Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year (2013)

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I have been very busy the last couple of days, but things should get back to normal pretty soon.  I will update this post as I have time to cover an update.  You should see new videos out this week, and possibly a lot of them.  More on that soon.

In the mean time, just in case I am too tied up later, Happy New Year!  I actually wanted to ASK YOU some questions this time...

Looking back, what was your best memory in 2012?

Similarly, what are you most looking forward to for 2013?

This can be strictly video game related, personal (ie graduating highschool, winning a soccer match, etc.).

Thanks for reading the blog, watching the videos, and for just being you, lol.

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skylanders Topps Trading Cards

Well here we are on the eve of New Year's Day and I figure I'd tidy up the blog a bit...

I really enjoy collecting the Skylanders trading cards and I will probably continue to pick up a few packs here and there to see if I get anything cool...Not sure I'll go for the complete set, but there is a chance.

Anyway, I want to basically just post any and all "Opening" or "Review" vids related directly to the Topps Skylanders Giants Trading Cards here.  I'll get started with the TRU Exclusive Collector Card Starter Sets and then go chronologically.

Note that for more info on the Collector Card Starter Sets you can simply click the blog link for a detailed run down...

TRU Collector Card Starter Set (Legendary Jet-Vac)

TRU Collector Card Starter Set (Legendary Bouncer)

Topps Fat Pack, Topps Jumbo Pack

(4) Topps Single Packs (Opened 12-23-12)

(3) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-1-13)

(5) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-8-2013)

(6) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-12-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 1-19-2013, Round 1)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 1-19-2013, Round 2)

(3) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-29-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 2-22-2013, Round 1)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 2-22-2013, Round 2)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 3-5-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 4-9-2013)--Base Set Complete!!

(3) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 4-9-2013)--Because I Had Them Already, lol!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas (2012 Edition)

Hey Everyone!

It is 5:32 AM and I should probably be asleep...but here I am...granted, QWERTY could soon be stamped in my forehead, but I'll try to make it through...

The plan was to record a "Christmas Channel Update" that brought everyone up-to-date on the Skylanders Playthrough, covered a few odds-and-ends, and ended asking what you wanted/got for Christmas, or even what your favorite Christmas memory was as a child or parent etc.

Clearly, that isn't happening...

So, I'll do a quick text version

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

I have now recorded through Chapter 15.  Basically, I'm ready to take on Kaos with stock Skylanders.

I say that because I have done NO UPGRADES to any Skylanders thus far.

I know the poll that closed (results soon), wanted me to upgrade first, but I might do both.

My thoughts are that the "box stock" Skylanders will have a much tougher time against Kaos meaning I will need to use more to defeat him, meaning instead of seeing Jet-Vac, Fright Rider, Chill, and Bash I can just work my way through the entire Newlander lineup, then Giants, etc until he is defeated.

That said, I can then focus on upgrades to get ready for the Nightmare Mode Playthrough.  Before starting in on that I will actually use upgraded Skylanders to battle Kaos on the completed save file.

Adventure Packs

As weird as it seems my plan as of right now is to battle Kaos and THEN do the APs.  For some reason they just don't seem to flow with this game's story line and they'd seem out-of-place if I were to jump from Ch 15 to Empire of Ice etc.  I do plan to do them, just AFTER Kaos.

Heroic Challenges

I thought of this a few weeks ago, cand Cassie brought it up on the blog...I think I skipped Cynder's Intro and HC, lol.  This was likely just me thinking I'd wait to get her "regular" figure as the one I have had all this time has been the GITD version, but we will see.


As of right now I have avoided stores like the plague...I am not a fan of crowds, throngs of people, or packed parking lots (ie fenders bent, doors dinged, etc).  That means no Wave 3 for me thus far.  Should I pick any of them up I will unbox them and upload that immediately.

Blog Updates

Hopefully the Christmas and New Year's break will allow me to update the Heroic Challenge List, add descriptions to the playlist post, work on the "stats" breakdown, and maybe even get that battle tournament rolling.


I just uploaded a slew of vids to get us up to Pat 41.  I need to edit the current crop (roughly late 40s-75ish) and will try to do that and upload as time allows...Most of it is of course just game play as not many characters surfaced in the downtime.

Wii U

I know several have said they added me etc, but I have honestly not been on in weeks...Hopefully that will change over the holidays...I'll accept pending requests when I  can actually get on, lol.

Merry Christmas

Lastly, but most importantly I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas is a great time (not just because of gifts) but because it brings people together and that is the true reason for the season.  Hopefully in addition to getting to see family and friends you will notice usually grouchy people being a bit nicer (even if it is just for a day or two, or week etc).

I just wrapped up (ha, literally) getting all the rest of the presents for my Nephew wrapped and that will be consuming most of my time today (well here in a few is 5:45 AM and he is usually up early for Pokemon etc).  I think he is going to have a good time and that is what we are all after.  If the weather is really bad and we get stuck in the house maybe he'll record some Battle Mode stuff with me.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads and comments on the blog, shares Skylander info etc.  I really enjoy the commradery (that is misspelled but it is almost 6 AM, I'm cool with it) and friendships, even if they are just online.

I have some cool stuff planned for the future and hopefully it will pan out well and be enjoyable for everyone.

I'm going to quit rambling and hit the hay...Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Feel free to post up your best Christmas memory as a child, or conditions (rain in San Diego?  snow in Baltimore?  clear skies in Wisconsin?), and of course feel free to post up gifts you collect or gave.

Enjoy the day and the season!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Review of Skylanders Giants Collector Card Starter Set

Opening and Review of Skylanders Giants Topps Collector Card Starter Set 
(Bonus Pack Feature: Legendary Bouncer)

*Please note that the camera was still on "cloud" and thus made for the funky/vintage look.

What?  Topps Skylanders Giants Collector Card Starter Set, TRU Exclusive

Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us

How Much Was It?  $8.99 plus tax

What is Included?  Album with Checklist, Bonus Pack with 4 Legenaries and 3 Glow-in-the-Dark Cards, and (2) Single Packs (6 cards per pack)

What was Stock Like?  Honestly, it looked untouched since I had bout the Jet-Vac Album last week.

Check out the Review of the L-Jet-Vac Bonus Pack Starter Set

Break it Down

This is the same ol' song and dance as last time.  Album with bonus pack and 2 single packs.

This time around I'll compare the two Bonus Packs as that is the real draw of the set.

There are (2) variations that I know of...Legendary Bounder and Legendary Jet-Vac.  Here is how mine broke down:

Legendary Bouncer Bonus Pack: L-Bouncer, L-Trigger Happy, L-Chop Chop, L-Slam Bam, GITD: Stealth Elf, Eruptor, and Gill Grunt

Legendary Jet-Vac Bonus Pack: L-Jet-Vac, L-Ignitor, L-Spyro, L-Stealth Elf, GITD: Spyro, Stump Smash, and Trigger Happy.

Complete Bonus Pack Contents

Top Row=L-Jet-Vac, Bottom Row=L-Bouncer

Legendary and GITD Cards

Legendary Cards

Glow in the Dark Cards


This really is a good deal, particularly if you plan to collect the complete set.  The albums, while I wish they were standard size (3x3) and could house the entire set, are nice and feature the checklist.  The price isn't too bad considering you get 19 Cards and an Album for just a few bucks more than a Jumbo Pack.

Weekly Update 12/21/12 and Wave 3 Giants Info

Well, this is the end.


This is the end of it all...

Oh, sorry...I meant to say this is the end of "fall."

December 21st, 2012 is the Winter Solstice.  So happy 1st Day of Winter everyone!

That said, it is also an occasion marked by other historical announcements.  The Mayan long count calendar long ago predicted this...

Wave 3 of Skylanders Giants is out.

Skylanders Giants Wave 3

Yep, that's right.  Apparently Toys'R'Us and Activision have inside info because they placed the launch of Wave 3 right smack-dab on the morning of what many thought, feared, or in some cases hoped would be the apocalypse.

Toys'R'Us is doing another of their famed "come early, stock limited" promos which quite frankly I could care less for.  Short of standing outside the store before the doors open you probably aren't going to get what you want.  And if you do, it doesn't look to be anything exciting.  Coupe that with the lack of any good sales and you have the makings of me waiting it out.

Several TRUs released LightCore Shroomboom to the shelves Wednesday or Thursday.  I was in my store tonight (Thursday) and saw nothing.

Similarly, a few folks came up with S2 Lightning Rod, Eruptor, and Prism Break via broken street dates.  This is usually the case of a "seasonal employee" being given the task of stocking shelves and doing just that, largely unfamiliar with store and/or company policy.  (Of course the real fault lies with lackluster management, but it seems no one likes to take responsibility nowadays).

As of right now we have only heard rumors of Thumpback being the Giant in this Wave.  That said, there have yet to be pics, ebay listings, or anything concrete.

Similarly, Cynder and Stealth Elf are to be in this release, but I've yet to see pics...perhaps they will be packed in a different assortment.

My research tonight turned up nothing: Toys'R'Us had nothing and was so crowded I wasn't about to venture into the mayhem (really not much was going on in electronics) to seek insights.  Target was pretty picked over and had nothing new.  I wasn't about to set foot in Walmart.  Based on what I saw at Target and TRU my last fantasy of the night involved walking into Walmart 5 days before a lot of people around here seem to be getting sick.

GameStop was my safe haven...not near as trafficked as the other stores.  I was hoping they'd tell me they had the Wave 3 boxes in the back ready to and they'd hold the new stuff for me till dice.  I was told they had no word on when they'd be getting any new Skylanders, but that sometimes they do get stuff the "day of."  I may call in tomorrow, not sure...really not too keen on crowds and traffic...particularly when said crowds and traffic are all doing the same thing: last minute Christmas shopping.

I will be honest here...I am excited about S2 Lightning Rod, but since I've already got the LC versions of Eruptor and Prism Break I am not in a huge rush for them.  I do think LC Prism Break is another great repose though!  The perk to those two is unlike their LC counterparts we will have the WowPow, which is really the big draw to the reposed figures.

Similarly, while LC Shroomboom will provide a way for those without the Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack to land the newlander, I've got is standard pose and don't feel obligated to pick him up at full price.

Stealth Elf is great and one of my top characters, but again...L-Stealth Elf is already in the arsenal so there is no rush.

Cynder suffers the same fate as I have 2 of her GITD versions form the Wii and 3DS Starter Packs.

As you might have expected, we have no insight into triple packs.  However, I would almost bank on the fact that before you see a Cynder+Stealth Elf+Lightning Rod Triple Pack we will have to endure them packaging the already released Skylanders into Triple Packs.

The real highlight of the wave is honestly the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack which will be a timed exclusive to GameStop and that many of us have already reserved.  Hot Dog will wrap up the new Skylanders and this will give us access to Zap, who I am thinking SHOULD have a wicked WowPow!!

The other big draw is simply the ANTICIPATION of what, if any, Giant will be released.  Several have speculated we won't get a Giant this wave.  I'm more of the mindset that it will come, just maybe not tomorrow with Eruptor, Prism Break, and L-Rod etc.

Thumpback makes the most sense to me as he looks the most like winter, lol.  I still say Ninjini looks like spring (or Valentine's Day) and since Eye Brawl was not released at launch he just as well be the last released.  I still maintain that Eye Brawl should have been at launch while Swarm was held off till the Spring.

Anyway, as always the bottom line is until an employee or vendor gets stock and coughs up pics, or more likely makes ebay listings we won't know which Giant it will be.

That is why I don't like to post speculation...I could outline what I think should happen and what I think will happen (they would be different), but the bottom line is until it goes down we are all in the dark.  Someone will guess right, but it is far from a prophecy.

That warps up the Wave 3 excitement.  I will try and pick up my Scorpion Striker Battle Pack on release day (1/1/13), but past that I may actually wait on picking up this latest string of least until we get a good sale.  I would definitely pop for S2 Lightning Rod and Flameslinger or Prism Break on a BOGO 50% sale.

Speaking of which, TRU did up the price on singles from $9.99 to $10.99

Target's S2 Picked Over

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

Well, big news here.  As of last night (12/20/2012) I am ready to fight Kaos...with stock Skylanders.  I recorded Chapter 15 (probably my favorite thus far) and have collected all the items in 13-15.

The blog poll just closed on whether you want to see me fight Kaos with stock (more of a challenge and more importantly more Skylanders), or fully upgraded Skylanders.  It was obvious most prefer "upgraded."  That said, I am kind of leaning towards "stock" for the challenge AND to get to cycle more of them into the battle.  I'm sure there will be video comments about how horrible of a player I am as they are all nearing death, but that can be attributed to people not reading descriptions or listening to the intro commentary.

That said, if I do go that route I will then simply re-record when they are upgraded.  Simple fix and everyone is happy.  Plus, in all honesty, if I don't record the battle with them "stock" it is going to take a long time to gather up the cash to fully upgrade everyone.

I will post up what route I go.


Sadly, due to internet issues I haven't been able to upload.  I hope to do that over this weekend as well as editing some more to get them ready to upload.

I also have the 100cc Mario Kart vids waiting in the mix, lol.  I still need to record the 150cc stuff, which should be interesting since I haven't played in a few months now.

Once the main Skylanders stuff is up I will work on upgrades and the Nightmare Mode playthrough.  I might (mainly to wait for Hot Dog and getting others upgraded) go back to Mario Kart to get it taken care of...

Mario Party 9 will fall in line and be the next to get wrapped up...

Obviously, any new Skylanders I get will be treated to an unboxing, introduction, and heroic challenge vid ASAP.

Past that I have a few things in mind...I'm still bummed about how the frame rates drop so bad in Skyward Sword :(

I will go into the long terms plans later on...

Skylanders Battle Tournament

This should be returning very soon...Stay tuned!

Skylanders Trading Cards

I have yet to get to check YouTube comments, but if people enjoyed the vids I've got 4 single packs to open up...I also picked up the "other" Starter Set at TRU tonight and I will get it opened, recorded, and uploaded soon...possibly tomorrow.

Currently Playing

Wii: Skylanders Giants, Wii Fit Plus
3DS: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Find Mii, Puzzle Swap

Currently Listening

Auto Audio (In the Car): Audioslave
Home Audio (At Home): The Eagles, Matchbox 20

Purchase of the Week

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition

New category...mainly because this was a killer deal.  Just late last week and early this week I had posted that Batman Arkham City Armored Edition had dropped $10 to $49.99 at GameStop.  I was shocked to see it back at $59.99 last night.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Target and found the game $20 off at $39.99!  I figure the game will drop to $49.99, but I think it might stay there for awhile.  This is supposed to be an incredible game that makes excellent use of the Wii U Gamepad AND it includes all the DLC.  I'll take my chances at this price..The cool thing was, this was the LAST copy in my Target!  They actually had to get it out of the flip cover on the front of the case!  I am looking forward to playing this, but it will have to wait awhile.

If you are in the market for this game, I suggest you check your Target for stock as that is a great price in my opinion...particularly if you plan on getting the game any time soon!


Well it is 4:13 AM and I'm not dead yet...guess that is kind of cool, right?!  Hopefully the same applies for you!  Otherwise, it is kind of pointless that I'm up typing this and not asleep.

Anyway, I hope to get the vids uploading soon and I very well may take on that creep Kaos with stock Skylanders (just for the fun of it).

I'd also like to finish Professor Layton and the Curious Village over the holidays...don't think I lack much of it, but I honestly haven't gotten to play it in awhile.

I should have the Giants playthrough vids going up all weekend (time and internet connection allowing).  I'll also try and get the Skylander Trading Card Starter Pack up...maybe some other things too.

If I don't do that, or post prior to it...

Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone has a great time with your friends and family.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Skylanders Giants Wave 3 and LightCore Shroomboom Pre-Order

Well ahoy mateys!

Not really, but I am entitled to type junk like that when it is 3:17 AM...this is when I am usually recording and that tends to peak my awareness.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you can pre-order Shroomboom's LightCore from  Want proof?  Here is the link:

I meant to post that BEFORE all the unboxing uploads from tonight, but oh well

Wave 3 Speculation and Discussion.

Anyway, it is widely rumored/believed/expected/guesstimated/thought/somewhat not fully doubted that we will see Wave 3 hit next week.

I've had several report to me that their local GameStops reported they'd have new characters in next week.  And no, this is not from the sister of the guy next door who's nephew won a table tennis match in Madrid and was flown first class to Aspen and got the word from the 21 year old assistant manager on board the plane...

These reports come from real people just like myself who have no reason to lie and who are well known in their own GameStop store to not be fed lies, or believe about mythical indiglo cotton-esque Landskyers.

So, take what you will, but that is the word on the street.

Hot on topic is who and what we will see in Wave 3...

What we know for sure is:

-Scorpion Striker Battle Pack featuring S2 Zap and Hot Dog (GameStop Exclusive for 1 month)
-LightCore Shroomboom

What is expected:

-S2 Eruptor
-S2 Prism Break
-S2 Stealth Elf
-S2 Cynder
-S2 Lightning Rod

Embedded image permalink

What is unknown:

-S2 Drobot

S2 Drobot make sense to hit since he is in the same LC group with Prism Break and Eruptor, that said, they could hold him out.  We also seem to be backlogged on the the Magic Element, but I suppose they could backload them into Wave 4 and Wave 5.

The Giant for this run is widely expected to be Thumpback.  We really have no way of knowing, but he makes sense.  I'm still miffed Eye Brawl was not released before Halloween though...I still think Swarm and Ninjini should have been the spring releases, oh well.

Again, about all that is certain is the Battle Pack and LC Shroomboom.  That said, I've seen 2 people purchase S2 Prism Break and Eruptor...both are in the US and in California.

Anyhow, Wave 3 has to hit sometime and I am not one to post meaningless or speculative info...As best I know this is as good as anyone's guess out there...

Special Thanks

Thanks to @pbacchi on Twitter for the above picture and Victoria on Facebook for some insights as well as a few "unnnamed" sources!


I am actually NOT going to pre-order Shroomboom's LightCore.  First off, I pre-ordered it eons (no pun intended) before the game even came out only to have TRU cancel my pre-order.  Second, they shipped me incorrect LightCores on the only segment they didn't cancel.  Third, there is currently not a sale.  Fourth, I have really yet to see anything other than the initial few weeks (and Hot Head) that have been a pain to track down.  Fifth, a triple pack has to launch at some point...right?  And lastly, I am thrifty...there have been killer sales (most notably BOGO) almost every other week at TRU.  I would much rather pick up LC Shroomboom and land S2 Lightning Rod at half price than pay full price for both...There are a ton of reposes and variations in this game and it is very expensive.

Stay thrifty my friends!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Nintendo Power The Final issue, December 2012

Nintendo Power's Final Issue

What:?  Nintendo Power, V285, December 2012, The Final Issue

Where Did You Get It?  Barnes & Noble

What Did It Cost?  $5.99 plus tax

What is Included?  Nintendo Power's Final Issue, Commemorative Poster, and a Piece of History

Having been around and grown up with Nintendo Power, it was sad to hear they would be printing their final issue earlier this year.  That final issue is now upon us.

The December 2012 issue of Nintendo Power is available now at newsstands (if it doesn't come to your mailbox) and at just $5.99 I highly recommend it.  Nintendo Power was always a bright spot for any gamer. The staff offered up expert reviews, insights, and more in well versed, easy to understand terms, with just the right touch of humor.

This final issue is a bit nostalgic and a bit on the cutting edge.  Here are some of the features:

-A List of Nintendo Power's 285 Favorite Games
-A Look Back at Some of the Greatest Moments in Nintendo Power History
-Thoughts from Current and Former Staff on Nintendo Power
-Reviews on Wii U Launch Titles

Back before the era of YouTube vids and online walkthroughs, there was a time where the strategy guide consisted of compiling articles from Nintendo Power.

I still fondly remember seeing people carry around stapled up pieces of paper they had copied from Nintendo Power.

The magazine launched in 1987 and has been with us a full 25 years!  That is a very impressive haul.  The front cover actually pays tribute to the very first issue of Nintendo Power.

I for one would have liked to see the print publication continue, but times have truly changed.  Where getting news in the mail once serve as some sort of special oracle-esque access, it is now usually 3 weeks too late.

I truly believe there is still a place for such news, especially if it is well crafted, but Nintendo clearly decided to go other ways and I can't really blame them.  The fact that Nintendo Power lasted this long and trudged along so valiantly in the "information age" does two things.  First, it is testament to the staff and the content they crank out.  Second, and perhaps most important, the chronicle speaks volumes to how loyal the Nintendo faithful are.

You probably know someone in your circle of friends that has a complete set, or has been a subscriber for years.

The magazine truly served as a bright spot for many folks, young and old.

If you pick up a copy, in true Nintendo Power fashion, you will be treated to a free poster.  This one is a little different, but I think it will be right at home for any true fan:

While I wasn't a lifetime subscriber, I do enjoy the magazine and perhaps most importantly, I was able to introduce my nephew to it at a young age.  He has quite a few issues, and just like myself and others, basically demolishes them as he reads, re-reads, and reads again.

I thought the Nester & "Max" comic did a nice job summing things up:

So, from one appreciative fan, I feel like I speak for volumes of people when I say thank you to Nintendo Power.  Much like a great game, your legacy will carry on long after this issue is gone.

Thank you for the help, the good times, and perhaps most importantly...the great memories.

Review of TRU Exclusive Topps Skylanders Giants Collector Card Starter Kit

Opening and Review of Skylanders Giants Topps Collector Card Starter Kit

What?  Topps Skylanders Giants Collector Card Starter Kit, TRU Exclusive

Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax

What is Included?  Collector Album, 2 Packs of Cards, and a Bonus Pack

What Was Stock Like?  My local store did not have these out last week...the spot they resided was Pokemon stuff last week.  That said, the peg was full, I'd say maybe 8-10 of them and I'd imagine more were in the back.

Break it Down Some More:  I have to say, this is a pretty sweet set-up.  If you are going to go for a complete set, I would suggest you pick this up (and the other TRU Exclusive that will have Bouncer or L-Bouncer in the "Bonus Pack").

If you are just going to go about things casually, this is still a good deal because you get some great cards and a nice album to display them in...

Personally, what I like best is simply the checklist.  I was dreading having to go online and hope someone had strung a complete set together and conveyed all the info accurately...Now I don't have to worry about it.  I'm at a loss for why the binder would't house the complete set, but I suppose you need both Starter Kits so I guess the 2nd Album will take care of that.

Essentially, here is what you really get:
-Album with front and rear covers that include the checklist.
--The Album looks to be 14 Sheets with 4 Cards Per Sheet

-2 Single Packs (6 Cards Per Pack)

-Bonus Pack
--This one includes your 4 Legendary Skylanders and 3 Glow-in-the-Dark Cards
---And since you are reading this, here is what was in my pack: (L-Jet-Vac, L-Ignitor, L-Spyro, and L-Stealth Elf plus GITD Spyro, GITD Stump Smash, and GITD Trigger Happy).


All-in-all, this is a nice set-up for both the hard-core completionist and the casual collector.  This would be a great gift (along with a few packs) for your kids, or any Skylander fan as it will either get them started on their collection, or provide a nice set-up for trading for their favorites and having a place to display them.

I'm still not sure if I'll go all out on this one or not, but I do think I'll pick up the other Collector Card Starter Kit and maybe a few more packs...The cards are nice and it is solid gear for any true Skylander fan.

Stay tuned as I'll try to get the checklist up in some form or fashion.


Front Inside Cover: Checklist 1/2

Back Inside Cover: Checklist 2/2

Club Nintendo Platinum Playing Cards

Overview of ClubNintendo's Platinum Playing Cards (2012)

For those of you that follow the blog, you know I am a big proponent of Club Nintendo.  You buy great games and by simply taking the time to register them and fill out a few surveys you get coins.  These coins then allow you to purchase some really sweet, exclusive Club Nintendo gear.

However, if you hit Gold Status (300 Coins), or Platinum Status (600 Coins) in any Club Nintendo Calendar Year you receive free gifts.  Ie if you had 450 Coins you can get the Gold Gift sent to you and still have all 450 Coins.

It is basically a way for Nintendo to garner the feedback it desires from the enthusiast base while rewarding them with official ClubNintendo merchandise.

If you are not a member, I suggest you sign up and take advantage of the sweet setup:

This year the Gold and Platinum Gifts broke down as follows:

Gold Members:
-2013 Calendar

Platinum Members:
-Platinum Playing Cards
-Three Poster Set: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Similarly, something new for this year, was the option for players to forgo the "physical" gift and pick up 1 of 4 downloadable games: Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! (3DS), Metroid II: Retrun of Samus (3DS), The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Wii Virtual Console), or Super Mario Kart (Wii Virtual Console).

I was tempted by the Majora's Mask option, but I ultimately felt that I should go with a platinum gift.  I really think the calendar is cool, but again, that is like winning a year's supply of batteries and just taking half of it.  I do think the posters are very nice, but I ultimately decided the cards would take up less space and I'm banking on more people picking the posters so I hope that the cards are the more rare choice.

Only time will tell, but regardless I am very happy with these Platinum Playing Cards and the fact that they were free only makes them that much better!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unboxing Skylanders Giants Topps Fat Pack

Opening Skylanders Giants Topps Fat Pack

What?  Skylanders Giants Topps Collector Card Jumbo Pack

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $5.99 plus tax, price is now $6.99 plus tax

What Was Stock Like?  Quite a few on the peg, I'd imagine there are more on the back...the card display is very minute at most stores and the stock is always constrained by the display space.

Check out the blog post and video on the TRU Exclusive Starter Kit for more on the Skylanders Collector Cards!

Jumbo Pack (aka Fat Pack) Left, vs Two Single Pack (aka Booster Packs) Right

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skylanders Giants: Gold Flameslinger Overview

Skylanders Giants: Overview of Amazon Exclusive Gold Flameslinger

!Please Check the * Below for More Information!

What?  Flameslinger, Fire Element, Series 2 Repose, Gold Amazon Exclusive

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax, free shipping

What is Included?  Gold Flameslinger, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Non-existent, sparse, and now things seem to be well stocked.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Let the Flames Begin!"


Power/Strength: 60/150
Defense/Armor: 40/150
Speed/Agility: 100/150
Luck: 80/150
Totals: 280/600


What a ride.  I was in the FIRST group of PRE-ORDERS for Amazon's Exclusive Gold Flameslinger.  Long story short, they cancelled them.  The next few weeks folks were very anxious and a very small group was lucky enough to get in on another pre-order...This time they honored it.

After those pre-orders shipped it seemed like Flameslinger would show up for a few minutes and be sold out.  I finally got in on the action and planned to order 2 only to find it was a 1 per customer deal.

I ordered it and while the package shipped fairly quickly, they really dragged their feet on getting it packed and sent out.  I like to tack on a few items to hit $25 and get the free Super Saver Shipping.  In the past, this has worked well and I would generally get the order around the same day, or a day after when the standard shipping would have gotten it to me.

Here lately, that has been far from the case.  It is usually 4-5 days BEFORE the order is even ready to ship. Once it ships their partnership with the postal service provides less than stellar delivery times. Granted, some of you may live close to a distribution center and get things within 1-2 days of shipping...I do not.

I still like Amazon, but not quite as much as I did a year or two ago.  They still have an incredible assortment of products at great prices, but with their decision to start charging tax coupled with their increasingly slow shipping speeds, I am finding myself preferring local options, or other online outfits that offer free shipping AND get it sent out quick.

I think any order not sent Next Day or 2nd Day Air should be processed at the same time regardless of whether a person has free shipping, standard, or expedited ground.

I am mainly mentioning this in case you are hoping to order Gold Flameslinger in as a Christmas gift, or later on a birthday gift etc.  Make sure you order well enough in advance if you like to take advantage of the Super Saver Shipping.

**I also want to stress that despite what I said in the video about the "1 per customer" seeming to be gone, that is not the case!  Amazon took the notification on the product page away, BUT if you try to change the quantity to anything greater than 1 it will tell you there is an error with your order and you have to reset the quantity to 1.  Not sure why they didn't just keep that on the product page as it initially was, but oh well.

On the bright side, this will help keep scalpers from buying 10-20 at a time and give YOU a better chance to land this exclusive variant.

***Also note that as a variant, Gold Flameslinger should register as "Special" in the game and come equipped with 2,000 Coins and begin at Level 5.

Skylanders Giants: GITD Sonic Boom Overview

Skylanders Giants: Overview of Walmart Exclusive GITD Sonic Boom

What?  Sonic Boom, Air Element Series 2 Repose, Glow-in-the-Dark (GITD) Walmart Exclusive

Where Did You Get It?  Walmart

What Did It Cost?  $9.96

What is Included?  GITD Sonic Boom, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Plentiful!  In store or online, you should be able to find GITD Sonic Boom very easily.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Full Scream Ahead!"


Power/Strength: 65/150
Defense/Armor: 85/150
Speed/Agility: 60/150
Luck: 70/150
Totals: 280/600


While I am not a fan of Sonic Boom's Series 2 repose, I am a fan of GITD figures and the fact they are easily attained doesn't hurt.

I knew this could have been hard to come by, but it just wasn't worth it to me to walk into Walmart on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

Luckily, as I predicted, GITD Sonic Boom was just as easy to find as the GITD Starter Packs.  Walmart, unlike most retailers, wants quantity.  If something sells, they want it on their shelves.  That works great for you and I.  While the easily attained GITD Sonic Boom may not fetch the same price as say a GITD Warnado or Stone Zook, it does give the average, every day, non-employee, non-scalper, a chance to pick up a real, in-game variant.

When you register Sonic Boom into Giants she should show up as a "Series 2 Special" and come with 2,000 Coins while beginning the campaign at Level 5.  Very cool!

Hats of to Toys for Bob, Activision, and select retailers for realizing that the every day enthusiast wants in on the variant rush...They still have the hard to obtain variants, but these "easier to find and cheaper to buy" variants are very nice.

I also want to stress that Sonic Boom's GITD paint job looks much better than Cynder's.  I know several people complained about how spotty Cynder was.  Whatever the issue was, it seems to have been resolved.   Sonic Boom looks great in the packaging and glows incredibly bright!

If you want GITD Sonic Boom I suggest you pick her up just in case production slows down or becomes spotty later on...As of right now she should be very easy to find and take home...Good luck!

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Hex

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Hex

What?  Hex, Undead Element Series 2 Repose

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax

What is Included?  Hex, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Hex seems to either be fully stocked, or stashed away.  That said, if you spend time digging, or simply check multiple stores you should be able to bring her home.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Fear the Darkl!"


Power/Strength: 80/150
Defense/Armor: 90/150
Speed/Agility: 45/150
Luck: 65/150
Totals: 280/600


Hex is back and this repose is a nice tribute to her Rain of Skulls.  For the diehard Hex fan you will be glad to know she is also getting a LightCore pose, which as of typing this, has yet to be released.

As mentioned, she can be tough to track down at the moment, but a little time skimming the racks or checking other stores will usually have you going home happy.

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Bash

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Bash

What?  Bash, Earth Element, Series 2 Repose

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $4.99 (BOGO 50% Sale),
-Regular Retail: $9.99

What is Included?  Bash, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Bash is a little harder to come by, but if you skim the racks or check multiple stores you should be able to find him locally...same applies online.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Rock and Roll!"


Power/Strength: 90/150
Defense/Armor: 100/150
Speed/Agility: 40/150
Luck: 45/150
Totals: 275/600


Bash is back and looks every bit the beast we all came to know and love in SSA.  This repose fitting features the Triceratops Honorguard, Bash's Soul Gem from SSA.  I think it is a nice repose and the Soul Gem being highlighted was a great choice for this Earth Element brute.

I have had some trouble locating Bash, but usually if you dig around the racks, or just check multiple stores you can find him.

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Drill Sergeant

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing Drill Sergeant

What?  Drill Sergeant, Tech Element, Series 2 Repose

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $4.99 (BOGO 50% Sale),
-Regular Retail: $9.99

What is Included?  Drill Sergeant, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Haven't had trouble finding DS anywhere.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Licensed to Drill!"


Power/Strength: 100/150
Defense/Armor: 80/150
Speed/Agility: 60/150
Luck: 40/150
Totals: 280/600


I had planned to wait to pick up Triple Packs to save money, but since I had all the new characters except Hot Dog and many of the S2 reposes already in the arsenal, it just made sense to pick Drill Sergeant up with the BOGO Sale...I think I got him with LC Jet-Vac if I remember correctly.

I've done the math and in the end I will come out a little better with what I've done thus far.

Drill Sergeant was very tough for me to find last time, and I'm glad to have not faced that issue this time around.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Poll #37: Stock or Upgraded Skylanders to Battle Kaos?

Blog Poll #37 is an interesting one as I just got the idea last night...It is also hard to word...I will spell it out here and go with something more generic for the poll itself.

"Do You Want Me to Battle Kaos in this Giants Playthrough with Stock or Upgraded Skylanders?"

I think that is pretty self-explanatory, but I will elaborate.

If you have followed along in the playthrough you will notice I have made ZERO upgrades to ANY Skylander.  I'm ready for Chapter 13 and yet everyone is box stock.

That made me wonder...

I had originally planned to kind of upgrade in segments (ie base upgrades...path...Soul Gem...Wow Pow (if applicable) etc).  I really enjoyed how I did things in SSA...basically upgrading any Skylander ASAP.  Say I just introduced Flashwing and she got enough cash for an upgrade in that chapter...she gets the upgrade before we enter the next level.

For whatever reason (probably still leery from the Weapon Master Glitch), I have yet to upgrade.

The initial plan for the segments called for me to upgrade BEFORE the final chapter...

However, and in large part to my plan to record a playthrough on Nightmare Mode (you've got to beat Kaos to unlock it), I had the idea of going stock.

I'm basically willing to forgo the upgrades and take the current fleet of Skylanders into battle against Kaos.  Nothing fancy, no tricks...just a literal 1-2 punch for each Skylander.  I don't know how hard or time consuming the final battle with Kaos is in Giants, but this would definitely make it more of a challenge (ie dealing 7 damage on a punch as opposed to 45 fully upgraded).

So, I decided to make a poll...I'll let it run 10 days initially...

I should honestly be to Chapter 15 by that point unless I just stop recording to edit and upload the current log of videos.

So, what would you prefer for this initial run in with Kaos: No Upgrades or Fully Upgraded?

*Please note that in the Nightmare Mode Playthrough I plan to go in with the upgrades...I'm also kind of hoping we have the rest of the characters in time for some of the latter chapters of that one...might even wait and go back to Mario Kart Wii etc.*

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Scorpion Striker Battle Pack with Zap and Hot Dog

A few days ago GameStop announced that they would be getting the highly anticipated Scorpion Striker Battle Pack as a timed exclusive...

Basically what that means to you is that GameStop will be your only option for picking up the Battle Pack for the first 30 days or so.

The Battle Pack, as with the previous, will retail for $24.99...don't pay more than that!

I know the screen grab below is small, but if you click on it you can see the release date of New Years Day and their bragging rights of having it a full month before anyone else.

Check it out:

This shouldn't be too big of a surprise given that they had (and still have) the "Golden" Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack (other stores have the standard issue, or non-"golden" Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack).

Several people across the net picked this combo of Zap and Hot Dog out as the previous battle pack featured contrasting elements (ie Undead and Life by way of Chop Chop and Shroomboom).

Why were so many able to predict this combo?  Simple.

We already have the other 7 new Skylanders out, so only Hot Dog remained.  Similarly, we already have Slam Bam and Gill Grunt from the reposed Water Element so that left Zap (Wham-Shell is not getting a repose).

That said, still cool to predict it.

And just fyi, the way we knew of the "catapult" ahead of time was a few pictures from a tour of the Toys for Bob studio where it was sitting next to both the standard issue Dragonfire Cannon and GameStop Exclusive Golden Dragonfire Cannon!

The Scorpion Striker should unlock a new arena and possibly some re-skins AND serve as a magic item for gameplay.

The big draw is of course going to be Hot Dog as this will be our first chance to play the new Fire Element Skylander!

I have to be honest and say that I am very excited to obtain the S2 Zap.  If you recall from my SSA Upgrade vids, Zap is one of the Skylanders I was very torn on picking an upgrade path.  This time around I can take the other path first and then decide which I truly like better.  The coolest thing about S2 Zap will of course be his Wow Pow Power AND the ability to switch upgrade paths...

I nearly ordered this when the link went live, BUT that would mean I had to pay freight and wait on it.  That is probably not a horrible set up given the unknown of winter weather (ie will it be 60 and clear 1-1-13, or will it be 25 and icy).

That said, I will probably run by my favorite GameStop later tonight and pre-order there.  I don't think it will be hard to come by...I've yet to see the Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack out-of-stock at any GameStop or their website.

I guess if bad weather prevents me from getting it on release day, it will be paid for and awaiting my arrival to join the Skylander force!

If you want to pre-order the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack from GameStop, you can click here.

I hope to do the Weekly Update and I'll let you know if I get the pre-order tonight!

UPDATE 12/6/2012

I went in to GameStop tonight and locked up the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack.  The big news is I got a 100% Confirmation on the 1/1/13 Street Date!

Sadly, I also got 100% confirmation that they know nothing on when Wave 3 might hit.

UPDATE 1/9/2013

As many have said/reported across the net, changed the release date on their place holder for the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack to 1/10/2013.

You can see a screen grab here:

Perhaps the bigger story than the one-day push back is that you can't pre-order the item anymore!  What this means for those who did not pre-order remains to be seen...That said, if you want it and planned to pick it up without a pre-order I would advise you to act fast.  With this one getting pushed back 3 times now, it could very easily be an item we see stocked and then exhausted.  That said, it could also be sold out Day 1 and then GameStops everywhere could get a full stock within a week...the bottom line is we just don't know at this point.

The BIGGER NEWS, however, came to me at 12:25 PM via text message.

It says:

"GameStop: Your Skylanders Giants order avail Fri PM.  Bring your trades to reduce price.  Info# xxx-xxx-xxxx. End txt msgs reply STOP"

That is the exact transmission, minus me omitting the number with x's.  And that is straight from the source, to someone who pre-ordered.  I now have no reason to believe the Battle Pack will be there today (as expected), tomorrow (as the website indicates), but rather FRIDAY, JANUARY, 11TH, 2013 as their text message and direct communication indicates.

That is a bit of a bummer, but I will try to get up there Friday.  I usually make my rounds in the evening the night before, so it is kind of throwing me for a loop...Sad thing is, with the stock possibly being very limited I don't want to wait and find that my pre-order was accidentally sold...crazier things happen.

Anyway, my best guess right now is straight from GameStop...we can all expect to get our hands on the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack this Friday.

If more dealys or bad news arise I will post it here...if Friday holds true I will have an unboxing up to end the vicious cycle!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekend Update: December 2012 Edition

So, here it is...early morning Monday, December 10th, 2012...I'm finally going to crank this thing out for good!

It has obviously been awhile since I got to do a regular update, so this one may be over due...

Thanksgiving this was a few weeks ago now, but hopefully everyone had a great time.  I made the Channel Update video and specifically stressed I was uploading Hot Head and Flashwing's Introductions "out-of-order" for a holiday treat...

That one somehow got overlooked as I was flooded with, "Hey, where is Part xx" or "I canz know c oder parts" and all sorts of stuff I have to step back from and decode...Luckily, a few folks did watch the video and started posting...

I really hate not hitting YouTube comments, but the simple issue is time.  It takes an hour or two (yes, each night) to respond to the well intended comments and questions.  The biggest time consumer is finding those comments.  For every, "Oh, did you do that" or "Which upgrade path is better" there are 4-5 totally random comments, or people trolling, or insulting other people's comments.  If I were to try and take care of the comments like I used to I would never get to record, is an easy decision.

I make it a point to have the blog link at the top of the video description.  If it is important, you can ask here and get a response WAY QUICKER than on YouTube.

In a perfect world I would spend the time to find the comments and questions that are genuine, but between work and trying to sleep 4-6 hours a night the time just hasn't been there.  Sometimes I will hit them...especially if I plan to record and the audio has issues.

That said, the blog will always be the best bet to communicate with me or get insight, ask questions, or share your tips!

I'm hopeful at some point I can hit a few each night again...right now it has just been too hectic.

Wii U

Testament to the "busy" schedule here lately is my state with the Wii U.  I honestly don't think I've spent more than 4 hours total playing with it...

I basically got a feel for the three games I picked up and explored Miiverse.

That is it...

I will say, especially for those of you here on the blog...You can follow me or add me, just look for "1ofWiisdom."

I had a nice profile comment, but apparently it didn't fly with an administrator...About 2 weeks later I got time to log in and change it, lol.

At least you know from that scenario that I'm truly strapped for time and not just avoiding YouTube comments.

That said, I have really enjoyed it when I've gotten to play around with it...

Nintendo 3DS

Need more proof of my lack of time?  I've got Paper Mario Sticker Star sitting on the pool the wrapper :(  I've actually acquired a few other gems I might highlight soon...and yes, none have been played, lol.

Street Passin'

Talk about epic...

Those of you that follow along on the blog know that I have a heck of a time getting street pass tags that are not from my nephew.  Well, over Thanksgiving I hit a gold mine...Granted, it isn't anything like those of you in a large metropolitan area probably get just running errands, but the few days I was out-of-town netted me roughly 7 Street Pass Tags!  Here a few are:

A big thanks to all of you!  I thought it was pretty cool Liz was playing Professor Layton and the Last Specter as it is a game I really enjoyed and got me hooked on the Professor Layton series.

Anyway, I was so stoked to finally land some serious Street Pass Action I wanted the pics here, lol.

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

Upload Schedule

Alright, so where is Part 31?  Believe it or not, it really is edited and ready to upload...I think I have up through Part 45 ready to go...I just have run into time constraints or a very, very weak signal (ie a 20 min upload turns into 6 hrs 41 minutes).  I should get a few of them up very soon...likely tonight!

Current Recordings

As for the playthrough itself, this weekend (Friday night to be exact) I recorded up through roughly Part 61, which will be a compilation of "what we missed" in Chapters 9-12.

What is Next?

My next recordings will be some character introductions...I don't want to spill the beans on who it is...bu you should see their unboxings up pretty soon.

Once I introduce the latest additions I will continue on to Chapters 13-15.

Skylanders Giants: Hunting and Collecting

Well, I am even backlogged here.  I am hoping to upload vids from the playthrough tomorrow night while I am recording a few unboxings.  There are 2 Skylanders I will not be unboxing...You probably know who they are, but if not, you will find out.


I have been very diligent in hunting for variants and have come up empty.  I honestly think the big issue there is that two of my sources actually have employees who pull them.  I'm sure one may snake by when they are off, but that makes the slim pickings down right scarce.  I'm always optimistic and keep looking...even at the old SSA stuff, lol.

I have a lot I could add here, but I think I'll leave it at that...

Scorpion Striker Battle Pack

I pre-ordered mine last week and short of an ice storm I hope to pick it up on New Year's Day.  If you need info on this, just check out my blog post:

Blog Polls

What's that?  Yep...I finally found the time to archive the results from the most recent round of polls!


Blog Poll #34 Results: Your Wii U Purchase Plans

Blog Poll #35 Results: Cats or Dogs?

Blog Poll #36 Results: Do You Like Skystones?

New Polls

Somehow, I even made a new poll.  This one should be interesting as I had the idea of spicing things up by taking on Kaos with box-stock Skylanders.  I figured it would make things a lot more challenging and possibly get more Skylanders involved in the final showdown.

Please note that I will have them upgraded for the Nightmare Mode save file...I just thought this was a nice way to differentiate things.

Blog Poll #37 Stock or Upgraded?

Skylanders Battle Tournament (Poll Based)

I've really wanted to make this happen, but have lacked the time.  My other issue is that most of what I want to do needs Hot Dog or the other Giants out and well known before they can really be conducted fairly.  That said, I may work around it...we will see what happens.

If all goes well I might even have a new round of Battle Polls up this week!

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Can you believe it is only 15 days until Christmas?  Very hard to believe!  Hope everyone is excited and has their plans to see family, friends, avoid school, and get some game time mixed in with everything else!


Well, it is now pretty late and I'm beat.  I hope to upload a few vids tomorrow night while recording a few unboxings...Oh, and there are more surprises!  Why is it that all the cool stuff seems to happen at the same time?  Oh well...I'd rather have cool stuff piled up and backlogged than no excitement at all.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for Christmas!

{The junk below was me vaguely updating this post as time allowed...I figured instead of deleting it I just as well leave it up.}

Coming in later today/tonight.

I was, as you know, out-of-town for Thanksgiving.  I got back last weekend, but have been very busy.  The good news is I have some cool updates AND I have recorded quite a bit more Skylanders action thru the week.

I uploaded a few vids tonight and should pick back up tomorrow after a Christmas Party.

I also believe I got caught up on all the blog comments...If I somehow missed yours just post it again or let me know.  As always, I put a priority on the blog over YouTube and Facebook etc.

I also have a few blog posts in progress, most notably the "poll result" posts....I should crank those out soon.

I have also FINALLY added videos to the Skylanders Giants Blind Playthough Post and will get all the video descriptions added very soon.

Stay tuned!

12/7/2012 UPDATE

Well, I guess this is a compilation weekend update now.

Anyway, I will wrap this one up tomorrow (hopefully) as well as hitting all the other posts.

I do want to mention the following:


Buy One Get One 50% Off All Skylanders (SSA and Giants) at TRU
Buy One Get One 50% Off All Video Games (Great for Wii U Titles)
Both of these sales are good thru 12/8/2012, or in laymen's terms...Saturday.
I actually took advantage of the Skylanders sale and will have some new content to work on...


I pre-ordered the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack and confirmed 1/1/13 as the street date.  I also confirmed they have no insight as to when Wave 3 will drop.

I really think I'll get quite a bit done this weekend...keep your fingers crossed.  You should see new videos as early as tomorrow.

You should see:
-Playlist adds
-Unboxing of Three Skylanders
-Showcase vids on Two Skylanders
-Playlist Blog Post Fully Updated
-Bonus Skylanders Merchandise Video

Check back later this weekend!  I'm hitting the hay!


Skylanders Giants Unboxing Legendary Stealth Elf

Unboxing Legendary Stealth Elf

What?  Legendary Stealth Elf (L-Stealth Elf)

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax

What Is Included?  L-Stealth Elf Figure, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  3 "out" in the store.  Tons were in the back.  Most stores have special bins or end caps set up for L-Stealth Elf.  If you go into your TRU and do not see this, or a few pegs dedicated specifically  to her, ask an employee as there are likely plenty in the back.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Silent, but Deadly!"


Power/Strength: 75
Defense/Armor: 45
Speed/Agility: 110
Luck: 70
Totals: 300


Legendary Stealth Elf is yet another SSA repose that is very deserving of a "Legendary" status.  She is insanely quick and when upgraded down Pook Blade Saint an absolute terror in both story mode AND battle mode.

As with all Legendary Skylanders, L-Stealth Elf will be exclusive to Toys'R'Us (here in the US).

I honestly feel like L-Stealth Elf will fall along the lines of what we saw with L-Trigger Happy.  If she is ever "sold out" I would expect a big shipment to restock within a week or two.  I would not purchase her with the hopes of scalping her later on down the are just throwing money away!  Granted, I could be wrong, but it seems Activision and select retailers (notably Walmart and Toys'R'Us) like to get exclusive Skylanders and keep them stocked.

As far as the look goes we have a nice "motion" pose with this iteration of Stealth Elf and while many times the "Legendary" color scheme fails in comparison to the character's stock look, I must say that it seems right at home on L-Stealth Elf.

If you want her and do not currently have her I would advise picking her up before Christmas as that is really the only span I can envision stock possibly being overtaken by demand.  If you do run into that situation just be patient.  DO NOT shell out $45 for her and call it good...just wait a few more weeks and pay retail.  That said, at this point in time you should have no trouble finding her in stores or online.

It is nice to see Toys for Bob and Activision bring her back not just in S2 form, but as a Legendary.

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