Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Look at Skylanders Giants Special Edition Halloween Fright Riderfrom Frito-Lay

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 will go down as a good day for Skylanders!

Earlier today the Frito-Lay Promo for "Pumpkin," or Halloween Fright Rider as I called him, came to an end as the goods were delivered!  Here is the video I shot after work this evening:

First Look at Frito-Lay's Fright Rider (FLFR)

I was able to make this post on the fly before getting home to do the video...This is where I linked to the pic from my Twitter feed.  Any time something pops up like this you can find the quickest updates via Twitter.  If you aren't on Twitter and can't Follow Me, simply come to the blog and check the right hand side'll get to see my latest Tweets that way! #/1ofWiisdom


He looks cool, but the color on Rider is certainly not "orange" as the pictures and promotional artwork led everyone to believe, it is actually more of a "copper" or "gold" like we saw on E3 Hot Dog.

That said, he does look pretty cool, so I can't complain too much.  I once again have to thank Tim out in California for hooking me up with a code for FLFR (Frito-Lay Fright Rider).  It was that night I finally found the promo bags at Toys'R'Us and as best I know my local stores never had any stock.

What are your thoughts?  Do you like this color scheme?  Would you have rather had it be the "as presented" orange and black?  Feel free to sound off in the comments and VOTE in the blog poll!

Frito-Lay Fright Rider, Front Side

Frito-Lay Fright Rider, Backside

Frito-Lay Fright Rider:
Left: Spear Parallel, Right: Spear Angled Down

FLFR, My 2nd Fright Rider for the Joust Jockey Path, and FLFR

2 FLFRs, Fright Rider (Sealed), and Fright Rider (Opened)

Again, personally I think I would have preferred a true ORANGE on Rider, but despite me always talking about not liking gold that much, it looks pretty slick here, especially with the contrast provided by the black on Fright.  The white eyes really get emphasized on both Fright and Rider in this color scheme.

As best I know all the figures shipped Thursday, November 14th, 2013 so if you don't already have your FLFR he should be showing up very soon.  Just look for the slim box as seen in the video.  Again, props to Frito-Lay for at least shipping decently.  This promo was fine, aside from the lack of promo bags in many regions.  Regardless, it remains far superior to the debacle that is the QDRS Promo.

For more information on this promotion, check out these previous posts:

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Checking Out Frito-Lay's Halloween Fright Rider Promotion:


  1. Nice! I didn't sadly get a code for it, but my friend's still trying to get me a Rattleshake code still.

    Also, just like you're logging hours in Wii Fit U, I'm actually logging hours in another game for the Wii - Zumba World Party. It's a bit more intensive, but man, is it FUN! :D You should try it out sometime!

    Also, did you get my email concerning what I discovered concerning a Wii U Bunde with Swap Force? :)

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    1. That sucks, the promo ended the 16th or 17th, but it seems with them shipping the 14th, they likely dissipated the stock.

      Oh, on the QDRS promo just go to any store that has the multipacks and take a picture, or write the code down...They have truly botched this promo beyond words. There is no reason to buy the chips (unless you want them), when scalpers/ebay pirates are just taking the non-exclusive codes by way of their smart phones.

      To their credit, I guess they made it to where you can enter your code limitless times, but it was still planned incredibly bad. Ironically, those bags are EVERYWHERE and if not for TRU I would have never found a bag for Fright Rider. Another reason ple are so mad is because Quick Draw Rattle Shake is actually needed to complete the character list!

      I've still been playing more Wii Fit Plus than Wii Fit U, but I love the Fit Meter and the Fit Meter Challenges! Is that the new game for Wii and Wii U? I'll have to look into it...

      With all the changes on YouTube, Gmail, etc I haven't been getting notices on jack and have a lot of stuff to hit, lol. I also upgraded the recording equipment and have an issue where it plays PERFECT on my pc, but in any editor it advances the action ahead of the commentary...working on that right now.

      I'll try to get caught up on the comments tonight.

      Good luck with QDRS!

  2. This is Excellent news! We should be getting ours in Florida then....I'll let you know when it shows up! As to the color, I reserve final judgement until I can see it in hand (I think I'll leave it boxed....a unique stoking stuffer for my son! Halloween gifts for Christmas...Tim Burton would be proud!) But at first glance at your pictures, it seems orange-like copper which carries the idea well...a simple matte bright orange may have been a I'll take a look at the video as I do dishes...yes, the exciting life of a Skylanders fan.
    Side note question: we have the Wii fit board and Wii fit "game". Does the meter only work with the newer version? ( again ill have to look at your video as you may have already answered that one there)

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