Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Checking out TRU Exclusive Skylander Special Edition Gill Grunt

What?  Special Edition Gill Grunt (Series 2 Pose)
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us Promotion
What Did It Cost?  FREE via Promotion
What Was Stock Like? Limited, Have not seen him in Stores

Checking Out Toys'R'Us Exclusive Special Edition Gill Grunt 

I received my Special Edition Gill Grunt from Toys'R'Us today...It was shipped via a padded envelope from Toys'R'Us.  I got an e-mail January 17th with a code to redeem him via their launch window promotion.  You essentially just had to spend $100 on Skylanders SWAP Force merchandise between launch day and the close of the year to qualify.

The offer changed course several times and was postponed once or twice, but nonetheless, TRU delivered a special Gill Grunt.  The odd thing is that the Special Edition Gill Grunt figure in question here isn't Series 3 Anchors Away Gill Grunt, but rather Series 2 Gill Grunt.  Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have things line up perfectly.

That said, I happen to like his Series 2 pose the best so I won't complain too much!

The coloring has been dubbed anything from green to green metallic, but I think I will stick with "Fishy Emerald" as I called it in the video :-)

Fishy Emerald, or whatever you want to call it, actually fits Gill Grunt and this pose very, very well in my opinion.  I believe he will follow standard "chase" variant format where he will show up as a standard S2 Gill Grunt in the game, but likely at Level 5 with 2,000 or so Coins in the bank...I will verify this and you can see it in the SWAP Force Introduction videos.

I have heard of a few folks having trouble getting their claim heard by TRU, but they are honestly not that bad to work with...Keep trying, stay calm, and be polite...it will get you much farther than being irate.  If you truly qualified there should be no issue, eventually getting your SEGG.

That said, if you are a collector, operate on the "Keep one sealed and open another" methodology, or just need 2 for kids etc., TRU claims you can find them in stores and you can order them online.

For what it is worth, I have yet to see SE Gill Grunt in stores and no employees report seeing him, or being aware of his arrival.

I mention that first, because I have had numerous people get their SE Gillman just fine, but found that he arrived in poor shape thanks to the bubble mailer/padded envelope and delivery service, mostly the latter.  Mine came in relatively good condition aside from a slightly folded upper area...which I will take over dented plastic, or a loose figure.

Obviously, if SE GG hits store shelves, you can take your pick and get one in mint condition.  However, if that does not happen and you have to, or choose to order one in, my advice is to get several figures or triple packs.  Here is why: First off, when you spend $49 or more you get free freight.  Second, the additional figures, or Triple Pack, Adventure Pack, Battle Pack etc. will force your order to ship in a box.  I will caution that boxes are not fool proof, especially the cheap, thin ones, but they are more substantial than an individual padded envelope.

If you elect to order in a 2nd, or get your first SE Gill Grunt, here is the link:

TRU Special Edition Gill Grunt

Good luck landing your Fishy Emerald Gill Grunt!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Blind Playthough

Just like the Character Introductions, I opted to make a stand-alone playlist for the Playthrough this time.  This will help you go from chapter-to-chapter without having a span of new character's introduced between chapters etc.

This is a complete, BLIND Playthrough from the Nintendo Wii U version of the game.  I don't play ahead, watch other videos, or have an advanced playfile...You see me going thru the game "blind" so everything is new.

I do plan to record Nightmare Mode, but that will be done on the Microsoft Xbox One so you can compare versions etc.

Since the number of videos to embed in this post would make it slow to load, I will simply be placing the links.

Skylanders SWAP Force Blind Playthrough Playlist Link:

Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak, Part 1 of 2

Chapter 1: Mount Cloudbreak, Part 2 of 2

Exploring Woodburrow and Explaining the Playthrough:

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade, Part 1 of 4

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade, Part 2 of 4

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade, Part 3 of 4

Chapter 2: Cascade Glade, Part 4 of 4

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow, Part 1 of 4

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow, Part 2 of 4

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow, Part 3 of 4

Chapter 3: Mudwater Hollow, Part 4 of 4

Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins, Part 1 of 3

Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins, Part 2 of 3

Chapter 4: Rampant Ruins, Part 3 of 3

Exploring Woodburrow, Post Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gultch Part 1 of 3

Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gultch Part 2 of 3

Chapter 6: Iron Jaw Gultch Part 3 of 3

Chapter 7: Motleyville Part 1 of 4

Chapter 7: Motleyville Part 2 of 4

Chapter 7: Motleyville Part 3 of 4

Chapter 7: Motleyville Part 4 of 4

Chapter 8 Twisty Tunnels Part 1 of 5:

Chapter 8 Twisty Tunnels Part 2 of 5:

Chapter 8 Twisty Tunnels Part 3 of 5:

Chapter 8 Twisty Tunnels Part 4 of 5 (Includes Chapter 9 Serpents Peak):

Chapter 8 Twisty Tunnels Part 5 of 5 (Exploring Woodburrow and Revisiting the last Cutscene):

Chapter 10 Boney Islands Part 1 of 3

Chapter 10 Boney Islands Part 2 of 3

Chapter 10 Boney Islands Part 3 of 3

Chapter 11 Winter Keep Part 1 of 4

Chapter 11 Winter Keep Part 2 of 4

Chapter 11 Winter Keep Part 3 of 4

Chapter 11 Winter Keep Part 4 of 4

Chapter 12 Frostfest Mountains Part 1 of 4
Chapter 12 Frostfest Mountains Part 2 of 4
Chapter 12 Frostfest Mountains Part 3 of 4
Chapter 12 Frostfest Mountains Part 4 of 4

Chapter 13 Mesmerelda's Show

Chapter 14 Fantasm Forest Part 1 of 5
Chapter 14 Fantasm Forest Part 2 of 5
Chapter 14 Fantasm Forest Part 3 of 5
Chapter 14 Fantasm Forest Part 4 of 5
Chapter 14 Fantasm Forest Part 5 of 5

Chapter 15: Kaos' Fortress Part 1 of 3
Chapter 15: Kaos' Fortress Part 2 of 3
Chapter 15: Kaos' Fortress Part 3 of 3

Chapter 16: Motherly Mayhem

Chapter 17: Cloudbreak Core

Tower of Time Part 1 of 3
Tower of Time Part 2 of 3
Tower of Time Part 3 of 3

Sheep Wreck Island Part 1 of 3
Sheep Wreck Island Part 2 of 3
Sheep Wreck Island Part 3 of 3

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Skylanders Giants Stackable Tackle Box from PowerA

What?  Skylanders Giants themed Stackable Tackle Box from PowerA
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  Nabbed the last one (pretty regular restock on the SF Tackle Box)

Checking out PowerA's Skylanders Giants Stackable Tackle Box

One of the questions I get all the time, especially here as of late, is, "How do you store/organize your Skylanders Collection" or more bluntly, "What do you do with all your Skylanders?"

That is not a simple answer and requires a multifaceted answer:

1: A few Skylanders seem to permanently reside on the pool table
2: My desk, TV Stand, and old TV all display a few of my favorites
3: When I am working on upgrades/quests etc, heavily played characters stay right by the portal
4. Storage...the residence for the vast majority of the Skylanders

I stressed this earlier in the year when I picked up the SWAP Force (Green) Stackable Tackle Box...Veterans of the game are over run with Skylanders and it is going to be an issue by the end of SWAP Force.  In fact, even if you just get started with SWAP Force, by the time you land that last character, you have likely overwhelmed any areas near and around your TV/console of choice.  At this point in time a smart and efficient solution is needed.

The shining solution on the hill is the PowerA Stackable Tackle Box.  There are several other options from PowerA as well that might suit your needs better, but personally this one makes the best solution.  It looks great, houses lots of figures, is sealed with 3 latches, and most importantly it stacks.  Unless you store your collection in a container with a massive footprint, the Stackable Tackle Box remains your best solution for a small footprint with maximum capacity, and killer aesthetics.

I'll admit, some of my collection is in the small Sterlite cases intended for shoes...although I like to think of them as small sterlite cases made for Skylanders that folks erroneously put shoes in, but I digress...They are super cheap, roughly $1.50 each, have somewhat secure lids (as long as you lift from the bottom), and the clear sides work well for viewing.

The other big role the Sterlite cases play is with my "sealed" characters.  Any character I buy doubles of (Jolly Bumble Blast, Gnarly Tree Rex, etc.), and any Special or Chase Variants I land will stay in their packaging...Obviously, this makes them quite hard to "store" in my preferred manner.  So, I use either the same 6 Quart Sterlites, or buy bigger 41 Quart (big, but not too big imo) to easily store Core, Giants, and Swappers with no trouble what so ever.  They are reasonably priced, stack,, and will keep figures dust free and safe from moisture etc.

I like for the collection to stand upgright, PowerA's Stackable Tackle Box takes care of that for me...I use it for my "active" roster (ie the Skylanders I plan to use for the present and immediate future).  So, naturally, those noble warriors get the best residence.  Skylanders from SSA get bumped back to the other cases...

I've now got several of the Stackable Tackle Boxes and love them...The looks coupled with the capacity, dividers, and stackability seal the deal (just like the THREE latches (a big deal for those of you who aren't super graceful or have kids)).

I picked this one up to house my Series 2 Core Characters and eventually the S2 Newlanders (once Castaways vs Newlanders wraps up).  This color coordination (Green for SWAP Force, Orange for Giants..both complete with appropriate artwork) makes things very simple.

When TRU had their spend $40 save $10 last week I cashed in with the $10 Dragon's Peak, "correctly" printed Hoot Loop, re-released Dino-Rang, and of course, this Stackable Tackle Box.  My total savings was $24.99, which oh so ironically is the cost of the storage case...That is what I call WINNING!

That said, the video covers, albeit very quickly, the Giants themed Stackable Tackle Box and what my other storage solutions look like...they aren't near as cool, or precise, but get the job done for now...If you are on a budget I would go that route and pop for the PowerA case for your favorites, most frequently played, or simply to safely transport your select characters to a friend's house for Battle Mode, or Co-op etc.

The cases look really good side-by-side!

If you are in the market for the best and most visually satisfying Skylanders Storage Solution, I suggest you look no further than PowerA's Stackable Tackle Box!

For a look at the SWAP Force Stackable Tackle Box, check out this post:

PowerA's other offerings cover Over-the-Door, Soft Sided On-the-Go Cases, the stellar Fun Play HideAway Display Sets: Flynn's Ship and Skylands...In terms of tactical effectiveness and stellar good looks, the Stackable Tacke Box remains a personal favorite for doing the bulk of the work.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Channel Update 1-17-2014 TRU Special Gill Grunt, Sales, and Playthrough Update

January 17th, 2014 Channel Update

Here is a quick rundown on some of the contents in the Channel Update video...Imo, it is still much easier to read than watch a longer video, but I remain in a slim minority there.  That said, I have the link for the TRU Special Edition Gill Grunt to help you out as well.

This Channel Update covers several things...Here are some cliff notes.

1. TRU has sent out emails containing the code to redeem at checkout for the launch week promo Special Edition Gill Grunt.  You can find the link on the blog...Mine is headed this way!

2. TRU has several good sales right now.  All SSA Triple Packs and Adventure Packs are $10.

3. You can also save $10 for every $40 that you spend on Skylanders and accessories.

4. They had TONS of stock on Wave 3, sans the Battle Pack and Adventure Pack.

5. You can now easily find Hoot Loop's with his correct slogan printed.  The more desirable one will be the misprint.

6. I picked up a "correct" Hoot Loop, re-release SP of Dino Rang, Dragon's Peak (basically $10 for a 2nd Sunburn), and the last PowerA Stackable Tackle Box in the store...And saved $24.99...not too shabby!

7. I covered a few odds-and-ends:
-Mask of Power Series
-Mario & Luigi Collectible Figures
-Super Mario 3D World & Strat Guide

8. Skylanders SWAP Force Blind Playthough
-All Introductions are uploaded and ready to be live
--Parts 46-54 are cropped down, but contain all the info, with most being visible
-Part 25 + will be in HD
-Story Mode Ch 6+ will be HD
-I will be making a few videos LIVE each day

9. Minecraft Ultimate Quest
-This is a new series from my Nephew and I
-We play Minecraft Pocket Edition with no hacks and are going from scratch in survival
--I will upload the newest vids to his channel a few days prior to making them Live on my own.

10. Best Buy/Silver Sprocket should be showcased tomorrow night.

Good luck landing Wave 3!  You can find the link for TRU Special Gill Grunt on the blog...If you qualified for the promo, be sure to check your email for the code...

My weekend plans will hopefully include continuing recording the blind playthough, playing the XB1 Version while the videos render/upload, releasing a few more intro vids, and of course, the AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Oh, you are still reading...nice!  I guess you probably want this as a reward?  No clue how long he will be available, or when stock (and at what quantity) will hit your local TRU, but here is the link to order in the Special Edition Gill Grunt:

Click Here for TRU Special Edition Gill Grunt

Monday, January 13, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Introductions: Complete Playlist with Links

Hey Everyone,

As promised, this time around for SWAP Force, I opted to make a series of separate playlists as opposed to one all encompassing playlist.  This will help you find what you are looking for and help progress naturally with the divisions I have established: Unboxings, Introductions, Blind Playthrough, and Upgrades.

Since the amount of videos in the playlist would crash this post, or make it slow loading, I will provide a link to the SWAP Force Introductions Playlist AND links to each video, just below the heading.

This will be a work in progress as I add more videos.

Here are some important notes:
-Parts 1-24 are Standard Definition captured in tandem by the old capture card and new device.
-Part 25 and beyond is captured in High Definition
-Currently Parts 46-54 suffered from a software issue that cropped the video down...I am debating re-recording them or just going with them as is...My issue is that a re-record would not showcase the new Portal Master accolades etc.
-I will be mixing old and new to the playlist, but they will always be ordered correctly, numerically speaking.
-As new characters are released, I will get their Intros up ASAP

Skylanders SWAP Force Introductions Playlist

Playlist Link

#71 Turbo Jet-Vac Coming Soon!
#70 Fire Bone Hot Dog Coming Soon!
#69 Enchanted LightCore Star Strike

#68 Springtime Trigger Happy

#67 Punk Shock

#66 Nitro Freeze Blade

#65 Trap Shadow

#64 Freeze Blade

#63 Fryno

#62 Scratch

#61 LightCore Wham-Shell

#60 LightCore Countdown

#59 Spy Rise

#58 Sheep Wreck Island featuring Wind-Up, Groove Machine, and Platinum Sheep

#57 Thorn Horn Camo and the Arkeyan Crossbow

#56 Grim Creeper and the Arkeyan Crossbow

#55 Quick Draw Rattle Shake

#54 Stink Bomb

#53 Rubble Rouser

#52 Hyper Beam Prism Break

#51 Horn Blast Whirlwind

#50 Phantom Cynder

#49 Twin Blade Chop Chop

#48 Super Gulp Pop Fizz

#47 Heavy Duty Sprocket

#46 Big Bang Trigger Happy

#45 Anchors Away Gill Grunt

#44 Blizzard Chill

#43 LightCore Flashwing

#42 LightCore Warnado

#41 Dune Bug with Bonus Content

#40 LightCore Smolderdash

#39 Smolderdash

#38 LightCore Star Strike

#37 Star Strike

#36 Roller Brawl

#35 Countdown

#34 Riptide

#33 Scorp

#32 Knockout Terrafin

#31 Bumble Blast & The Fiery Forge

#30 Jolly Bumble Blast

#29 Pop Thorn and the Tower of Time

#28 Legendary Zoo Lou

#27 Zoo Lou

#26 Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper

#25 LightCore Grim Creeper (HD Starts 25 and forward)

#24 Legendary Night Shift

#23 Night Shift

#22 Enchanted Hoot Loop

#21 Hoot Loop

#20 Fire Kraken

#19 Grilla Drilla

#18 Nitro Magna Charge

#17 Magna Charge

#16 Boom Jet

#15 Legendary Free Ranger

#14 Free Ranger

#13 Rattle Shake

#12 Lava Barf Eruptor

#11 Volcanic Eruptor

#10 Dark Slobber Tooth
#9 Slobber Tooth

#8 Dark (Mega Ram) Spyro

#7 Mega Ram Spyro

#6 Dark (Ninja) Stealth Elf

#5 Ninja Stealth Elf

#4 Dark Wash Buckler

#3 Wash Buckler

#2 Dark Blast Zone

#1: Blast Zone

Skylanders SWAP Force Battle Mode Treacherous Beach

As promised in the Arkeyan Crossbow Unboxing and Introductory videos, my Nephew (thewalkthruking) and I recorded some PvP for everyone.  We used an assortment of characters, most hailing from Wave 3...Check it out for yourself!

Here is a list of the battles:

SWAP Force Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack
-Treacherous Beach

1: Thorn Horn Camo vs Grim Creeper – Thron Horn Camo (Wiisdom)
2: LC Wham-Shell vs LC Countdown – LC Wham-Shell  (Wiisdom)
3: LC Wham-Shell vs LC Countdown – LC Countdown (thewalkthruking)
4: LC Wham-Shell vs LC Countdown – LC Countdown (thewalkthruking)
5: Wind-Up vs Dune Bug – Wind-Up (Wiisdom)
6: Rattle Shake vs Quick Draw Rattle Shake – Rattle Shake (Wiisdom)
7: Spy Rise vs Qiuck Draw Rattle Shake – Spy Rise (Wiisdom)
8: Spy Rise vs Blast Zone – Blast Zone (thewalkthruking)
9: LC Countdown vs Blast Zone – Blast Zone (thewalkthruking)
10: Stink Bomb vs Rubble Rouser – Stink Bomb (Wiisdom)
11: Stink Bomb vs Spy Rise – Spy Rise (thewalkthruking)
12: Thorn Horn Camo vs Grim Creeper – Grim Creeper (thewalkthruking)
13: LC Countdown vs Grim Creeper – LC Countdown (Wiisdom)
14: LC Countdown vs Spy Rise – Spy Rise (thewalkthruking)
15: Stink Bomb vs Spy Rise – Spy Rise (thewalkthruking)
16: Blast Zone vs Spy Rise – Blast Zone (Wiisdom)
17: Blast Zone vs Dark Blast Zone – Blast Zone (Wiisdom)

Wiisdom = 9 Wins, thewalkthruking = 8 Wins

Special thanks to thewalkthruking for helping out for this video!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack

What?  Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack
Where Did You Get It?  Amazon.co
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
What Is Stock Like?  Sold Out Locally, Intermittent Stock on Amazon
What Is Included?  Sheep Wreck Island Location Piece, Wind-Up, Groove Machine, Platinum Sheep, Stat Cards, and Sticker Sheets

Unboxing Sheep Wreck Island

Sheep Wreck Island is the final expansion to SWAP Force, joining the previously released Tower of Time as the only Adventure Packs for this installment.  In addition to offering up a new chapter of gameplay, unlocking some Portal Master accolades, and debuting some cool and unique magic pieces, the other main draw of this AP is SWAP Force Newlander Wind-Up.

The actual Sheep Wreck Island piece not only opens up the additional chapter of gameplay, but unlocks several arenas: Vortex Banquet, Cyclops Makeover, Sheep Mage Rage, and Chunky Chompies.

The Groove Machine will follow your Skylander playing a groovy tune that makes enemies boogie down and stop attacking you.

The Platinum Sheep cloaks your Skylander in a wooly disguise that prevents enemies from attacking you...since they think you are a sheep.  The biggest perk is that while disguised you can recover health to reappear and defeat the "baaaad" guys (sorry, had to do it).

And of course, we have Wind-Up, the last of the SWAP Force Tech Skylanders, at least for me.

Tech Element, SWAP Force Newlander
Slogan: "All Wound Up!"

Card Stats
Power: 90/200
Armor: 130/200
Agility: 70/200
Luck: 40/200
Totals: 330/800

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

What?  Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack
Where Did You Get It?  Amazon.com
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? 2-3 Locally, Intermittent stock on Amazon
What is Included: Arkeyan Crossbow, Grim Creeper, S2 Thorn Horn Camo, Stat Cards, & Sticker Sheets

Unboxing the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

The Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack is important for several reasons.  First, there will be Portal Master accolades to be earned with the Arkeyan Crossbow.  Second, the arrival of Grim Creeper wraps up the Undead Element, as best I know.  Lastly, and most importantly, we now have the chance to obtain Series 2 Thorn Horn Camo!  Camo was a late release in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but became a fan favorite and maintained that status all thru Giants, despite being a castaway.  He is finally back AND as a standard Series 2 figure, he will have that all important WowPow.  The other reason I stress his arrival is because I have seen it reported (straight from the Skylanders Game Twitter Feed) that the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack is the only way to obtain him.

In terms of gameplay, past the obvious additions, what does the Arkeyan Crossbow do?  Well, when used in gameplay it will appear as the figure and hit enemies with a lob launching the bolt.  In addition to direct hit damage, it will create a watery wave that dishes out damage to surrounding enemies.

As for Arenas, here is a breakdown on what the Arkeyan Crossbow unlocks:
-Battle Arena (1): Treacherous Beach
Survival Arenas (4): Sand Castle, Beach Breach, Troll Beach Attack, and Chompy Tsunami

Now, let's take a look at the characters!

Grim Creeper, Undead Element, SWAP Force Newlander
Slogan: "Your Time is Up!"

Card Stats

Power: 90/200
Armor: 90/200
Agility: 90/200
Luck: 60/200
Totals: 330/800

Legendary LC Grim Creeper, Grim Creeper, LC Grim Creeper

SWAP Force Undead Team

Camo, Life Element, SWAP Force Series 2
Slogan: "Fruit Punch!"

Card Stats
Power: 80/200
Armor: 100/200
Agility: 50/200
Luck: 100/200
Totals: 330/800

Series 1 Camo (SSA), Series 2 Thorn Horn Camo

SWAP Force: Current Life Team (lack LC Bumble Blast)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing LightCore Wham-Shell

What? LightCore Wham-Shell, Water Element, LightCore
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $13.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? Roughly 10 or so in the store
What is Included? Wham-Shell, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing LightCore Wham-Shell

Water Element, LightCore

Slogan: "Brace for the Mace!"

Card Stats
Power: 100/200
Armor: 120/200
Agility: 25/200
Luck: 100/200
Totals: 345/800

Current Fleet of SWAP Force LightCore

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing LightCore Countdown

What? LightCore Countdown, Tech Element, SWAP Force Newlander
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $13.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? Probably 5 in the store
What is Included? LC Countdown, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing LightCore Countdown

LightCore Countdown
Tech Element, SF Newlander

Slogan: "I'm the Bomb!"

Card Stats
Power: 150/200
Armor: 105/200
Agility: 60/200
Luck: 45/200
Totals: 360/800

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Spy Rise

What? Spy Rise, Tech Element, SWAP Force Skylander, Climbing Ability
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $16.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? I'd say 6 or so were in the store
What is Included? Spy Rise, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing Spy Rise

Spy Rise
Tech Element, SWAP Force, Climbing

Slogan: "It's Classified!"

Card Stats
Power: 120/200
Armor: 120/200
Agility: 120/200
Luck: 130/200
Totals: 490/800

Tech Element Swappers

Climbing SWAP Force

Wave 3 Group Shot

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best Buy Unveils Special Silver Heavy Duty Sprocket

What?  Special Heavy Duty Sprocket
Where?  Best Buy
How Much?  $9.99 plus tax
Quantities?  Unknown at this Point

Tanks a lot Best Buy...

Just as everyone is trying to wrap up locating, ordering, or miraculously obtaining the last of SWAP Force Wave 3, we have a bomb shell dropped...Or I suppose, more of a tank and mines dropped.  Why, you ask?  Best Buy has unveiled a pre-order for a special Heavy Duty Sprocket.  She is up for the standard retail price of $9.99.  Have a look for yourself:

It is believed that she will be a store exclusive, but that has not been 100% confirmed.  I would imagine that to be the case, think of her just like you would a Jade Flashwing or GITD Sonic Boom.  Similarly, since she is not in the 3DS Character List, I would venture to guess she will simply appear as her regular self in-game, but with the "Special" designation...just like any chase variant.

The base looks to be a bright silver, while the tack is either a greened bronze, or off-silver...We should know soon...As in this Sunday!

Best Buy will have these available in store on Sunday, January 12th, 2014...That said, you can ensure you get your Special Sprocket by Pre-Ordering her online.  There you can select store pickup, or simply have her shipped (and free at that with orders of $25 or more).

I opted to go that route and will see when I get her...

I do not frequent Best Buy, but if they do not already have some, or all of Wave 3 out on the shelves, I would imagine they have some, or all of Wave 3 ready to put out Sunday.

As always, my advice remains to pre-order and lock in the figure.  This literally just fell out of the sky and there is little known in regard to whether there will be a limited number of these figures, or enough to fill a small castle.  

As soon as she arrives, I will do a product showcase.  

Skylanders: SWAP Force Series 2 Character Pack (Heavy Duty Sprocket) - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS - Larger Front

As much as I don't enjoy frequenting Best Buy, I have dealt with them a few times recently (online anyway) and haven't had many issues.  This is, however, perhaps the best handling of a figure I have seen in quite some time.  I fully expect there will be plenty to go around Sunday, BUT just in case the ebay pirates set sail for your local Best Buy, they have offset this long worn fear by offering you the chance to pre-order.  Pay now and sail away with a safe day, or gamble on the release day.  There wasn't exactly a huge heads-up, but given the recent Target issues and trouble folks are having landing the rest of Wave 3, this is pretty much top-of-the-line in terms of satisfying the fan base.  Once more, if you have an interest in picking up this quick silver Golding, I would suggest you pre-order now!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Rubble Rouser

What? Rubble Rouser, Earth Element, SWAP Force Skylander
Where Did You Get It? Target
What Did It Cost? $14.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? 2 in the back, in a locked case
What is Included? Rubble Rouser, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing Rubble Rouser

Rubble Rouser
Earth Element, SF Skylander, Dig

Slogan: "Brace for Impact!"

Card Stats
Power: 170/200
Armor: 200/200
Agility: 65/200
Luck: 55/200
Totals: 490/800

After entering Target and beelining to the Skylanders section, I wasn't shocked to see empty pegs and the lowest SWAP Force stock I've seen to date at the store.  I went in Sunday (the day of the ad 12/29) and then twice during the week...Each time there were no Swappers, and decreasing stock.  I asked employees each time I was in (as I always do when trying to find something new) and the response was and remained that there had been no new shipments since before Christmas and that they had nothing in the back...everything available was on the floor.

Well, the store was desolate (my favorite setting for shopping) and as I was leaving I saw an employee in electronics.  She was super nice and upon scanning a tag offered to check the back even though it said there weren't any.  She came out a few minutes later with an arm full of 4 Skylanders: Hoot Loop, Stink Bomb, and 2 Rubble Rousers.  I was kind of surprised there were no Spy Rise figures, but it is hard to argue with getting 2 of the 3.  I checked out with Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser (although I now realize that the sale didn't ring up).  What I learned, and what may help you, is that my store had these in the back in a locked case.  This isn't like the case for games and high end electronics, this is literally in the back where you'd never have access to look.  When I got up front I figured it was odd I had a bag with stuff in it and told the story to the checker.  She said they had been having a lot of theft and it was a precaution.  I don't know if this is just a local solution, or something nationwide etc, but it is a new revolution to me...

There were no notes to ask for any characters you don't see and if not for the overly diligent and helpful employee I would have once again walked out with nothing, while the figures apparently sat trapped in a locked case.  The funny thing is a Target Exclusive Nitro Magna Charge and Free Ranger Double Pack were on the pegs...as well as a few Giants and some stray Sprockets and 1-2 Scorp figures.

I have to wonder if all of the W3 Swappers were in this case when I went in Sunday, and the other two days prior?!  I know most stores had these well in advance of the 12/29 ad because folks were buying them last Thursday and Friday.  It could just be a case of employees legitimately not knowing the characters were locked up, or just simply not caring to check as I assume this case also houses things like iPod, iPads, and extra stock on cameras etc.

That said, you now know the story behind how I got Stink Bomb and Rubble Rouser and for those of you still willing to deal with Target (I've had a ton of people tell me they were blowing them off due to not having stock etc), you might ask an employee to check the locked cases in the back.  Will it work?  It comes in at 50/50 odds, so I'd say go for it...

I have to say, if the figures were really there when I went in last Sunday it is pretty ridiculous and I likely could have landed Spy Rise as well.  This could also be great timing and maybe they showed up earlier today and made their way to the case.  Once more though, no signs to ask an associate, check with management, etc...just empty pegs.  My advice is give it a shot and if you still get the runaround, check back when you can or just hold out for a broader release.

All of that aside, I am stoked to finally have one of the Earth Element Swappers!  I'm kind of leaning towards Doom Stone based solely on character art, but I think Rubble Rouser is well done, has a good back story, and should be a nice asset to the game.  Plus, his card stats are really high.

Good luck landing Rubble Rouser!

Grilla Drilla and Rubble Rouser...Can You Dig It?!

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