Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Skylanders Battlegrounds Now Available for Android

I have had a lot of you asking me for a few months about Skylanders Battlegrounds coming to Android...

Well, the wait is over...Android users can finally download and enjoy Battlegrounds (as well as the relatively new Chapters 3 and 4) in the mobile game.

Battlegrounds provides yet another way to enjoy your Skylanders!  It is currently unknown if the game will remain as a download, or wind up with a standalone starter pack like the iOS version.  I would assume if one was to come out, it would have been announced, but the way things have gone lately, who knows.

Should something similar to the iOS version of Battlegrounds pop up, I will let you know.  Battlegrounds is actually one of the big reasons I picked up my iPad.  GameStop's Starter Pack featured the Platinum Treasure Chest and, more importantly, the super cool Royal Double Trouble.

Anyway, until next time...Enjoy Android users!

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  1. Anybody have a tablet that the Skylanders Battlegrounds works on?
    My Samsung Galaxy Blaze smartphone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 both come listed as incompatible?

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