Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Skylanders Giants Stackable Tackle Box from PowerA

What?  Skylanders Giants themed Stackable Tackle Box from PowerA
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  Nabbed the last one (pretty regular restock on the SF Tackle Box)

Checking out PowerA's Skylanders Giants Stackable Tackle Box

One of the questions I get all the time, especially here as of late, is, "How do you store/organize your Skylanders Collection" or more bluntly, "What do you do with all your Skylanders?"

That is not a simple answer and requires a multifaceted answer:

1: A few Skylanders seem to permanently reside on the pool table
2: My desk, TV Stand, and old TV all display a few of my favorites
3: When I am working on upgrades/quests etc, heavily played characters stay right by the portal
4. Storage...the residence for the vast majority of the Skylanders

I stressed this earlier in the year when I picked up the SWAP Force (Green) Stackable Tackle Box...Veterans of the game are over run with Skylanders and it is going to be an issue by the end of SWAP Force.  In fact, even if you just get started with SWAP Force, by the time you land that last character, you have likely overwhelmed any areas near and around your TV/console of choice.  At this point in time a smart and efficient solution is needed.

The shining solution on the hill is the PowerA Stackable Tackle Box.  There are several other options from PowerA as well that might suit your needs better, but personally this one makes the best solution.  It looks great, houses lots of figures, is sealed with 3 latches, and most importantly it stacks.  Unless you store your collection in a container with a massive footprint, the Stackable Tackle Box remains your best solution for a small footprint with maximum capacity, and killer aesthetics.

I'll admit, some of my collection is in the small Sterlite cases intended for shoes...although I like to think of them as small sterlite cases made for Skylanders that folks erroneously put shoes in, but I digress...They are super cheap, roughly $1.50 each, have somewhat secure lids (as long as you lift from the bottom), and the clear sides work well for viewing.

The other big role the Sterlite cases play is with my "sealed" characters.  Any character I buy doubles of (Jolly Bumble Blast, Gnarly Tree Rex, etc.), and any Special or Chase Variants I land will stay in their packaging...Obviously, this makes them quite hard to "store" in my preferred manner.  So, I use either the same 6 Quart Sterlites, or buy bigger 41 Quart (big, but not too big imo) to easily store Core, Giants, and Swappers with no trouble what so ever.  They are reasonably priced, stack,, and will keep figures dust free and safe from moisture etc.

I like for the collection to stand upgright, PowerA's Stackable Tackle Box takes care of that for me...I use it for my "active" roster (ie the Skylanders I plan to use for the present and immediate future).  So, naturally, those noble warriors get the best residence.  Skylanders from SSA get bumped back to the other cases...

I've now got several of the Stackable Tackle Boxes and love them...The looks coupled with the capacity, dividers, and stackability seal the deal (just like the THREE latches (a big deal for those of you who aren't super graceful or have kids)).

I picked this one up to house my Series 2 Core Characters and eventually the S2 Newlanders (once Castaways vs Newlanders wraps up).  This color coordination (Green for SWAP Force, Orange for Giants..both complete with appropriate artwork) makes things very simple.

When TRU had their spend $40 save $10 last week I cashed in with the $10 Dragon's Peak, "correctly" printed Hoot Loop, re-released Dino-Rang, and of course, this Stackable Tackle Box.  My total savings was $24.99, which oh so ironically is the cost of the storage case...That is what I call WINNING!

That said, the video covers, albeit very quickly, the Giants themed Stackable Tackle Box and what my other storage solutions look like...they aren't near as cool, or precise, but get the job done for now...If you are on a budget I would go that route and pop for the PowerA case for your favorites, most frequently played, or simply to safely transport your select characters to a friend's house for Battle Mode, or Co-op etc.

The cases look really good side-by-side!

If you are in the market for the best and most visually satisfying Skylanders Storage Solution, I suggest you look no further than PowerA's Stackable Tackle Box!

For a look at the SWAP Force Stackable Tackle Box, check out this post:

PowerA's other offerings cover Over-the-Door, Soft Sided On-the-Go Cases, the stellar Fun Play HideAway Display Sets: Flynn's Ship and Skylands...In terms of tactical effectiveness and stellar good looks, the Stackable Tacke Box remains a personal favorite for doing the bulk of the work.

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  1. Of course the ones that my sons (or myself) are playing with are generally scattered about by the portal, but the "resting" figures are all stored in Bulldog hardware organizers that I found at Wal-Mart for $12.

    They're nearly perfect. They are heavy duty plastic, with semi-clear hinged lid that snaps onto the case securely. They have a handle, so are easily portable. They stack fairly well, too.

    The two large compartments are perfect for giants, and the rest of the figures can nearly all stand upright in the smaller spaces (but the spacers can be removed if necessary). Swappers have to be taken apart, though.

    They're a great, cheaper alternative to the Power A boxes -- if you don't mind a bunch of dull looking hardware organizers in your room rather than nicely branded Skylanders boxes.

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