Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unboxing PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Over-the-Door Storage

What: PowerA's Over-the-Door Storage
What Does It Cost?  $29.99 plus tax
What Is Included?  SWAP Force Door Mat with Zippered Pouch, (2) Door Hangers, (2) Adjustable Straps

Unboxing and Installing PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Over-the-Door Storage

The great accessory spree continues as we take a look at PowerA's Over-the-Door Storage.  I have never had experience with something like this, but I have to say it is pretty cool and I definitely would have enjoyed having this option back in the day with my Ninja Turtles and GI Joes.

The concept is pretty simple...PowerA took a nice backdrop of Skylands (literally, several different Skylands) and placed them across a durable, padded piece...They then added 7 Staggered Rows of 7 elastic bands to hold literally any Skylander in place...I know as  I tried Sidekicks, regular sized Skylanders, Giants, SWAP Force characters, and even Chase McCain.  It worked very well.

At the bottom there is an oversized zippered pouch that will house more characters, controllers, portals, pretty much anything game related.

Up top, the over-the-door pad has fixed straps that are fully adjustable up and down.  You can almost bottom the zippered pouch out on the floor surface.  Raised up all the way, it is very manageable as well.  The beauty here is the infinite adjustability to cater this from "adult" size on down to the smallest Portal Masters.

The other great thing is simply strength in numbers...The PowerA Over-the-Door Storage will hold 60 Figures!  Keep in mind that is "advertised" and I am confident you can actually fit more than that if you were so inclined.

I can see this product best serving families with younger kids...This adjustability allows for younger Portal Masters to have full access to not only the zippered pouch, but the entire spread.  This means, if you are trying to teach responsibility, you can turn the kids loose to pick out their desired Skylanders and then be responsible for putting them back in place.  Honestly, having something this cool to "put the toys up" might take care of that in and of itself!  As with Flynn's Ship and the Skylands displays, you can have a lot of fun with this while also having a practical, low-profile storage solution.


Middle, Main Skyland

Bottom, with Zippered Pouch Open

You can find this anywhere Skylander accessories are sold for $29.99.  It is a few dollars more than the Stackable Tackle Box, but offers an entirely different option versus conventional storage.  I enjoyed staging the characters for photos (btw, Chase McCain is hidden in one of the photos as well!) and I'm sure anyone else would do the same...

This is yet another fun, practical, and very functional product from PowerA that even makes storing your Skylanders fun.

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