Saturday, November 2, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Topps Collector Card Starter Kit Unboxing and Review

What: Topps Skylanders SWAP Force Collector Card Starter Kit
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $9.99 plus tax, not eligible for BOGO40% Skylander
What Was Stock Like: Well stocked, first time seen in store
What is Included: See Below!

Well, I didn't think I'd wind up doing this, but here I am...

I felt pretty good having completed the "base set" and obtaining most of the Foil Cards in Topps' Skylanders Giants series...I'm not sure I'm up for it with SWAP Force, but we will see...

Not too long ago Shelly, @Shelly9871, told me her local TRU had their "Exclusive" Collector Card Albums in stock.  I had yet to see them at my local stores until tonight...Having just landed Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball, I was ready to tack on another Scorp or Rip Tide to take home...However, I decided to do the Collector Card Album instead.

Sadly, and FYI for everyone else, this apparently is not considered "Skylander" merchandise and does not quality for the BOGO40%.  Nonetheless, at $9.99 I feel pretty good about it.

I am not sure, but there very well may be a "second" version of this Collector Card Starter Kit just like there was in Giants.  The special pack in this one featured "Legendary Zoo Lou" and I am betting there is a different character featured in another one...I was honestly too caught up in the PMWB to look closely.  Plus, they were all on one peg.

Anyway, what this includes is:
-Collector Album
-2 Packs of Cards (6 per pack)
-Bonus Pack
--4 Rainbow Foil Cards
--3 Glow-in-the-Dark Cards

Really not too shabby for $9.99, especially if you plan to pick up the complete set, or just want a place to display a few packs you get from time-to-time.

Here is what I got in the two single packs:
-13 Slobber Tooth
-26 Rattle Shake
-28 Free Ranger
-47 Night Shake
-73 Boom Babies
-77 Hammerin' Away
-90 Spectral Lightning
-101 Captain K0
-109 Trucker Hat
-137 Free Ranger, Foil
-A4 Puzzle Card featuring Bumble Blast
-F1 Blast Zone-Blast Buckler Flip-Motion

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  1. Well this US set does have 2 TRU sets which will get you: Legendary Free Ranger B1 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Blast Shift B2 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Wash Charge B3 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Rattle Ranger B4 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Legendary Zoo Lou B5 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Night Loop B6 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Grilla Zone B7 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Magna Drilla B8 Limited Card RainbowFoil
    Magna Charge G1 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    Free Ranger G2 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    Bumble Blast G3 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    Wash Buckler G4 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    Stealth Elf G5 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    Rattle Shake G6 Glow-in-the-Dark Card
    And there are 2 unique tins (which you can get at Target for $14.99 each) You need to look for the PKG number above the UPC: if it is PKG001108 then you get the Cards with TT# & Stickers with ST# Kaos card is the Rainbow Foil. If it has PKG001107 then it has the Cards with T# and Stickers with S# Master Eon is the Rainbow Foil card.
    Master Eon T1 RainbowFoil
    Hoot Drilla T2
    Free Loop T3
    Rattle Zone T4
    Hoot Loop S1 Tiny Stickers
    Blast Zone S2 Tiny Stickers
    Wash Buckler S3 Tiny Stickers
    Night Shift S4 Tiny Stickers
    Kaos TT1 RainbowFoil
    Blast Ranger TT2
    Hoot Shake TT3
    Free Shift TT4
    Magna Charge TS1 Tiny Stickers
    Rattle Shake TS2 Tiny Stickers
    Free Ranger TS3 Tiny Stickers
    Grilla Drilla TS4 Tiny Stickers
    Only other collectable card is from the Collector's Stradegy Guide which is CB1 Lightcore Countdown.

    And as for the UK set of cards, they are different and do indeed have all the Swapped Force combination and a total of 321 cards with a Flip motion exclusive to the Collector Binder and a Limited Edition Nitro Magna Charge Card. That is all I know of for the cards.

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