Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas (2012 Edition)

Hey Everyone!

It is 5:32 AM and I should probably be asleep...but here I am...granted, QWERTY could soon be stamped in my forehead, but I'll try to make it through...

The plan was to record a "Christmas Channel Update" that brought everyone up-to-date on the Skylanders Playthrough, covered a few odds-and-ends, and ended asking what you wanted/got for Christmas, or even what your favorite Christmas memory was as a child or parent etc.

Clearly, that isn't happening...

So, I'll do a quick text version

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

I have now recorded through Chapter 15.  Basically, I'm ready to take on Kaos with stock Skylanders.

I say that because I have done NO UPGRADES to any Skylanders thus far.

I know the poll that closed (results soon), wanted me to upgrade first, but I might do both.

My thoughts are that the "box stock" Skylanders will have a much tougher time against Kaos meaning I will need to use more to defeat him, meaning instead of seeing Jet-Vac, Fright Rider, Chill, and Bash I can just work my way through the entire Newlander lineup, then Giants, etc until he is defeated.

That said, I can then focus on upgrades to get ready for the Nightmare Mode Playthrough.  Before starting in on that I will actually use upgraded Skylanders to battle Kaos on the completed save file.

Adventure Packs

As weird as it seems my plan as of right now is to battle Kaos and THEN do the APs.  For some reason they just don't seem to flow with this game's story line and they'd seem out-of-place if I were to jump from Ch 15 to Empire of Ice etc.  I do plan to do them, just AFTER Kaos.

Heroic Challenges

I thought of this a few weeks ago, cand Cassie brought it up on the blog...I think I skipped Cynder's Intro and HC, lol.  This was likely just me thinking I'd wait to get her "regular" figure as the one I have had all this time has been the GITD version, but we will see.


As of right now I have avoided stores like the plague...I am not a fan of crowds, throngs of people, or packed parking lots (ie fenders bent, doors dinged, etc).  That means no Wave 3 for me thus far.  Should I pick any of them up I will unbox them and upload that immediately.

Blog Updates

Hopefully the Christmas and New Year's break will allow me to update the Heroic Challenge List, add descriptions to the playlist post, work on the "stats" breakdown, and maybe even get that battle tournament rolling.


I just uploaded a slew of vids to get us up to Pat 41.  I need to edit the current crop (roughly late 40s-75ish) and will try to do that and upload as time allows...Most of it is of course just game play as not many characters surfaced in the downtime.

Wii U

I know several have said they added me etc, but I have honestly not been on in weeks...Hopefully that will change over the holidays...I'll accept pending requests when I  can actually get on, lol.

Merry Christmas

Lastly, but most importantly I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas is a great time (not just because of gifts) but because it brings people together and that is the true reason for the season.  Hopefully in addition to getting to see family and friends you will notice usually grouchy people being a bit nicer (even if it is just for a day or two, or week etc).

I just wrapped up (ha, literally) getting all the rest of the presents for my Nephew wrapped and that will be consuming most of my time today (well here in a few hours...it is 5:45 AM and he is usually up early for Pokemon etc).  I think he is going to have a good time and that is what we are all after.  If the weather is really bad and we get stuck in the house maybe he'll record some Battle Mode stuff with me.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads and comments on the blog, shares Skylander info etc.  I really enjoy the commradery (that is misspelled but it is almost 6 AM, I'm cool with it) and friendships, even if they are just online.

I have some cool stuff planned for the future and hopefully it will pan out well and be enjoyable for everyone.

I'm going to quit rambling and hit the hay...Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Feel free to post up your best Christmas memory as a child, or adult...family traditions...weather conditions (rain in San Diego?  snow in Baltimore?  clear skies in Wisconsin?), and of course feel free to post up gifts you collect or gave.

Enjoy the day and the season!


  1. here in australia we had a cold christmas even thouigh aussie jingle bells says its on a scorching summers day! anyway i got a wiiU what game should i get ? i was considering super mario bros u but im not sure. anyway merry christmas i know im a day late but i didnt get a chance to check yesterday.

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    1. Hey, no problem man...the way my free time lines up this (3:36 AM is still like Christmas night to me, lol).

      Congrats on the Wii U! The little I have played mine I have enjoyed it.

      NSMBU is your fail safe option. I got it and Assassin's Creed III at lauch. I've only played about 3 hours of ACIII and it slow paced thus far (still kind of instructional). I have heard it gets really good though.

      I landed Batman for $39 last week and it is also to be a killer game with great use of the GamePad.

      I've got no experience with Darksiders II, but I watched about 20 mins of video from the 1st 2 levels and it looks pretty decent...reminds me a lot of a Legend of Zelda game.

      And today I got Madden 13, but I have yet to play it, lol.

      So honestly I am not much help. I think NSMBU is the safest pick overall. That said, I think Batman, ACIII, and Darkiders II would all be solid choices...just go which route you prefer.

      Sadly, I've just got the 3 hrs ACIII, W1 in NSMBU, and about 20 mins of Nintendo Land to speak from...

      Let me know what you pick and how you like it...once Skylanders wraps up I should get more time to dedicate to the Wii U.

      Have a good one!

    2. i got nsmbu i have played quite a bit and by the 3rd or 4th world it gets really challenging but overall it is really good. i also got lc drobot and lc eruptor and swarm although i havent done much with them as i am dedicated to playing the wii u.

    3. Very cool. I played up to the end of World 1 and had to sit on it to focus on the Giants playthrough, lol. It did seem like yet another excellent installment...can't blame you for playing it. Swarm is pretty solid out of the box imo. They'll entertain you plenty once NSMBU is over.

      Hope you're having a good 2k13.

  2. My son got shroomboom and the golden dragonfire cannon pack for Christmas - among other things..... BUT after playing for a long time and getting gold rank, various level-ups and upgrades, and quests as soon as shroomboom is removed from the portal or he backs all the way out of the game to the Wii menu (even though the stuff was there right before he quit for the night) ALL was lost... when shroomboom is back on the portal only 'heroic challenger' and 'fully stocked' remain.... any word on why this happens and how we can stop it. although he got the shroomboom for christmas it was purchased same day as the Giants launch
    any help is appreciated thanks

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    1. Hey Janet. Sadly I do not know much about it just yet, but I do know that within the last 4 weeks or so I seem to get at least 3 people who contact me in some form or fashion about this very problem. A lot of the time they claim they can complete heroics only to have them never save.

      This is likely an internal issue (ie nothing your son is causing), but rather a glitch/error with the game's coding or the RFID chips in the characters etc. With as many people as have told me this I don't even think it is just a damaged Skylander (ie hard fall etc), but it honestly just seems like a problem with the game.

      My advice would be to contact Activision and let the know, see what they have to say etc. I don't really see them helping out much, but they seem to claim if enough people do so they will look into a fix. I never saw this with the weapon master glitch or various SSU issues, but it is worth a shot.

      I know how frustrated he must be to have spent all the time upgrading and accomplishing everything only to see it get wiped out.

      I've been busy and haven't really gotten to that point, but if and when I do I will see if I can find a work around. Should I run into the same issue I'll likely make a dedicated blog post griping about it (lol...consider it the best justice I can deliver) and then report back with findings or fixes.

      Let me know if you make any head way.

      Good luck!

    2. just a shroom boom update... activision came through with a fully working replacement - it arrived today and so far so good... working on upgrading right now. very good customer service by activision they spent a lot of time on the phone trying to pin down the problem.

    3. Thanks for the follow up and I am glad to hear that! After your last post I was getting 2-3 a day telling me the Heroic Challenges weren't saving...I only had one other person report they had trouble with the Quests...That said, very nice job in being persistent and going through the paces! Sad that you have to begin anew, but I suppose that is a bit more fun for y'all, lol. Glad Activision came thru for you after being unable to resolve it.


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