Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year (2013)

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I have been very busy the last couple of days, but things should get back to normal pretty soon.  I will update this post as I have time to cover an update.  You should see new videos out this week, and possibly a lot of them.  More on that soon.

In the mean time, just in case I am too tied up later, Happy New Year!  I actually wanted to ASK YOU some questions this time...

Looking back, what was your best memory in 2012?

Similarly, what are you most looking forward to for 2013?

This can be strictly video game related, personal (ie graduating highschool, winning a soccer match, etc.).

Thanks for reading the blog, watching the videos, and for just being you, lol.

Happy New Year!



  1. Hello! I have been quite busy lately.

    The thing I'm most excited about 2013 is the Scorpion Striker battle pack unboxing. I know I have to be patient, but I WISH IT CAME OUT IN 2012. Hot Dog and Zap fit together better than Chop chop and Shroomboom, since both Hot Dog and Zap kind of "mirror" each other (Hot Dog looks like a fire version of Zap

    Hot Dog looks fun since his Skylander figure is smiling (Smiling Skylanders tend to be the most fun ones)

    Lastly, I hope Skylanders 3 comes out on October like last year, and I hope Sunburn is coming back. It was sad to see that phoenix dragon go (I like birds, and Sunburn was my favorite birdlike character) However, I like his new voice they put in Giants.


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    1. I hear you on the "busy lately" part...same thing here. That said, thanks! It was a pretty good New Year...hope your 2013 is off to a great start as well.

      I couldn't agree more on the Scorpion Striker, I kind of had my heart set on it hitting today (1/1/13). Also have to join you on Hot Dog and Zap being a much better and more enticing pair for the Battle Pack. I realize it was Life vs Undead, but something about Shroomboom just didn't come off as an epic showdown, lol.

      I am hoping Hot Dog will be a lot of fun so hopefully you are right.

      And I am thinking we should see Skylanders 3 hit in October...I hope they don't rush it and take time to make improvements over the first two, but I'm sure if mid-October is their target launch it will come out regardless of if it is fully polished.

      My own theory is that we will see the 8 "cast aways" return with S2 poses. So in my little synopsis you'd have Sunburn back and better than ever...he has a lot of good repose positions. I am a big fan of Dino-Rang, Warnado, and Ghost Roaster so I'm hoping that pans out too.

      Hope you can make it to the 9th, lol...If you missed the other post it looks like we should see Thumpback and Eye Brawl then, or shortly there after, as well!


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