Friday, January 3, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Stink Bomb

What? Stink Bomb, Life Element, SWAP Force Skylander
Where Did You Get It? Special Delivery and Target
What Did It Cost? $14.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? No Stock, In the Back, In a Locked Case
What is Included? Stink Bomb, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb
Life Element, SWAP Force, Sneak

Slogan: "Clear the Air!"

Card Stats
Power: 140/200
Armor: 85/200
Agility: 150/200
Luck: 15/200
Totals: 390/800

Thanks to a special delivery, Stink Bomb arrived!  I was ecstatic as I had pretty much decided the chances of getting lucky at Target were slim-to-none.  That said, I still tried and it paid off big time!  A super nice employee checked the back and found 1 Stink Bomb and 2 Rubble Rousers in a locked case, in the back.  I took the Stink Bomb and 1 Rubble Rouser...someone else can have the other.  Surprisingly she came out with Hoot Loop and not Spy Rise, who has been reported to be the easiest to come by...That said, I'm not complaining..2 of the 3 have been obtained!

Stink Bomb looks really cool...I am a big fan of the LIFE Element logo on the backside of his vest.  He looks to have a bit of Stealth Elf in him with the martial arts background and Sneak ability...Plus, it looks like he has the chance to be very quick.  Daphney from Twitter has already expressed interest in getting a 2nd Stink Bomb because his paths are so good.

If you are still trying Target you might try for the "locked case" is worth a shot.  The girl at the front said people had been stealing the Skylanders so who knows, it could have been a local "fix" or perhaps something from a top down directive.

I'm not sure how long of a window Target has for the timed exclusive, but it shouldn't be more than a few weeks and I am hopeful that they get stock to justify their timed window, or that we see a nice stock appear at other retailers when the window expires.

I can't stress enough not to rush out and pay 2-4x retail for these guys.  Give it a few weeks and they will likely be common place.  There are more SF Portal Masters out there now after Christmas, but keep in mind not everyone is informed and acts immediately.  If you are diligent and stay in-the-know, you will usually come out on top.  All I can say is good luck!  I am very excited to get this guy on the Portal and see how he performs.  At E3 I saw a clip with Stink Bomb and Night looked like they made a very nice pairing (this was backroom stuff btw, no filming).

I will try to get the introduction video up BEFORE the backlog...perhaps this weekend.


  1. Hello!! Glad you tracked him down. I had similar trouble finding him. I went Friday (before the 12/29 Sunday date) because I heard of people getting them early. NOTHING!! I also went on Sunday in the afternoon and once again nothing and was very frustrated. To the point my wife could tell and took it upon herself to talk to electronics and then to a front end manager. I am very much in agreement that if they are displayed in their ad they should be easily available to purchase. But of all the people the front end manager was by far the best person to talk to. She suggested calling early in the morning (every day until I got a positive response). She said trucks come in daily (especially if its an ad item). I deliver papers so I don't get up early at all but my wife does and she called early Monday morning and luckily they either got a truck in or finally put them out. They reserved all three until I came in the afternoon. I did do a quick look at the shelf and there was only a Spy Rise. I looked behind the counter and they had atleast put out two boxes/cases (had SW WAVE3) marked on both. So that would be my suggestion is to call early in the morning when they would get the boxes in!! Waiting until the afternoon will probably get you nothing. (You can see the frustration on my face in my youtube videos haha I did one on Thursday and both Sunday .... little happier on Monday when I got them in that video.)

    And as far as Stink Bomb goes there have been alot of people that have put the "not as good as advertised" logo on him but I would get him upgraded first. The top path he is a monster with the stars that circle him and he also throws out 4 large stars when this move is done. The bottom path the tail swipe is very powerful and I think underused (not sure people know he can even do that). But similar to stealth elf but better because he can damage from far away with his stars and that nasty tail swipe. The stink clouds are pretty cool too!!! Oh and he has no problem with Spy Rise in player vs player my friend told me. He is a BEAST!!!

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