Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Skylanders Collection Vault iOS App Announced & Available

Blogging from my cell phone, classy...I am on the road, but I will try to download this tonight and review it this weekend.  Here is the press release for the meantime.  If I had to guess there will likely be an Android version in the works, but don't hold me too that.  I will update that as possible.

Also be sure to check out the Thanksgiving Channel Update video and look for Ch. 1 of Skylanders SWAP Force.


Free iOS App Helps Fans Manage Their Collections and Unlock
Original Skylanders® Content

Skylanders Celebrates the New App with Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Nov. 26, 2013 - Skylanders fans vying to become the ultimate Portal Master can now download the Skylanders Collection Vault application in the iOS App Store today. The new app lets players easily manage their Skylanders toy collection and explore new Skylanders toys from the palm of their hands and on the go.  Fans can also share and compare their Skylanders collection with family and friends - all for free.  To celebrate the holiday season, Activision will be granting Skylanders collectors' toy wish lists via a Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes.

For the first time via the Skylanders Collection Vault app, Portal Masters can discover Skylanders characters and learn more about their backstories all in one place. Optimized for tablet and mobile devices, the app also allows fans to keep track of their Skylanders collection and their character wish list, browse images and videos, unlock special content and challenge their friends to see whohas the most robust collection.

In honor of the new Skylanders Collection Vault app, Activision is launching the Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes to help fans complete their collections. Starting today at 12 p.m. PST, Portal Masters that download the app and create a wish list in the Skylanders Collection Vault can send their list to SkylandersCommunity@Activision.com by Friday, December 6. Five lucky winners will be awarded their wish list collection of up to 25 Skylanders SWAP ForceTM toys available at retail.  The complete rules for the Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes can be seen at www.skylanders.com/sweepstakes.1

"Skylanders SWAP Force isthe highest-rated game in the Skylanders franchise to date, andthe Skylanders Collection Vault app will be the perfect mobile companion for all Portal Masters looking to learn more about their favorite characters and get to know new Skylanders characters ," said Josh Taub, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Activision Publishing, Inc.  "Skylanders continues to be the #1 kids' video game franchise of 20132 and we have an ongoing commitment to provide our fans the best experience possible.  We're excited to offer Skylanders fans the ability to immerse themselves in a completely digital version of their collections."

Players can now download the free, official Skylanders Collection Vault here and bring their digital Skylanders collection wherever they go. Fans can also enjoy Skylanders mobile games -- Skylanders Lost IslandsTM, Skylanders Cloud PatrolTM and Skylanders BattlegroundsTM - available in the App Store.


  1. So far I have 97 of my collection entered and I have encountered 1 bug. Legendary Lightcore Grim Creeper's Code comes up with the error message Toy not supported - The toy you are trying to unlock is not supported by the application. Also The Rank seems to cap out at 10 (Elite). Other that the issue with Legendary Lightcore Grim Creeper Im loving the app.

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    1. 138 Skylanders in my Collection Vault.
      11 Toys Failed to accept the toy with the error

      "Toy not supported

      the toy you are trying to unlock is not supported by the application."

      This list of bugged toys is
      Legendary Lightcore Grim Creeper
      Knockout Terrafin
      Lava Barf Erupted
      Blizzard Chill
      Anchors Away Gill Grunt
      Mega Ram Spyro
      Super Gulp Pop Fizz
      Heavy Duty Sprocket
      Big Bang Trigger Happy
      Twin Blade Chop Chop
      Ninja Stealth Elf

      They are all Blue Base Characters. Any idea how to file a bug report with Activision. Their support site doesn't even know this app exists yet.

  2. It doesn't seem to accept the Adventure Packs from Spryo's Adventure or Battle Packs from Giants either, fwiw.

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  3. I entered our collection into the app, encountering the same unsupported characters as listed above. They are such basic characters I can't imagine them not correcting this in future app updates. (Personally I thing they were in the middle of production runs on these characters and don't have the full list of serial numbers yet OR the rotation modelling pics/info/etc for each of these did not make the initial release date for the app.
    As for the app itself, its pretty snazzy. And for free, I have no complaints. Future improvements I would hope for: manual rearrangement of your characters in the Vault, Manual entry/Overide for "unlisted" variants you have.
    Sidenote Prediction: I think the contest End Draw Date represents the release date for Wave 3...

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