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Weekend Update: December 2012 Edition

So, here it is...early morning Monday, December 10th, 2012...I'm finally going to crank this thing out for good!

It has obviously been awhile since I got to do a regular update, so this one may be over due...

Thanksgiving this was a few weeks ago now, but hopefully everyone had a great time.  I made the Channel Update video and specifically stressed I was uploading Hot Head and Flashwing's Introductions "out-of-order" for a holiday treat...

That one somehow got overlooked as I was flooded with, "Hey, where is Part xx" or "I canz know c oder parts" and all sorts of stuff I have to step back from and decode...Luckily, a few folks did watch the video and started posting...

I really hate not hitting YouTube comments, but the simple issue is time.  It takes an hour or two (yes, each night) to respond to the well intended comments and questions.  The biggest time consumer is finding those comments.  For every, "Oh, did you do that" or "Which upgrade path is better" there are 4-5 totally random comments, or people trolling, or insulting other people's comments.  If I were to try and take care of the comments like I used to I would never get to record, is an easy decision.

I make it a point to have the blog link at the top of the video description.  If it is important, you can ask here and get a response WAY QUICKER than on YouTube.

In a perfect world I would spend the time to find the comments and questions that are genuine, but between work and trying to sleep 4-6 hours a night the time just hasn't been there.  Sometimes I will hit them...especially if I plan to record and the audio has issues.

That said, the blog will always be the best bet to communicate with me or get insight, ask questions, or share your tips!

I'm hopeful at some point I can hit a few each night again...right now it has just been too hectic.

Wii U

Testament to the "busy" schedule here lately is my state with the Wii U.  I honestly don't think I've spent more than 4 hours total playing with it...

I basically got a feel for the three games I picked up and explored Miiverse.

That is it...

I will say, especially for those of you here on the blog...You can follow me or add me, just look for "1ofWiisdom."

I had a nice profile comment, but apparently it didn't fly with an administrator...About 2 weeks later I got time to log in and change it, lol.

At least you know from that scenario that I'm truly strapped for time and not just avoiding YouTube comments.

That said, I have really enjoyed it when I've gotten to play around with it...

Nintendo 3DS

Need more proof of my lack of time?  I've got Paper Mario Sticker Star sitting on the pool the wrapper :(  I've actually acquired a few other gems I might highlight soon...and yes, none have been played, lol.

Street Passin'

Talk about epic...

Those of you that follow along on the blog know that I have a heck of a time getting street pass tags that are not from my nephew.  Well, over Thanksgiving I hit a gold mine...Granted, it isn't anything like those of you in a large metropolitan area probably get just running errands, but the few days I was out-of-town netted me roughly 7 Street Pass Tags!  Here a few are:

A big thanks to all of you!  I thought it was pretty cool Liz was playing Professor Layton and the Last Specter as it is a game I really enjoyed and got me hooked on the Professor Layton series.

Anyway, I was so stoked to finally land some serious Street Pass Action I wanted the pics here, lol.

Skylanders Giants Playthrough

Upload Schedule

Alright, so where is Part 31?  Believe it or not, it really is edited and ready to upload...I think I have up through Part 45 ready to go...I just have run into time constraints or a very, very weak signal (ie a 20 min upload turns into 6 hrs 41 minutes).  I should get a few of them up very soon...likely tonight!

Current Recordings

As for the playthrough itself, this weekend (Friday night to be exact) I recorded up through roughly Part 61, which will be a compilation of "what we missed" in Chapters 9-12.

What is Next?

My next recordings will be some character introductions...I don't want to spill the beans on who it is...bu you should see their unboxings up pretty soon.

Once I introduce the latest additions I will continue on to Chapters 13-15.

Skylanders Giants: Hunting and Collecting

Well, I am even backlogged here.  I am hoping to upload vids from the playthrough tomorrow night while I am recording a few unboxings.  There are 2 Skylanders I will not be unboxing...You probably know who they are, but if not, you will find out.


I have been very diligent in hunting for variants and have come up empty.  I honestly think the big issue there is that two of my sources actually have employees who pull them.  I'm sure one may snake by when they are off, but that makes the slim pickings down right scarce.  I'm always optimistic and keep looking...even at the old SSA stuff, lol.

I have a lot I could add here, but I think I'll leave it at that...

Scorpion Striker Battle Pack

I pre-ordered mine last week and short of an ice storm I hope to pick it up on New Year's Day.  If you need info on this, just check out my blog post:

Blog Polls

What's that?  Yep...I finally found the time to archive the results from the most recent round of polls!


Blog Poll #34 Results: Your Wii U Purchase Plans

Blog Poll #35 Results: Cats or Dogs?

Blog Poll #36 Results: Do You Like Skystones?

New Polls

Somehow, I even made a new poll.  This one should be interesting as I had the idea of spicing things up by taking on Kaos with box-stock Skylanders.  I figured it would make things a lot more challenging and possibly get more Skylanders involved in the final showdown.

Please note that I will have them upgraded for the Nightmare Mode save file...I just thought this was a nice way to differentiate things.

Blog Poll #37 Stock or Upgraded?

Skylanders Battle Tournament (Poll Based)

I've really wanted to make this happen, but have lacked the time.  My other issue is that most of what I want to do needs Hot Dog or the other Giants out and well known before they can really be conducted fairly.  That said, I may work around it...we will see what happens.

If all goes well I might even have a new round of Battle Polls up this week!

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Can you believe it is only 15 days until Christmas?  Very hard to believe!  Hope everyone is excited and has their plans to see family, friends, avoid school, and get some game time mixed in with everything else!


Well, it is now pretty late and I'm beat.  I hope to upload a few vids tomorrow night while recording a few unboxings...Oh, and there are more surprises!  Why is it that all the cool stuff seems to happen at the same time?  Oh well...I'd rather have cool stuff piled up and backlogged than no excitement at all.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for Christmas!

{The junk below was me vaguely updating this post as time allowed...I figured instead of deleting it I just as well leave it up.}

Coming in later today/tonight.

I was, as you know, out-of-town for Thanksgiving.  I got back last weekend, but have been very busy.  The good news is I have some cool updates AND I have recorded quite a bit more Skylanders action thru the week.

I uploaded a few vids tonight and should pick back up tomorrow after a Christmas Party.

I also believe I got caught up on all the blog comments...If I somehow missed yours just post it again or let me know.  As always, I put a priority on the blog over YouTube and Facebook etc.

I also have a few blog posts in progress, most notably the "poll result" posts....I should crank those out soon.

I have also FINALLY added videos to the Skylanders Giants Blind Playthough Post and will get all the video descriptions added very soon.

Stay tuned!

12/7/2012 UPDATE

Well, I guess this is a compilation weekend update now.

Anyway, I will wrap this one up tomorrow (hopefully) as well as hitting all the other posts.

I do want to mention the following:


Buy One Get One 50% Off All Skylanders (SSA and Giants) at TRU
Buy One Get One 50% Off All Video Games (Great for Wii U Titles)
Both of these sales are good thru 12/8/2012, or in laymen's terms...Saturday.
I actually took advantage of the Skylanders sale and will have some new content to work on...


I pre-ordered the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack and confirmed 1/1/13 as the street date.  I also confirmed they have no insight as to when Wave 3 will drop.

I really think I'll get quite a bit done this weekend...keep your fingers crossed.  You should see new videos as early as tomorrow.

You should see:
-Playlist adds
-Unboxing of Three Skylanders
-Showcase vids on Two Skylanders
-Playlist Blog Post Fully Updated
-Bonus Skylanders Merchandise Video

Check back later this weekend!  I'm hitting the hay!


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