Saturday, January 11, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

What?  Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack
Where Did You Get It?
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? 2-3 Locally, Intermittent stock on Amazon
What is Included: Arkeyan Crossbow, Grim Creeper, S2 Thorn Horn Camo, Stat Cards, & Sticker Sheets

Unboxing the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack

The Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack is important for several reasons.  First, there will be Portal Master accolades to be earned with the Arkeyan Crossbow.  Second, the arrival of Grim Creeper wraps up the Undead Element, as best I know.  Lastly, and most importantly, we now have the chance to obtain Series 2 Thorn Horn Camo!  Camo was a late release in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but became a fan favorite and maintained that status all thru Giants, despite being a castaway.  He is finally back AND as a standard Series 2 figure, he will have that all important WowPow.  The other reason I stress his arrival is because I have seen it reported (straight from the Skylanders Game Twitter Feed) that the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack is the only way to obtain him.

In terms of gameplay, past the obvious additions, what does the Arkeyan Crossbow do?  Well, when used in gameplay it will appear as the figure and hit enemies with a lob launching the bolt.  In addition to direct hit damage, it will create a watery wave that dishes out damage to surrounding enemies.

As for Arenas, here is a breakdown on what the Arkeyan Crossbow unlocks:
-Battle Arena (1): Treacherous Beach
Survival Arenas (4): Sand Castle, Beach Breach, Troll Beach Attack, and Chompy Tsunami

Now, let's take a look at the characters!

Grim Creeper, Undead Element, SWAP Force Newlander
Slogan: "Your Time is Up!"

Card Stats

Power: 90/200
Armor: 90/200
Agility: 90/200
Luck: 60/200
Totals: 330/800

Legendary LC Grim Creeper, Grim Creeper, LC Grim Creeper

SWAP Force Undead Team

Camo, Life Element, SWAP Force Series 2
Slogan: "Fruit Punch!"

Card Stats
Power: 80/200
Armor: 100/200
Agility: 50/200
Luck: 100/200
Totals: 330/800

Series 1 Camo (SSA), Series 2 Thorn Horn Camo

SWAP Force: Current Life Team (lack LC Bumble Blast)


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