Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Moments of 2013: What Were Your Favorites?

It is hard to believe that yet another year has flown by and we are on the doorstep of 2014. That said, what were some of your favorite moments of 2013?  This could be gaming related, family, career, personal, stemming from another hobby etc., accomplishments, just anything you enjoyed or are proud of completing.

Feel free to post them up in the comments section below!

For me it would have to be going to E3 and that entire experience (getting to meet with folks from Activision, PowerA, Vicarious Visions, other YouTubers...having early access to all the content that I had just had to watch from online in previous years and then being able to report it back to you, straight from the source), being able to see the Nintendo setup first hand, getting StreetPass tags from all over the place, and just being able to mine and search for insights on Skylanders SWAP Force from the people that know it best.

Tying in with that was seeing the Pacific Ocean (first time seeing any ocean mind you!) and I'm also pretty sure as I was trying to figure out how to get back to the bus that would run back to the hotel I saw Jenna Marbles, but I can't 100% confirm that.

On the gaming front it would likely be continuing to share Skylander content with everyone, seeing the Wii U come back this holiday season to spite the naysayers, landing Street Pass Tags with the expanded Nintendo Zone coverage, playing extensive amounts of Minecraft with my Nephew, and diving in to both Animal Crossing New Leaf and the Xbox One.

Personally, I won a pretty big, nation-wide contest relating to another of my hobbies which was a really cool experience.

I also had a few other neat trips, was fortunate enough to attend another Cowboys game (which they won fyi), and then of course a few other accomplishments and good times.

But enough about me...What were some of your best moments of 2013?  I hope you all enjoyed this current year and are ready to start the New Year and make the most of it as well!

New Year Channel Update

Check the description for a rundown on the Channel Update.

Here are the high points:

SWAP Force Wave 3
-Still trying to land W3 Swappers from Target, probably going to get them elsewhere
-I will keep you posted on W3's LCs, BP, and AP

Recording Upgrades
-I am now able to record in full 1080p HD
--The new capture card and TV have made this possible
---Look for a big boost to recording quality starting with Chapter 6 of the SWAP Force Blind Playthrough and sometime around SWAP Force Intro #26 or so
-I have thru Chapter 5 recorded and around 45 Introductions
--I will be editing, uploading, and making those videos LIVE before recording anything else

Xbox One
-I will be playing SWAP Force on XB1 behind the Wii U's blind playthrough
--This will let me level up and get cash for all the characters to prep for Nightmare Mode
---Currently the plan is to record Nightmare Mode from the XB1

Animal Crossing New Leaf
-I will get the video with my Dream Address up soon
--From there I will have a blog post where you can leave your address to share with others, this will hopefully help earn some badges etc.

-I have a few more quick videos to get cranked out, several are already on YouTube, just waiting for a blog post to be made "Public"
-My Nephew and I have several new recording series in the works...
--As soon as I get caught up on the current batch of SF recordings I will get some things going there
-I will be continuing Castaways vs Newlanders and running other polls

-That is about it...Again, thanks for watching and I hope you had a great 2013 and have an even better 2014!  Don't forget to comment with some of your best moments of 2013!!


  1. Gaming wise...we switched over to the WiiU this year! Skylanderwise...it's funny to remember this year began with The quest for Giants still in full swing....
    As to the year...a personal highlight has to be finally getting in to tour the VAB at the Kennedy Space Center (That's the huge vehicle assembly building you always see on movies where they assembled and rolled out the Apollo Satun V moon rockets and the Space Shuttles...it's the 3rd largest building in the world by volume...HUGE is an understatement)

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