get +6 seconds while clearing a stage nets you nothing.  Yeah, that is correct you will be adding time 6 seconds at a time.  You begin with only 50 seconds so it is very easy to struggle with one stage and wind up falling short of completing the game.  Table Tilt Plus definitely requires multiple attempts and lots of practice to master.
The first level is pretty straight forward, you have to use the orange recessed areas to launch to the outer ring and roll into a hole, just be careful not to roll off the edge.  Level 2 features a rotating hour-glass.  The trick here is to get the balls in order of rotation as the hourglass changes directions after you pocket the first ball…I recommend getting each one right to the hole and not trying to land both at the same time.  Level 3 also has 2 Balls…if you lean straight back you’ll land both against the orange levers that thrust them forward, stay perfectly balanced and you’ll drain both for +12 seconds.   Level 4 graduates to 3 balls and you have to launch them from the base level to the top.  My advice is to take one ball at a time and not worry about the others rolling off.  Level 5 still has 3 Balls and you simply roll them forward along the spiral while avoiding the rising columns.  Level 6 features 4 Balls and they must be maneuvered thru what I call a “pinball machine.”  The best thing to do is take one at a time (while launching the others onto the main area).  Roll it down avoiding the orange lever and use the column at the bottom as a stop before rolling into the hole.  Level 7 features 5 Balls and  one hole on the upper most corner of a platform.  You can get balls to the hole from either the top platform or the bottom platform’s launcher.  Take one at a time, but do your best to keep the others on the platform.   Level 8 is pretty crazy.   You start with 8 Balls atop a rotating hour glass, which just so happens to cover virtually the entire platform.  Get the balls off as quick as possible and rotating with the hourglass.  Once you have done this work to get one, as soon as you do, the hourglass will change directions and speed up…try to net another before it closes the whole.  When it covers the hole you were using, shift your focus to the other hole, repeat this until you’ve landed every ball in a hole, that will get you thru the exercise with 80 base points and a time bonus for whatever you have left.
The first time through we had trouble with a few and only made it thru round 6 for 60 points. Our second attempt saw us improve and make it thru with 36 second to spare for a total score of 116 Points, which was good for a 3-Star Rank.  A complete run through will take somewhere between 3-5 minutes and burn around 5-9 calories.
Table Tilt Plus is a lot of fun and the challenging nature makes it worthy of many replays.

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