Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 5: Segway Circuit

Part 5 of our Wii Fit Plus Playthrough has us ditch the golf car for a Segway!  The Segway Circuit was a real treat being included on Wii Fit Plus.  It basically came out of nowhere, but it makes perfect sense as the Balance Board and Wiimote team up to make a very realistic Segway experience, check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 5: Segway Circuit

This game is broken down into three distintct levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.  Each level has its own section of the island, route, and music.  Beginner puts you rolling the segway across the beach.  You learn the basic controls and then have to chase down the moles and pop the beach balls.  Granted, not all of them just pop up out of a hole, some will move and make you chase them!  The last mole has one beach ball and he doesn't just burrow from hole-to-hole, he also has a Segway!  This is a ridiculously fun exercise and helps with total body control and your reflexes.  It won't burn off a hundred calories, but it is a ton of fun!  We made quick work of this level and pulled off a 4-Star Ranking!

The Advanced level is where I used to play...that was some time ago, now I mainly play Expert.  That said, it took me some time to readjust and learn what route to take and how to best handle the moving moles.  I think we netted our 4-Star Ranking on the 3rd attempt.  It all comes down to learning the positions, which moles move, and understanding whether it is best to follow a burrowing mole, or continue with your route.  The big catch here is that the final mole has 2 beach balls and is a bit trickier to rundown.

The Expert Level is probably my favorite.  I spend most of my time in Segway Circuit here and it shows.  Just as with the previous two, this one is all about knowing when to follow, and when to stay the course...sometimes doing one or the other can be the difference between a record run and a 3-Star Ranking.  We pulled off the 4-Star Rank on our first attempt.  The final mole here has 3 beach balls (you have to pop them in succession).  He can go any number of ways, if he goes back into town and takes the tight corners it is that much more difficult to keep up with him.  The difference between a record run and just  another good 4-Star score can be as simple as hitting one or two moles before the burrow. 

Segway Circuit is a game that probably wasn't on the list of "most anticipated," but it sure is a lot of fun.  I find myself playing this one about once a night.  It is laid back, but has enough of an edge to keep you stimulated.  If you really get good you can go for a world record to add even more intrigue to the game.

This is definitely one of my favorites and a true bright spot for Wii Fit Plus and a perfect example of how well the Balance Board and Wiimote work together to mimic real life action!

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  1. Looks like a fun game to play and I like the graphics of it, so cute and colorful. I think I should try it although I end up getting hooked to games and missing out on my assignments:(

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