Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Poll #37: Stock or Upgraded Skylanders to Battle Kaos?

Blog Poll #37 is an interesting one as I just got the idea last night...It is also hard to word...I will spell it out here and go with something more generic for the poll itself.

"Do You Want Me to Battle Kaos in this Giants Playthrough with Stock or Upgraded Skylanders?"

I think that is pretty self-explanatory, but I will elaborate.

If you have followed along in the playthrough you will notice I have made ZERO upgrades to ANY Skylander.  I'm ready for Chapter 13 and yet everyone is box stock.

That made me wonder...

I had originally planned to kind of upgrade in segments (ie base upgrades...path...Soul Gem...Wow Pow (if applicable) etc).  I really enjoyed how I did things in SSA...basically upgrading any Skylander ASAP.  Say I just introduced Flashwing and she got enough cash for an upgrade in that chapter...she gets the upgrade before we enter the next level.

For whatever reason (probably still leery from the Weapon Master Glitch), I have yet to upgrade.

The initial plan for the segments called for me to upgrade BEFORE the final chapter...

However, and in large part to my plan to record a playthrough on Nightmare Mode (you've got to beat Kaos to unlock it), I had the idea of going stock.

I'm basically willing to forgo the upgrades and take the current fleet of Skylanders into battle against Kaos.  Nothing fancy, no tricks...just a literal 1-2 punch for each Skylander.  I don't know how hard or time consuming the final battle with Kaos is in Giants, but this would definitely make it more of a challenge (ie dealing 7 damage on a punch as opposed to 45 fully upgraded).

So, I decided to make a poll...I'll let it run 10 days initially...

I should honestly be to Chapter 15 by that point unless I just stop recording to edit and upload the current log of videos.

So, what would you prefer for this initial run in with Kaos: No Upgrades or Fully Upgraded?

*Please note that in the Nightmare Mode Playthrough I plan to go in with the upgrades...I'm also kind of hoping we have the rest of the characters in time for some of the latter chapters of that one...might even wait and go back to Mario Kart Wii etc.*


  1. well u should do vids on the upgrades like upgrade a skylander the most it can then showcase its new ability's and do it for all the skylanders and it would probably take 3 vids to do all singles but only do 1 of the double ups like lightcore and legendarys. thats just an idea so if u dont do it i wouldnt mind. it would be good cos im getting skylanders giants for christmas so i like getting to know as much before i play but not all of it.
    it could be a waist of time to other people but i will still watch then if u do it.
    also on youtube im ike24197.
    if u want have a look at some wired glitches for skylanders spyros adventure =

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    1. Oh I'll definitely be doing the upgrade vids. If you skim the SSA Playlist you can see me go thru the main upgrades on pretty much every character and then showcase them.

      I'll do something similar with Giants...eventually.

      Giants will be a great present and give you a ton of playtime.

      I'll check the vids out!


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