Thursday, January 2, 2014

Skylanders 2014 Wall Calendar

What?  Skylanders 2014 Wall Calendar
Where Did You Get It?  My Sister
What Did It Cost?  MSRP $14.99

Skylanders 2014 Wall Calendar: Quick Look

Really not much to see here, BUT I did want to make the video and this post to let you know this calendar does in fact exist and you can pick it up now.  As always, some of the character selections for the specific month are less than well thought out, but it is still a nice calendar, and I suppose that previous part could be deemed "subjective," but I digress.

I've enjoyed my previous Skylander calendars and they have held up just fine to the rigors of being tacked to a wall for 365 days.

The featured characters are as follows:
Month: Series #, Character, Game Abbreviation

January: Tree Rex, SG
February: Wash Buckler, SF
March: S2 Trigger Happy, SG
April: S3 Ninja Stealth Elf, SF
May: Jet-Vac, SG
June: Magna Charge, SF
July: Pop Fizz, SG
August: Crusher, SG
September: Blast Zone, SF
October: S2 Hex, SG
November: S2 Whirlwind, SG
December: S2 Spyro, SG
4 2013 Bonus Months: Hot Dog, SG

For 5 AM, here is a run down on what I would have done:
January: S2 Blizzard Chill
February: Smolderdash or Roller Brawl, possibly Flashwing
March: Tree Rex or Zoo Lou
April: S2 Super Gulp Pop Fizz
May: Magna Charge or Wash Buckler
June: Star Strike
July: S2 Turbo Jet-Vac
August: Smolderdash, Fryno, or Blast Zone
September: Boom Jet
October: Night Shift
November: Doom Stone
December: Jolly Bumble Blast

Again, that is just me rattling things off at 5 AM while very tired...I would personally prefer tandem pics, but I kept my list to follow the single character per month etc.

What would your ideal Skylanders calendar look like?

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