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Unboxing the Fit Meter for Use with Nintendo Wii Fit U

What? Fit Meter
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $19.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? 2 in stock...More details below

Unboxing the Fit Meter for Use with Nintendo Wii Fit U

First off a few issues here lately...Biggest issue here was a time crunch and serious battery issues (more on that later).  Having to start and stop a video this short (by my standard anyway) due to multiple battery issues kind of causes some trouble.

That said, I have now been using the Wii Fit Meter since Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 and really enjoy it.

Fit Meter Display

The unit is slim, compact and the clip has yet to fail...I could see it potentially breaking off, but you'd have to be REALLY rough with it.  There isn't a lot of "give" in it, but that is good because it has really stayed in place.

Packaging and Clip on Backside

The concept is pretty simple...this serves as an advanced pedometer if you will.  It measures the number of steps you take, but can also factor in elevation and pace...which is used to determine intensity, which in turn calculates the calories you have burned.  This is possible thanks to the same MET formula used on Wii Fit U.  The Fit Meter is sync'd to YOUR profile so it has height and weight to go on...

Case in point, clip the Fit Meter to your belt and walk a set distance around your house, at work, or somewhere else.  At the pre-determined end point, stop and document the steps and calories burned.  Now, continue back to where you started from via the same path (same distance etc), but jog or run this time.  Stop at the initial start point, check the steps and calories burned, subtract the "Walking" totals from the "overall" totals and you will have the steps and calories counted for your jog/run.  They should be different...I have tested this and my results confirm things (*If there is enough interest I can film this in the backyard or something, lol*).

Before you ask, I have tested the "elevation" aspect as well...It is very hard to that where I live because it is extremely can literally see for miles.  I used a ladder at work and some stairs just to make sure it does translate.  The results do confirm this!

Now, why do you want the Fit Meter?  Well, two answers here...

First off, if you have a Wii U you can download a trial version of Wii Fit U for FREE.  This runs until January 31st, 2014.  I download mine the day it was available...I checked at midnight and it was not available...So I had to wait until later in the day after work.

The catch is, IF you buy a Fit Meter before your trial terminates (31 Days I believe), you get to keep the download for FREE.  This is a big deal as you are saving a lot over buying the game and Fit Meter bundle, let alone the packaged deal with another Balance Board.  Please note that you will need a Balance Board to utilize the trial does actually make you sync one up despite many exercises and activities NOT needing it.

If you are a Wii Fit veteran, this is not a big deal....If you want to get into the series, you might be well served to pick up a Wii Fit Plus bundle, or find a used Balance Board in good condition.  I am honestly at a point where my original Balance Board ( from Wii Fit) is worn and has a crack on the LH Side and might actually pick up the bundle if it isn't priced too high...Sadly, Nintendo doesn't seem to have plans to sell a stand alone Balance Board that I am aware of...

Second, you want the Fit Meter because it is really cool and can help you monitor your activity level and possibly get into better shape!

When you open the Fit Meter you simply pull the plastic tab to allow the battery to contact and power on the device...Then you open up your Wii Fit U game, log in to your profile, and go to the Fit Meter Data section...point the IR sensor from the Fit Meter and GamePad together and you are golden.

IR Sensors, Look like Black Glass

Rough Alignment for IR Connection

You can register up to 12 Fit Meters to the game...this works well for families and groups of friends.

The Fit Meter Data actually integrates quite well into the game....You can submit your date each day/night and then apply your steps and elevation info to various challenges (climbing Mount Everest or running Long Island etc).  It isn't too fancy, but it is cool nonetheless!

I am currently trying to switch over recording methods and trying to take care of the previously mentioned battery issues, but rest assured I will showcase those aspects to you in video walkthroughs.

Packaging to Look for

What's Inside

Now, for many of you the biggest challenge may be finding a Fit Meter.  I had been looking since the start of the month and finally found 2 of them at Toys'R'Us after I left the dentist.  I was up there again tonight and the other was gone.  My local GameStops, Target, and a few other outlets have yet to get any stock (or so they claim), and if they had stock they are no where to be found...Online these are available at a few retailers but go very fast.

Sadly, I don't think they are being picked up by hard core Wii Fit fans...Unfortunately, the scalpers and ebay pirates of the world are at it again.  Knowing that people will want to buy these as opposed to shelling out for the game and Fit Meter bundle, they are cashing in and clearing stock to pirate them on ebay.

My advice would be to check with your local stores, see if anyone will hold you one, or just monitor site like from work etc.

Outside of that depressing side note, the Fit Meter is a very neat, user friendly device that will bring the fun of Wii Fit U into your daily routine outside actual play time.  Again, stay tuned and once I am comfortable with this new setup (or get burned out and go back to my old system) I will upload walkthru vids not only for the Fit Meter, but the entire game with a few dedicated to the differences between Wii Fit U and Wii Fit Plus.

Fit Meter Unboxed, Front Side

Good luck landing a Fit Meter!  The defaults seem to be Black and Silver, but I think "bundled" Fit Meter's might be the classic White and Green color combo.  As always, DO NOT buy from the ebay pirates at prices higher than retail.

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