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Skylanders Giants: Gold Flameslinger Overview

Skylanders Giants: Overview of Amazon Exclusive Gold Flameslinger

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What?  Flameslinger, Fire Element, Series 2 Repose, Gold Amazon Exclusive

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax, free shipping

What is Included?  Gold Flameslinger, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet with Web Code

What Was Stock Like?  Non-existent, sparse, and now things seem to be well stocked.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "Let the Flames Begin!"


Power/Strength: 60/150
Defense/Armor: 40/150
Speed/Agility: 100/150
Luck: 80/150
Totals: 280/600


What a ride.  I was in the FIRST group of PRE-ORDERS for Amazon's Exclusive Gold Flameslinger.  Long story short, they cancelled them.  The next few weeks folks were very anxious and a very small group was lucky enough to get in on another pre-order...This time they honored it.

After those pre-orders shipped it seemed like Flameslinger would show up for a few minutes and be sold out.  I finally got in on the action and planned to order 2 only to find it was a 1 per customer deal.

I ordered it and while the package shipped fairly quickly, they really dragged their feet on getting it packed and sent out.  I like to tack on a few items to hit $25 and get the free Super Saver Shipping.  In the past, this has worked well and I would generally get the order around the same day, or a day after when the standard shipping would have gotten it to me.

Here lately, that has been far from the case.  It is usually 4-5 days BEFORE the order is even ready to ship. Once it ships their partnership with the postal service provides less than stellar delivery times. Granted, some of you may live close to a distribution center and get things within 1-2 days of shipping...I do not.

I still like Amazon, but not quite as much as I did a year or two ago.  They still have an incredible assortment of products at great prices, but with their decision to start charging tax coupled with their increasingly slow shipping speeds, I am finding myself preferring local options, or other online outfits that offer free shipping AND get it sent out quick.

I think any order not sent Next Day or 2nd Day Air should be processed at the same time regardless of whether a person has free shipping, standard, or expedited ground.

I am mainly mentioning this in case you are hoping to order Gold Flameslinger in as a Christmas gift, or later on a birthday gift etc.  Make sure you order well enough in advance if you like to take advantage of the Super Saver Shipping.

**I also want to stress that despite what I said in the video about the "1 per customer" seeming to be gone, that is not the case!  Amazon took the notification on the product page away, BUT if you try to change the quantity to anything greater than 1 it will tell you there is an error with your order and you have to reset the quantity to 1.  Not sure why they didn't just keep that on the product page as it initially was, but oh well.

On the bright side, this will help keep scalpers from buying 10-20 at a time and give YOU a better chance to land this exclusive variant.

***Also note that as a variant, Gold Flameslinger should register as "Special" in the game and come equipped with 2,000 Coins and begin at Level 5.


  1. flameslingher is my favorite skylander of all and the best because if u are surrounded u just hav ti use the fire circle and they should be beatin or if u upgrade his path fully then the super nova will obliterate ur foes with ease.

    also did u like my videos i told u about?
    also im trying to find out why i cant get any legendary skylanders here in australia because i looked on the australian toys r us and it didnt show up, i was very pissed off.

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  2. Yeah he is a solid character for sure. I'm looking forward to trying his other path and the Wow Pow.

    Yeah, vids were nice. I'll have to try the winged boot one next time I play. Also good timing with the Santa Hat on Stealth Elf, lol.

    I just had another comment from an Aussie who said he was able to get L-Stealth Elf. Have you checked in stores? Maybe they haven't updated the website or something. Good luck.

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  3. oh i forgot that i could get the single packs exept one but no legendary triple packs cos they wernt online. :(

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    1. Hmm, maybe they'll restock them...probably worth checking regularly. The L-Triple Pack is killer with Jet-Vac, Slam Bam, and Ignitor!


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