Saturday, January 18, 2014

Channel Update 1-17-2014 TRU Special Gill Grunt, Sales, and Playthrough Update

January 17th, 2014 Channel Update

Here is a quick rundown on some of the contents in the Channel Update video...Imo, it is still much easier to read than watch a longer video, but I remain in a slim minority there.  That said, I have the link for the TRU Special Edition Gill Grunt to help you out as well.

This Channel Update covers several things...Here are some cliff notes.

1. TRU has sent out emails containing the code to redeem at checkout for the launch week promo Special Edition Gill Grunt.  You can find the link on the blog...Mine is headed this way!

2. TRU has several good sales right now.  All SSA Triple Packs and Adventure Packs are $10.

3. You can also save $10 for every $40 that you spend on Skylanders and accessories.

4. They had TONS of stock on Wave 3, sans the Battle Pack and Adventure Pack.

5. You can now easily find Hoot Loop's with his correct slogan printed.  The more desirable one will be the misprint.

6. I picked up a "correct" Hoot Loop, re-release SP of Dino Rang, Dragon's Peak (basically $10 for a 2nd Sunburn), and the last PowerA Stackable Tackle Box in the store...And saved $24.99...not too shabby!

7. I covered a few odds-and-ends:
-Mask of Power Series
-Mario & Luigi Collectible Figures
-Super Mario 3D World & Strat Guide

8. Skylanders SWAP Force Blind Playthough
-All Introductions are uploaded and ready to be live
--Parts 46-54 are cropped down, but contain all the info, with most being visible
-Part 25 + will be in HD
-Story Mode Ch 6+ will be HD
-I will be making a few videos LIVE each day

9. Minecraft Ultimate Quest
-This is a new series from my Nephew and I
-We play Minecraft Pocket Edition with no hacks and are going from scratch in survival
--I will upload the newest vids to his channel a few days prior to making them Live on my own.

10. Best Buy/Silver Sprocket should be showcased tomorrow night.

Good luck landing Wave 3!  You can find the link for TRU Special Gill Grunt on the blog...If you qualified for the promo, be sure to check your email for the code...

My weekend plans will hopefully include continuing recording the blind playthough, playing the XB1 Version while the videos render/upload, releasing a few more intro vids, and of course, the AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Oh, you are still reading...nice!  I guess you probably want this as a reward?  No clue how long he will be available, or when stock (and at what quantity) will hit your local TRU, but here is the link to order in the Special Edition Gill Grunt:

Click Here for TRU Special Edition Gill Grunt

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