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Skylanders Giants Wave 3 and LightCore Shroomboom Pre-Order

Well ahoy mateys!

Not really, but I am entitled to type junk like that when it is 3:17 AM...this is when I am usually recording and that tends to peak my awareness.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you can pre-order Shroomboom's LightCore from  Want proof?  Here is the link:

I meant to post that BEFORE all the unboxing uploads from tonight, but oh well

Wave 3 Speculation and Discussion.

Anyway, it is widely rumored/believed/expected/guesstimated/thought/somewhat not fully doubted that we will see Wave 3 hit next week.

I've had several report to me that their local GameStops reported they'd have new characters in next week.  And no, this is not from the sister of the guy next door who's nephew won a table tennis match in Madrid and was flown first class to Aspen and got the word from the 21 year old assistant manager on board the plane...

These reports come from real people just like myself who have no reason to lie and who are well known in their own GameStop store to not be fed lies, or believe about mythical indiglo cotton-esque Landskyers.

So, take what you will, but that is the word on the street.

Hot on topic is who and what we will see in Wave 3...

What we know for sure is:

-Scorpion Striker Battle Pack featuring S2 Zap and Hot Dog (GameStop Exclusive for 1 month)
-LightCore Shroomboom

What is expected:

-S2 Eruptor
-S2 Prism Break
-S2 Stealth Elf
-S2 Cynder
-S2 Lightning Rod

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What is unknown:

-S2 Drobot

S2 Drobot make sense to hit since he is in the same LC group with Prism Break and Eruptor, that said, they could hold him out.  We also seem to be backlogged on the the Magic Element, but I suppose they could backload them into Wave 4 and Wave 5.

The Giant for this run is widely expected to be Thumpback.  We really have no way of knowing, but he makes sense.  I'm still miffed Eye Brawl was not released before Halloween though...I still think Swarm and Ninjini should have been the spring releases, oh well.

Again, about all that is certain is the Battle Pack and LC Shroomboom.  That said, I've seen 2 people purchase S2 Prism Break and Eruptor...both are in the US and in California.

Anyhow, Wave 3 has to hit sometime and I am not one to post meaningless or speculative info...As best I know this is as good as anyone's guess out there...

Special Thanks

Thanks to @pbacchi on Twitter for the above picture and Victoria on Facebook for some insights as well as a few "unnnamed" sources!


I am actually NOT going to pre-order Shroomboom's LightCore.  First off, I pre-ordered it eons (no pun intended) before the game even came out only to have TRU cancel my pre-order.  Second, they shipped me incorrect LightCores on the only segment they didn't cancel.  Third, there is currently not a sale.  Fourth, I have really yet to see anything other than the initial few weeks (and Hot Head) that have been a pain to track down.  Fifth, a triple pack has to launch at some point...right?  And lastly, I am thrifty...there have been killer sales (most notably BOGO) almost every other week at TRU.  I would much rather pick up LC Shroomboom and land S2 Lightning Rod at half price than pay full price for both...There are a ton of reposes and variations in this game and it is very expensive.

Stay thrifty my friends!



  1. Im surprised google hasn't noticed the post yet. When I google Skylanders Giants Wave 3 (which I do every day) this post does not come up yet :(

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    1. That is odd...I usually turn up pretty quick and very near the top on Skylander stuff...I added some tags and might repost on Google + as this is info people need to know.

  2. just seen all of these at my local TRU right after midnight
    -S2 Eruptor
    -S2 Prism Break
    -S2 Stealth Elf
    -S2 Cynder
    -S2 Lightning Rod

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    1. Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation...I had yet to see anyone report on Cynder and Stealth Elf being in stores...just seemed to be Eruptor, Prism Break, and Lightning Rod. Sadly, my TRU isn't open late so it'll be tomorrow before I can check.

      Thanks again for the post!

  3. My TRU has all the singles this morning

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    1. Nice, did you pick them up? What was the stock like on LC Shroomboom? I held out due to how crowded things were Thurs night and the fact they hiked the price $1.00 and didn't have good sales wasn't helping.

      I am very interested in seeing Lightning Rod's WowPow though!

  4. I saw 2 LC Shroomboom and didn't pick them up. By the time I changed my mind later in they day they were gone :(

    I did manage to get 3 of each (Im collecting for 3 people) of the other singles except Cynder since I already have 3 of her from starter packs (Xbox, 3DS, iOS)

    They did have many more LC Jet-Vac tho as he was somewhat rare in the store before.

    I have noticed that Swarm seems to be the least popular giant around here with Crusher being the most popular followed by Bouncer. Hot Head is not well supplied yet.

    Target had another shipment of at least 6 Granite Crushers but they are all gone again.

    It will be interesting to see how supplies hold out after the Christmas rush.

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    1. Man, I hate it when that happens. From what I understand a lot of TRUs stuck the LC Shroombooms out Wed/Thurs and never had many to begin with...

      Very nice haul on the others...I had predicted Lightning Rod would have a killer WowPow and I've read a few people saying just that.

      My local TRU hasn't had LC Jet-Vac in eons (ha), but I can find him at my "less trafficed" store.

      Very interesting on the Giants...That is about what I have seen. I have yet to see a Hot Head at Walmart, TRU, or Target in person...the GameStop I go to told me Thurs that they were shocked bc 1 finally showed up, lol.

      Since launch day when I got the last 2 Granite Crushers I have yet to see another one. Idk if they are selling out, or we just don't get them. This is the time of year that the Target Exclusive Whirlwind went from "easy" to "gone."

      I had friends check the stores for me today and they had nothing from Wave 3. I am avoiding everywhere until after Christmas as I don't like crowds.

      I'm also sad to see the new Battle Pack get pushed back to 1/9, although there are still some listings on their site that say 1/1, they changed the screen image on the Giants page to 1/9.


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