Monday, December 2, 2013

Skylanders Pop'N'Race Unboxing and Review

What: Skylanders Pop'N'Race
Where Did You Get It: No clue honestly, lol
What Did it Cost? $9.99 plus tax (I've seen it priced lower both std. price and on sale)
What is Included: Game Board with Dice in Popper, 4 Groups of 4 Colored Pegs

Unboxing and Review of Skylanders Pop'N'Race

While out of town for Thanksgiving, my Sister picked up an early gift for my Nephew and I...Skylanders Pop'N'Race.  This is essentially a Skylanders spin on the classic Milton Bradly (Hasbro) Pop-O-Matic Trouble (I think my family's version is from the late 80s, lol...still works fwiw).

Anyway, there is nothing too flashy, but it is functional and most importantly FUN.

There are 4 Characters featured on the board: Tree Rex, Crusher, Spyro, and Trigger Happy.  The characters aren't necessarily by their featured slots, but I suppose it doesn't matter in the end.  Life is Green, Earth is Brown, Tech is Orange, and Magic is Purple (although you could change that up if you are inclined).

The other neat Skylander feature is that each slot (outside of your Start Point and H-O-M-E feature Elemental Logos.  This would make it very easy to customize a game...IE if you are Earth and you land in an Earth Slot you could advance 2 more spaces, roll again, kill anyone within 5 slots, etc...the options are endless..this is what my Nephew and I were alluding to...

The game board isn't exactly the most durable thing I've ever seen, but in all honesty, as long as it doesn't get wet, I see no reason for it not to last years.  Plus, for under $10 you really can't go wrong.

You can find this pretty much anywhere board games are sold and online...

It is a nice addition to any collection and yet another way to bring Skylanders into other portions of your life.

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