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Unboxing Flynn's Ship a Skylanders SWAP Force FunPlay HIdeAway fromPowerA

What? PowerA's FunPlayHideAway Flynn's Ship
Where Can You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Does It Cost? $49.99 plus tax
What is Included? Ship, Deck, Cannon, Control Room and Stickers, Sail, Spotlight, Oars, Back Room, Rudder, and Propeller,

Unboxing PowerA's FunPlayHideAway Flynn's Ship

Right on the heels of unboxing the FunPlayHideAway Skylands, here we are opening up Flynn's Ship.

Once again, I have to stress what  nice piece this is...It will make a great addition for any Portal Master.  Whether your goal is to have the most realistic display to show off your collection, or just something durable and practical for your kids to enjoy during playtime (that then doubles as storage), this is the ticket.

Just like the Skylands set, Flynn's Ship is going to be a Toys'R'Us Exclusive here in the US.  The price point of $49.99 is slight less than the companion Skylands, but lacks the secondary piece and about half the storage.

That said, for many the ship might be preferential, or at least the starting point.  There are a few reasons for this...The ship serves as more of a vehicle than the Skylands, but can handle that static end as well.  I honestly think that anyone that picks the ship, or Skylands set up, will ultimately wind up purchasing the other.  They work very well in conjunction together, give you maximum storage, maximum display space, and really tie a display together while offering the most play space.

Let's take a look at the ship itself.  It is pretty much just as if you were playing Skylanders and Flynn crashed thru your TV set.  It is the trademark green, just a little cleaner without the patchwork and rusted panels, haha.  The front features the balcony above a view port and the swiveling cannon. 

The stern is even adorned with the trademark tires/lifesavers around the perimeter.

The control room is pretty solid and has a few accessories to add-on for an even better end result.  You clip the spotlight into the circular slot up top and then snap the sail into place.

The rest of the control room gets full on graphics thanks in part to 6 Stickers!  Up front we get kind of the reflective glass that Flynn pilots the ship from...The sides each get a vertical and horizontal sticker to complete the look.

On the backside, we have a sticker that mirrors what you see from Flynn's perspective...You've got a lot of knobs, stickers, and the steering wheel.

It all combines for a very nice piece.

The deck of the ship is a smooth, slate gray, but features rises for the various patches and trap doors in the deck of the ship as seen on Giants.  There are even doors for the Cabin Rooms like Persephone and Cali reside within...

The Back Tower features the two iconic Red Doors...the back one even stair steps to the high point of the ship's deck. 

Down below we have an adjustable rudder with a very slick plastic insert that mimics a canvas.

At the back of the ship is a spinning propeller...

Up front you've got some oars to row thru Skylands should an engine fail.

Inside you have quite a bit of storage...I really think you can fit more than 10 inside, but it comfortably stands 6 in the main portion of the ship and 2 on the riser.  Then of course, you have the deck for display.

All-in-all Flynn's Ship makes a real BOOM!  for any Skylanders fan.  It isn't the playset aspect, the display aspect, or the intricate details, but rather a combination of those three (plus storage!), that make this item so versatile.

I had a lot of fun just staging it in the video and taking pics...No doubt as a kid I would have spent hours flying this thru the house and backyard taking my favorite Skylanders on adventures.

I have to say, once more, this is a very cool piece for Skylander fans...It and the Skylands set are really our first, real, "accessories" to the characters.  I know some parents have CNC machined displays, or have enough artsy in them to do some cool murals, but for the masses, this is the hot ticket.  You can expect to see Flynn's Ship as a staple on the pool table!

Definitely be on the lookout for this at your local TRU.  Flynn's Ship is really a great addition and will open up a world of "off screen" playtime for kids and open up infinite photo-ops for hard core collectors.  It is rare that a non-playable character takes on such a prominent roll in a game, but Flynn has been a staple since SSA and is now, fittingly, getting even more time in the limelight via SWAP Force 3DS and PowerA's Flynn's Ship.  I whole-heartedly recommend it for Portal Masters young and old...It will be a great addition to any collection!

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