Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skylanders Topps Trading Cards

Well here we are on the eve of New Year's Day and I figure I'd tidy up the blog a bit...

I really enjoy collecting the Skylanders trading cards and I will probably continue to pick up a few packs here and there to see if I get anything cool...Not sure I'll go for the complete set, but there is a chance.

Anyway, I want to basically just post any and all "Opening" or "Review" vids related directly to the Topps Skylanders Giants Trading Cards here.  I'll get started with the TRU Exclusive Collector Card Starter Sets and then go chronologically.

Note that for more info on the Collector Card Starter Sets you can simply click the blog link for a detailed run down...

TRU Collector Card Starter Set (Legendary Jet-Vac)

TRU Collector Card Starter Set (Legendary Bouncer)

Topps Fat Pack, Topps Jumbo Pack

(4) Topps Single Packs (Opened 12-23-12)

(3) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-1-13)

(5) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-8-2013)

(6) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-12-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 1-19-2013, Round 1)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 1-19-2013, Round 2)

(3) Topps Single Packs (Opened 1-29-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 2-22-2013, Round 1)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 2-22-2013, Round 2)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 3-5-2013)

(2) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 4-9-2013)--Base Set Complete!!

(3) Topps Jumbo Packs (Opened 4-9-2013)--Because I Had Them Already, lol!

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