Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best Buy Unveils Special Silver Heavy Duty Sprocket

What?  Special Heavy Duty Sprocket
Where?  Best Buy
How Much?  $9.99 plus tax
Quantities?  Unknown at this Point

Tanks a lot Best Buy...

Just as everyone is trying to wrap up locating, ordering, or miraculously obtaining the last of SWAP Force Wave 3, we have a bomb shell dropped...Or I suppose, more of a tank and mines dropped.  Why, you ask?  Best Buy has unveiled a pre-order for a special Heavy Duty Sprocket.  She is up for the standard retail price of $9.99.  Have a look for yourself:

It is believed that she will be a store exclusive, but that has not been 100% confirmed.  I would imagine that to be the case, think of her just like you would a Jade Flashwing or GITD Sonic Boom.  Similarly, since she is not in the 3DS Character List, I would venture to guess she will simply appear as her regular self in-game, but with the "Special" designation...just like any chase variant.

The base looks to be a bright silver, while the tack is either a greened bronze, or off-silver...We should know soon...As in this Sunday!

Best Buy will have these available in store on Sunday, January 12th, 2014...That said, you can ensure you get your Special Sprocket by Pre-Ordering her online.  There you can select store pickup, or simply have her shipped (and free at that with orders of $25 or more).

I opted to go that route and will see when I get her...

I do not frequent Best Buy, but if they do not already have some, or all of Wave 3 out on the shelves, I would imagine they have some, or all of Wave 3 ready to put out Sunday.

As always, my advice remains to pre-order and lock in the figure.  This literally just fell out of the sky and there is little known in regard to whether there will be a limited number of these figures, or enough to fill a small castle.  

As soon as she arrives, I will do a product showcase.  

Skylanders: SWAP Force Series 2 Character Pack (Heavy Duty Sprocket) - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS - Larger Front

As much as I don't enjoy frequenting Best Buy, I have dealt with them a few times recently (online anyway) and haven't had many issues.  This is, however, perhaps the best handling of a figure I have seen in quite some time.  I fully expect there will be plenty to go around Sunday, BUT just in case the ebay pirates set sail for your local Best Buy, they have offset this long worn fear by offering you the chance to pre-order.  Pay now and sail away with a safe day, or gamble on the release day.  There wasn't exactly a huge heads-up, but given the recent Target issues and trouble folks are having landing the rest of Wave 3, this is pretty much top-of-the-line in terms of satisfying the fan base.  Once more, if you have an interest in picking up this quick silver Golding, I would suggest you pre-order now!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea about this one...! Just put in my pre-order online...
    I kinda wish I knew this was coming...I would potentially have skipped the standard Heavy Duty Sprocket in favor of this one. But she is a favorite of mine (my wife and son changed the name of the Series 1 Sprocket to "Dad's Sprocket" in game).

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  2. hey i got 2 different special edition sprockets (different times) neither of them are able 2 switch paths wutz dat about

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