Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Poll #30 "Skyward Sword Issues" Results

Blog Poll #30 was a change from the norm...it basically just sought your opinion on how to proceed with the issues I was having recording The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Just for the sake of being thorough, I specifically asked, "Your Take on the Skwyward Sword Tragedy?"

And here are the results:

We only had 47 votes, which is very, very low.  I can either assume people just aren't interested in it, or the nice showing who voted for Skyward Sword to be recorded next (previous poll) aren't on the blog as much etc.  Either way, it is a decent sampling for a relatively uninteresting question, so let's over analyze it!

"Scrap it and Start a New Game" took the cake with 46% (22) of the vote.

I have to say I am kind of surprised as I thought more would have wanted to see a different save file etc.  Or it could be that after listening to all my horror stories on trying to record the game, you just exercised common logic and foresaw the same thing happening.

"Edit and Upload...Go from there" came in second with 11 votes, or 23%.

This is actually a middle ground choice.  It isn't saying to ditch it, or start over to have it perfect, but rather.."hey, you recorded it...regardless of any issues it'll still be a playthrough and might help someone out etc."

"Try a New Save File" was third with 8 votes, or 17%.

I thought this one would have been a bit more popular, but I can see the more selected options taking top honors given they are basically "Kill it..Different Game" and "Upload and Hope for the Best."  This is kind of the polar opposite of killing it, as those who really want to see the game would likely want it as enjoyable as possible to view (which means scrapping the already glitched recordings).

"See if Part 8 Glitches" took home 6 Votes and an overall 12% showing.

I just kind of tossed this one out there and I suppose those who picked it are eternal optimists banking on the first 7 parts just being unfortunate.  Can't argue with the view point there, lol.

"Upload without Commentary" got 0 Votes!

I didn't think this one would be the top outcome, but was surprised it was at the bottom.  I'll just be smug and assume it is because people either like hearing me ramble on, want insight, or just relate to someone saying "what the heck do we do now?"

So, what is the verdict?

I am still undecided.  I will (when time allows) continue to play this game...July was like a lost month in terms of progress and I'm honestly looking at like 6-8 weeks of lag between Part 7 and what could be Part 8.  I'll probably fire it up and see what happens, although based on 7 in a row having issues recording the game, I am banking this one does too.  IF THAT HAPPENS, I'll probably shelve this one for now.  If I get time between Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 9, and Giants coming out I may insert a new, quick playthru.  I'll likely pick Skyward Sword back up this winter when things have slowed down (and Giants is wrapped up) and complete it...I'll also try recording it, but I'm not too optimistic about it working...

Like I've said, I have never had that much trouble recording a game before.  There is usually lag at some point (starting, or during gameplay with quick motion etc), but never multiple times like I had with Link and Zelda.  It kills not only the enjoyment of watching the game unfold, but also commentary as I can never sync more than maybe 2 minutes out of a recording session....It is really just unfortunate it went down this way.

That said, I will try Part 8 and let that ultimately decide the fate.  If it syncs I will continue on and then re-record 1-7 on another save file.  If it just becomes clear I can't do much, I'll try a game log to help people out and see how that pans out.  I had enjoyed the game and I think will continue to enjoy it given the right circumstances.

Stay tuned for more updates and again I offer my apologies to those who really wanted to see Skyward Sword.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Update: August 25th, 2012: Wii U Conference, Green Warnado, Gold Flameslinger, Giants Music, and More!

Well Hello!

I just posted the super-awesome chronicle of the Street Pass Tag from Ecuador, so why not stick to the usual format?  I'll tell you why...the Wii U!

Wii U Press Conference Set

If you were expecting me to tell you that the Wii U was going to launch Sunday, November 18th, 2012 here in NA, you will have to wait until it is made official at their swanky, NYC Media Event on Thursday, September 13th, 2012.

I believe that date will basically yield the following: official release date, price for the console, price for the games (prob $59.99), and maybe a few other surprises or teasers/trailers of Q1 2013 launches.

Nintendo has released the N64, GameCube, and DS around this time and I expect that to continue.  Honestly, a tad earlier would be nice, but as long as they are out BEFORE Black Friday and the main holiday rush they will make out just fine.  Of course, for us diehards, this will hopefully, finally, give us the chance to lock down a pre-order on what I think will be a very hard to get item (although I'd love to be wrong).

The 3DS was intended to drop in November, but wasn't ready...hence the later release.

I would love to see Nintendo keep its first party titles (and the best games imo) at the $49.99 mark, but with major third-party developers able to port and develop for all three consoles I wouldn't be shocked if they made the jump to $59.99.  Fear not though, low key games and shoveleware will still probably be in the familiar $29.99-$49.99 with almost instant price drops, lol.

So that is really the big news...We don't have big news, but we will soon have big news.  I for one an excited.  So mark your calendars and get ready for the final installment.  I REALLY HOPE that Nintendo will also release a Nintendo Direct either that night with highlights or from a pre-recorded segment for the loyal fans.  Stay tuned!

Nintendo 3DS

And now back to our normal layout.  I know nothing was set in stone with that Wii U info, but it is a big deal and long awaited.

Street Passin'

This one was basically covered here with my Ecuador Chronicle.  Aside from that there has been nothing new...sadly.

Find Mii II

Guess who just took down the Ultimate Ghost?  What, Mii?  Well, you are correct!  Although I was kind of the only choice, I'll still give you credit for guessing correctly.  Sadly, as I kind of expected, that little tower beyond the "Castle of Darkness-Rooftop" does exist and I am now being held captive there by the Dark Lord, who looks to have like 200 or so in the health bar :(

I've actually got a lot of pictures there and plan to post them up separately mid-week...mainly because I have  my headset plugged in and if I pull it, the recording device drops game audio...Which should tell you I have been recording something (won't say what, it is a surprise!).  And I am thinking I'll do some MKW or MP9 after this post, although it is 2:40 AM...we'll see.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Is freaking awesome!  I have really enjoyed this game thus far and today will mark 1 week of play time!  I am actually doing something kind of new for myself in terms of the "game log."  Right below the unboxing video I have a short, brief log of what all has gone on in the game.  I hope to be able to update it nightly..you can find it right here: NSMB2 Game Log

As of last night (cough 5 AM this morning) I am in World 5.  I have all 3 Star Coins from all but 1 or 2 Levels, although I have only bought access to one gated area at this point.  I have, however, found several special levels etc.  I have pics that I'll add to the game log soon.

Other 3DS Games

I've actually played a little SML2: 6 Golden Coins and will continue to play Mario Tennis Open Street Pass Matches.  I also want to finish Professor Layton and the Curious Village here before long.



I am still waiting on what will hopefully be Terrabite and Trigger Snappy, but earlier this week I purchased another pack to hopefully land Gill Runt or Whisper Elf.  I hope to find another "flavor" pack and just go for the 4th.  I figure if I get duplicates someone else did too and we can work out a trade.  As soon as I get anything, I will let you know.  I can say, however, that several people have already gotten their sidekicks.

And just in case you need to know, I got them at Target for the (still valid from last week) sale price of $5.99.  And also just for the record, I have not seen the school bus display anywhere just yet, but I will keep looking.  School here starts back this week (some last week, some next week) so I figure any retailer that has it should get it up soon...I know Target and the local grocery store does not have one in the store.  I might make a dreaded trip into the confines of Wal-Mart to snap a picture...provided they have one.

Battle Tournament

Well, we are in the final stages of the first Skylanders Battle Tournament.  There is 1 day left to vote and as of right now it looks like Ignitor is going to take down Terrafin and Camo will beat Bash.  Camo has a huge lead, roughly 2x the votes.  Terrafin is only down 10-20 so that one could change.

If you have not voted you need to do it ASAP!  Especially if you are a fan of any of these Final Four, or simply can't stand one of them...Every vote matters!

Obviously, I'll be recording the results and Championship Matchup Video here in a few hours so that is kind of exciting.  Also of note, I am actually IN TOWN when it is ending, meaning it will be up that day, not 3-4 days later when I'm back home, lol.

I will also start really investigating what you want to see in the next Battle Tournament and will try to deliver.  There are some epic matchups we can line-up...I'll do my best to deliver for everyone what you will enjoy the most!

That "Cool, New Info" I Promised was Skylanders Related...

Hey, you're still reading!  Or did you just skim to the Skylanders section?  Be honest!  But nonetheless, I said I would offer up some "cool, new info" and I am a man of my word.  The question is, where to begin?

Let's start with the unknown...

Green Warnado

Yep, that's right...Green Warnado...and I don't mean Glow-in-the-Dark Warnado.  GameStop recently had a place holder page pop-up with "Green Warnado" and $19.99.  It is unknown if this is a pulled variant, a Translucent Green version kind of like you saw with Jello-Mold Drill Sergeant, or if it is actually an RFID deal where he will light up green.  I figure with the $19.99 price tag it has to be something fairly special.  Please note I am not implying he is a "light core" figure.  Those will cost more than a regular Skylander (not this much) and will have special powers.  I just thought they might have incorporate that into a chase, or exclusive figure for GameStop.

The thing about this is, if they are doing a Green Warnado it opens up lots of other doors.  Camo and Ghost Roaster got the axe...will they have special colored exclusives or variants?  Is this something they are doing just for those characters that didn't get re-released as a re-pose?  Is this a special run down for their top retailers: GameStop, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon?

Here is the link:

My gut tells me this will just be a solid color like TRDS (Translucent Red Drill Sergeant).  I think it might look cool and will probably pull the trigger since I like Warnado so well.  However, that does kill my long running feeling there would be a green Whirlwind...Does this mean Target will unleash a Pink or Purple Whirlwind?  Or are they holding out for a Rainbow exclusive?  So many options!  So why am I thinking solid color more than my own "green RFID" hypothesis?  Simple...

Gold Flameslinger...Again

This is why I'm thinking GameStop's "Green Warnado" will be a solid color:

Yep, you see it...Gold Flameslinger in his Series 2 pose!  I am not skilled with photoshop and if I doctored this it would have been done with Microsoft Paint.  This is the real deal and I saw it myself on Amazon...Oh, and I also pre-ordered it!  Just since Wednesday or whenever it was, the page is gone as if it never existed.  The pre-order isn't cancelled, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I figure with this (which was $9.99) that is probably what GameStop's "Green Warnado" will be...And I also figure Target, Wal-Mart, and maybe Best Buy will get special "exclusives."

Pre-Order Bonuses 

What kills me on "Green Warnado" and "Gold Flameslinger" is that they aren't pre-order bonuses.  And thus far, the only real pre-order bonus to be announced is from Best Buy.  You get a bag, bracelet, key chain deal, stickers, and a little poster.  I think TRU is giving away a Blue Bash, LTH, and guaranteeing a Giant character will be available for purchase...although I think this is "online only" and there have been rumors it will be a Legendary Bouncer.

I have still not pre-ordered the game just because I am hoping someone puts together a deal worth getting...or has a first week special (free  triple pack etc).

I have not gotten to update the Giants post, but I am sad to report the "Portal Owner's Pack" will only have Tree Rex, which I think is BS...It should have had Jet-Vac as they originally indicated.  This makes the $15 price difference (Jet-Vac, Cynder, and a spare portal) to the Starter Pack seem like nothing...I can live without S2 Cynder, but if Jet-Vac is only available in the Starter Pack for awhile (think Ignitor from last year's 3DS) I'd like to just spend the extra $15 and have a back-up portal.

I will post all of this, and the pics of the pre-order bonus from Best Buy (which I despise more than Wal-Mart) on the Giants post.

Level List for Giants via Amazon MP3

This one might not be super accurate, but it should be accurate to some degree.  Amazon recently posted the  mp3 links to Skylanders: Giants music, despite it not being available just yet, and I took some screen caps:

Hmm, can't really see that too well...but take my word for it...there seem to be a lot of potential level names there.  That said, I don't know that there were enough to constitute the entire game AND some of those tracks were likely generic "openings' and "scene specific."  I will expand on this one in a separate post and stick it with the main Giants post tomorrow.

Current Projects

Mario Kart Wii

Still need to record 150cc.  Hope to do so this week.

Mario Party 9

Still need to resume Board #2.  Hope to do so this week as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The poll is over, to be elaborate on later, and most of you said to just ditch the game and recording trouble and move on to a different game.  I very well may do that...although I am going to play the game.  I'll mull over it some more...Focus for now will definitely be as follows: Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 9, and Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Currently Playing

-Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Heroic Challenges)
-Wii Fit Plus
-Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
-Mario Party 9
-Mario Kart Wii

-New Super Mario Bros. 2
--Mario Tennis Open (Street Pass Matches)
--Professor Layton and the Curious Village
--Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
*Everything has currently taken a back seat to NSMB2!*

Currently Listening

Auto Audio (In the Car): Seven Mary Three
Home Audio (At Home): Anna Nalick, Taylor Swift


Well it is pretty late now...I had planned to play MP9, but I think I'll hit the hay (and play NSMB2 instead, lol).

I will get MKW Part 7 up tomorrow and will also try to get the Giants Post Updated with a lot of new info.

Street Passing Abroad...In America


Those of you that follow the blog, especially the "Weekly Updates" likely note that I begin most installments with the same ol' gripe about not getting street pass tags...ever.

Well, last week I nailed this beauty!  Mind you, this was far from home on yet another road trip, but I certainly didn't expect it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get a tag with someone from Ecuador!  So many thanks to Alex for being in the same region that I was at the time!

This might even be one that some of you in more "populated areas" that don't necessarily get a lot of foreigners like say a NYC or LA would get might have yet to receive!

That said, I still look at some of the "accomplishments" and wonder how I'll ever pull them off short of going to Tokyo or something.  I mean, "100" in one day?  I think I've barely clipped 100 as is.  Nonetheless, this was a very nice surprise and I can't complain about that.

Here is in all the glory that is a Street Pass Tag from someone from a foreign country!
And just fyi, I have no clue why there isn't map data for it?!

So yeah, check me out...I have Mii characters from 3 Regions and 2 Countries (meaning Ecuador counts for 1 of the 2 Regions)...How lopsided is that?

Nonetheless, it is what it is and that was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.  Just for the record that is also the only Street Pass Tag I picked up on that quick trip.

And yes, I totally think it justifies having its own post, lol.

What are your Street Pass Tag bragging rights?  Anyone gotten the 100 in a day?  What about overall?  How many regions have you gotten tagged?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Unboxing

Well, Sunday, August 19th, 2012...that can only mean one thing for die hard Mario fans here in the US...you're playing New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Here is the quick unboxing and my first impressions of the game:

And here is a quick run down on what will be the FAQs:

What: New Super Mario Bros. 2
System: Nintendo 3DS
Cost: $39.99
Where Did You Get It?: Toys'R'Us
Any Special Deals?: Yes.  Buy the game at TRU this week and get 70% off any $19.99 or under Wii, 3DS, or DS Game!  That is a sweet deal and netted me The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks for $5.99...you can not go wrong with that!

What Are Your First Impressions?: This game plays a lot like you would expect.  The graphics are better than NSMB (DS) and you can see the same graduated improvements we experiences in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

I have currently just played through World 1 with my Nephew in Coop Mode.  It was pretty much a cake walk, but it does look like some of the Star Coins might be challenging.

While the unboxing edited/uploaded I went ahead and started a Single Player Save File...Plays just the same and is very enjoyable.

If you are a big Nintendo or Mario fan this one is a no-brainer.  For casual gamers I think it is a can't miss.  The game is very accessible and has that same "pick-up and play" that made NSMB such a hit for the DS and Wii.

In fact, the game is so good, I am going to publish this blog post so I can get back to playing!  I will update with further thoughts on the game etc.

Game Log (New thing I'm trying out here):

8/19/12: Purchased the game.  Played Coop thru World 1.  Started a Single Player File.  Completed W1.  Clipped 4,000 coins on the day...Got notice of collecting 3,000 Coins.

Went back into the World 1 Tower in search of the 2nd Star Coin...Found it, but before that happened I found the alternate exit that opened up the W1 Cannon and the path (new feature) to the Mushroom World.

8/20-8/22/12: Got to continue the Coop File into World 2 and took out the tower.  Single Player mode is getting pretty interesting.  I am currently in World 4 and just completed the Ghost House about 8 times to finally get the alternate exit and all 3 Star Coins.  I would be much farther along, but I have made it a point to collect all 3 Star Coins from each level I have completed.  So far I am only missing 1 or 2....and 1 of them is quite the problem at this point.
That said, I did somehow replay 4-1 and did something to where the flag scene at the end sounded off in the old school SMB music and shot fireworks...next thing I know a rainbow appeared and I was in a Special Level.  I've also clipped 20,000 Coins.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Update: August 17th, 2012

Hey Everyone,

I mentioned last time that I would be out-of-town when the Round 3 Battle Tournament in Skylanders wrapped up.  Well, I am back now and despite being really tired, just recorded Round 3 Results and Round 4 Matchups.  I will get them both live on YouTube before hitting the hay.

Nonetheless, I have some stuff going on tomorrow, but should be back in the mix of things by Saturday night...which is when I will finish this post.  And Saturday night is now!  So, let's get started:

Nintendo 3DS

New Super Mario Bros. 2

This is a big day for most of us.  New Super Mario Bros. 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to New Super Mario Bros. (DS) hits stores today and the eShop at midnight.  Nintendo is doing a deal with Club Nintendo where you can download it and get double the coins.  That really interests me, but not as much as having the game in my hands...I am a very physical person when it comes to purchasing things...I know it would be the same game, but having that packaging just makes it seem more valid.

I really wish Club Nintendo would have offered those who buy the game in stores and register it the first week (or even day one) have the chance to get the double coins, but oh well.

The question on everyone's mind is likely, "Are you going to get the game?"  The answer is, "Yes!"  I am a huge fan of the Mario series and wouldn't miss this.  I will probably pick it up tomorrow, well technically today, but if not it will come this week for sure.

I know it will be a great game, especially given how well I liked the first.  In fact, my Nephew and I played some of the MiniGames this past weekend!  The one element of interest here is how the coins add into the mix...I know there are going to be records kept and the chance to compete for high scores...it is a very fitting thing to do and quite frankly I'm glad to see they took advantage of what is often times overlooked.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Well, I'm a bit disappointed here.  Nintendo has pushed Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to the first half of 2013.  I point this out because I was really looking forward to playing this around Halloween...

No specific reason has been given, but I have my own ideas.

The way  I see it Nintendo wants to make sure the WiiU launches well.  They want to sell consoles, games, and then worry about the 3DS crowd.  That said, they have things covered for 3DS owners.  NSMB2 hitting in August is a no brainer.  With this line-up:

New Super Mario Bros. 2-August 19th, 2012
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask-October 28th, 2012
Super Paper Mario Sticker Star-November 11th, 2012

It just seems like getting Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in the mix would have been over kill...ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact the Wii U is launching!

I am all for Professor Layton sticking to the October release window, but I feel like it would have made more sense to release Luigi's Mansion in September or October and push SPM Sticker Star back to Spring 2013.  I feel like NSMB2 and the current line up plus new releases would suffice for the holiday season ESPECIALLY since the Wii U is also in the mix.

That is just my thought...It just seems to be more practical to have the game featuring ghosts hit for around Halloween and then have the more upbeat, non-ghostish SPM Sticker Star launch in the spring...Oh well.

The new Layton game looks great.  I may not buy it at release though.  I figure I'll be covered up with Skylanders: Giants, but more than that I am in the middle of playing the entire series.  I bought The Last Specter and liked it so much, I have picked up the previous releases and am going to chronologically play them.  I figure I"ll pick it up as soon as the price drops or I catch a good sale.  So for those Luigi's Mansion fans out there, you have to wait...yet again.

Street Passin'

As you all know, my lack of activity and inability to get the Skylander Battle Tournament videos up on time was due to the fact I was out-of-town.  The one thing that should immediately come to the mind of any 3DS owner when they hear "out-of-town" is a Street Pass Tag!

Most of you that regularly read the blog will likely recollect my weekly lament over never getting any local street pass tags.  It isn't a huge bummer, but it does make using Play Coins to advance in Find Mii, Find Mii II, and Puzzle Panel a necessity.

Well, this trip was different!  Here's what went down:

Not only did I get the Street Pass Tag, but I got it a few more times which not only came in handy for Find Mii II, but also for FINALLY getting a Fantastic Rating:

About friggin' time!  I know I'm fantastic, but Nintendo necessitates that some one else tell me, lol.  That aside, I'm glad to have that one behind me.  Now I just have all the other daunting accomplishments to work towards.

Late night in the hotel I don't have a Wii, so with the 3DS handy I made some headway in Find Mii II.  I basically got to a point where I needed 2 Blue Miis and instead of blow through my Play Conis as I usually do, I took advantage of the "Hire Heroes" option and just brought two Blue Miis in to the action...The result, goodbye fire:

I am currently up against the Ultimate Ghost...probably will be for awhile:

However, I also collected a few new puzzle pieces, including the one to finish off my first panel:

Not a huge deal for most, and bare in mind I do have a ton of pieces for various puzzles, but I thought it was cool to finally get one wrapped up.  The "special" pieces will be the death of me...really wish Nintendo sent the out a bit more often for those of us in less populated areas.

Mario Tennis Open

I know with New Super Mario Bros. 2 hitting stores in a few hours, Mario Tennis Open will likely be getting cased for awhile, so I made it a point to make the most of the game the last few weeks, and especially on this past trip.

I am happy to say I got my goal objective: collect all the items!

I know for most people it is unlockables or something in this game, but for me I just wanted all the shops in the item.  I have yet to buy anything, which helped me get my secondary objective of collecting 50,000 Conis!

Here are some of the highlights:

Wii U: In Store Promotion Box Display

I spent a few seconds trying to think of how to word that so as to not make you think I just saw a Wii U in person...I did not.  Sorry to break your heart.  That said, put it back together because I walked into a GameStop on the trip and the employees had just finished setting up the display for the Wii U.  That can only mean that it is getting close to the magical date where we can all pre-order our new consoles!  Anyway, here it is:

I will make a separate post, possibly tomorrow, that will show a close up of each of the three main tiers of this stack of awesomeness.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Giants

Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack (Pre-Order Complete!)

I  pre-ordered my Giants Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack late this week.  I really wanted to hold out until someone finally got the info out on whether or not Battle Mode would be Single Player, or more importantly in this case, if the Cannon actually has a use (like a magic item) in the game.  I don't know when they'll release the info and at fear of missing out just went ahead and got it.

Giant Character Info Leaked!

The biggest development in the world of Skylanders was the fact that the names of all the unknown characters has been released!  I updated this from the road on the Giants post:

I will be adding pics/videos of the new characters as time allows.

There Really Needs to be a Single Player Option for Battle Mode

Well, I played a few rounds of Arena Rumble with a friend and actually got to play Sky Golas and Sky Gem Master, or whatever they are called, for the first time today.  I enjoyed both, but have to say, yet again that it really sucks there is no single player option.  I would have so much fun and could upload so many videos people would enjoy if Arena Rumble had a single player option.  I know most people want online, which would be fun as well...but to me, you are breaking the cardinal rule of gaming...Never assume there will be multiple people and if and when you do, and you have not offered online modes of play, what the heck are you doing offering no single player option?

I really hope, like I've said a hundred times, that Giants has single player options.  I have even started "attempting" to ask Activision, but have yet to hear back.  It seems like they use "social media" as a billboard and not so much as a way to interact with fans.

I will continue to ask/annoy though...Having single player options would make the game a 10!

Battle Tournament

We are currently in Round 4 and down to our Final Four Skylanders!  Things are pretty intense and it is looking like we should have another round of a solid 200+ votes.  Thanks to everyone who has participated.  As best I know I should be in town when this one wraps up so you can expect immediate update videos.

Heroic Challenges

I'll be honest...I debated getting back on the HCs tonight instead of updating here, but I had promised I would do this, so I'm sticking to my word.  The main goal here is to get all the Skylanders up to 32 Heroic Challenges before I get Giants!  I plan to start working on it pretty soon.

Skylanders Hunting

Yes, I still do this...just never know when something cool/rare will pop-up...Plus it is kind of a habit after 10 months, lol:

My Local Target:

Why am I posting it?  Simple...this is the first time they have ever had a few pins to the left of the main display (stone look).  And that section was stocked...there were a few more loose ones to the side of the last Camo and Lightning Rod you see.  That is the other big point...Wave 4 and 5, with the exception of Wham-Shell has been much easier to find here lately.  Even the harder to find early singles like Bash, Voodood, and Zap have started to show up more...a welcome sight for many.

I sent off two forms a while back...As you read earlier some folks are starting to get their sidekicks.  I planned to buy 2 more bags and go for the whole set, but they only had the Classic Mix.  That is kind of bland and if I'm buying food I prefer to actually eat it.  So I passed.  I find it odd this store either has the Classic or Flavor Mix out, but never both at the same time...weird.  Naturally, since I passed on the Classic Mix it was on sale for $5.99 lol.

Current Projects

Mario Kart Wii

As promised, Part 6 was uploaded tonight.  I will continue to upload the edited videos (Part 16-100cc) and hope to record the 150cc races and have them edited before Part 16 is uploaded.  This is truly a timeless game and a ton of fun.

Mario Party 9

I've upload the first board (2 parts) and plan to record the rest as time allows...Ideally I will sprinkle a board in between every few Mario Kart Wii uploads.  This will let me get 2 playthroughs up at the same time and be ready to move on to something new.  I'm not worried about setting any records in this one...just blindly playing the game and having fun.  I do plan to record most of them really late though, haha.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (The Tragic Playthrough)

By this point you should know this was my big "surprise" game.  I had a lot of requests for it and I really wanted to play it.  Every one of the 7 recordings I have done thus far had major audio issues from the game side of things.  This is really annoying and sad since it kills the entire recording.  My 25 minute commentary will never sync with a 17 minute video.  Having Link stand still for 45 seconds, then move like a lightning bolt for 18 seconds, then be caught up with what I am saying doesn't make for a good time for anyone.

I have a poll up (still running) about what you want to see...As of right now the vast majority of you that have voted want to see it scrapped.  I figured most would want a new save file attempt or something, but what do I know.  I'm pretty sure this game will continue to give me recording trouble, but I may try it when time allows.  I may let the poll decide the fate of this one for the time being.

Upcoming Projects

In all honesty, my free time will dictate when I record Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9.  I usually record 4 cups in Mario Kart Wii.  So I really just lack 2 sessions to wrap up the base stuff.  Mario Party 9 doesn't have many boards so it shouldn't take much time.  Once recorded the editing just takes time...

When I get everything recorded is when I will know what kind of time I have before Giants.  Depending on what that is (week, month, etc) will dictate what I decide to start.  In a perfect world I would be able to record that new game in its entirety and then slowly edit/upload.

Giants will get my full, undivided attention when it comes out.

I do have several games picked out for before and/or after Giants though.

Currently Playing

-Mario Kart Wii
-Mario Party 9
-Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
-Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
-Wii Fit Plus

-Mario Tennis Open
-Professor Layton and the Curious Village
-Super Mario Land
-Super Mario Land 2-6 Golden Coins
-The Amazing Spiderman (Demo)

Currently Listening

Auto Audio (In the Car): Pearl Jam, Theory of a Deadman
Home Audio (At Home): Seven Mary Three, Anna Nalick

Google +

I really like Google + and enjoy the lack of limits and ease of use (once you are accustomed to it).  The privacy and sharing options are better and the potential is huge.  I know not many have made the switch, or simply made a profile and left it idle, but I think it will be big...in time.

The URLs are still not allowed to be "custom" so I just added the link to the top link bar and RH Link List on the blog.  If you are on Google + be sure to follow along.  I'll treat it about the same as Facebook, but with a bit more detail.  The blog will still remain my favorite form of sharing information.


Well, this turned into quite the post.  It is now pretty late and with NSMB2 hitting when stores open in a few hours I better get some sleep.  Let me know if you download it...I'd like an idea on the time frame etc.  Also be sure to post up if you have your Sidekicks!

I hope to record the 150cc Mario Kart Wii footage and maybe a board or 2 of Mario Party 9 this week.  Stay tuned for the latest!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Mario Party 9 Blind Playthrough

Hey Everyone,

Letsa Party!

Or something like that...

Mario Party 9 is a great group game and in an effort to highlight the boards, bosses, and some of the minigames I will be engaging in a quick and casual playthrough of the game.  I feel like a lot of people just typecast the "Mario Party" series and don't give it a chance.

MP9 is actually a lot of fun and a very nice change of pace.  The real pay off is of course multiplayer mode, but Single Player Mode is great too.

This one won't be too in-depth, mainly just me taking you through each of the game's boards.

Mario Party 9 Toad Road Part 1

Mario Party 9 Toad Road Part 2

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Update: August 9th, 2012

Hey...so this is kind of strange.  I mean, don't get me wrong...it is well after midnight (3:59 AM to be exact) and here I am posting the (well part of what will be) the weekly update EARLY.

I say that because technically it is Wednesday night to me, ie the sun hasn't come up on Thursday and I usually post this Thursday night when the sun hasn't come up on Friday.

I'll go into that logic more later on...like this time tomorrow.


Big news.

I'm planning to upload 4 videos tomorrow...Shocked?

There has just been a lot going on here lately and I didn't have any of the recorded stuff edited and ready for upload...That has changed as I am now 100% caught up on the edited recordings.  That is to say...everything I currently have recorded, is edited!  (Well, with the exception of PT#3...which is the long rumored, tragic playthrough that I'll detail in one of the upcoming vids).

4 New Videos 

So, by this time tomorrow you should see:

-Mario Kart Wii Part 5

-General Update Video with details on Vids 3 and 4 and, perhaps more importantly, info on what I was recording that got majorly messed up.

-Video 3

-Video 4...Kind of goes with Video 3, but you'll have to wait for it.

Yeah, so does that mean anything to you?  Probably not, but the good news is I feel like one of the giant boulders on my shoulders has been lifted.

I will use your feedback on the "update video" to decide what to do about the "tragic playthrough."  I think it'll all make sense once you see the video.

After that, I can resume uploading and simultaneously record the rest of Mario Kart Wii and whatever turns out to be Video 3 and Video 4.

So there you have it...an early update at 4:05 AM that just might make sense to some of you who are tired enough to actually be on the same brain wave as me at this point.

Nonetheless, stay tuned for the updates tonight...I'll then come in and update this post in the usual fashion...to distinguish I'll even make a snazzy dividing line:

^-^ This part of the Weekly Update was cranked out 8/9/2012 around 4 AM and probably won't make much sense....^-^
This part of the Weekly Update was cranked out later in the day when I was awake and is probably where you want to start reading....

Google +

Well, this is the FIRST announcement of the newest developments and something I've worked on the last few nights.  I am now on Google +.  I know a lot of people signed up and left, or simply haven't taken the time to explore it.  So far I am really liking it...It offers a lot of possibility to connect better and in my opinion is way more user friendly than those other "social networking sites."

You are welcome to add me to your Circles...I'll likely place it below the blog and Twitter, but above Facebook.

My favorite, and preferred medium of communication, is of course here on the blog.  I do enjoy YouTube, but it has just become way too daunting to try and keep up with all the comments...It is especially hard to go thru and look for the "important" ones over some that are just totally random and pointless "ie I heart Justin" etc.  I have had in the video descriptions and even mention it at the end of videos for quite some time that the blog is THE BEST PLACE to get a quick reply.  I'm not sure many people listen to that, but oh well.  I know those of you reading this are aware and hopefully realize I respond to blog comments pretty much every night (barring something crazy).

Twitter can't be beat for really quick udpates...and since I can have it display on the blog, it makes perfect sense as a compliment to the in depth posts.

I think Google + will function like Facebook does right now for me, but I'll probably provide more details there.  Nonetheless, I'm excited to see how it goes and if anyone else is on and how they like the new interaction abilities.

So, if you read this you can beat the rush and be one of the first to check out the new page:

And now it is roughly 24 hours later...

Video 1: Koopa Troopa Kart Wii Shell Cup 50cc

Video 2: August 2012 Channel Update

Video 3: Mario Party 9 Part 1

Video 4: Mario Party 9 Part 2

So there you go...All 4 Videos just as promised!

I will now kind of recap everything:

Skylanders Giants

Check out the updated blog post for all the latest on Skylanders Giants:

Skylanders Merchandise

Some of you may have missed this one, nothing too crazy, but some cool stuff to look forward to this fall:

Skylanders Battle Tournament

All 4 of our Round 3 Matchups have over 200 Votes!  The margins aren't as close as the previous rounds, but we saw several late runs in Round 1 and Round 2...that could certainly happen here.

I will sadly not be able to record the Round 3 Results and Round 4 Matchup vids right when the polls wrap up, but I will get them recorded and live as soon as I am back and able to do so...

I should be able to get the Round 4 Polls up...Check here on the blog or Twitter to keep up to date there.

A big thanks to everyone who has voted..we are getting close to the Championship Showdown!

Mario Kart Wii

I have up thru Part 16 edited and ready to upload.  I hope to take on 150cc and record it while uploading the current stockpile of videos.

Mario Party 9

This is just going to be a quick and casual playthrough of a game I feel doesn't get much love.  I mainly just want to show the boards and of course highlight the bosses and minigames we encounter along the way.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I really wanted to record this one.  A lot of  you really wanted me to record this one.  I started recording this one and everything went wrong.  A 17 minute video track and a 25 minute commentary track will never sync and there is no editing trick in the world to really make this even remotely close.  That is extremely unfortunate as I think it would have been very cool.

The main reason for this update video, aside from the Skylanders Battle Tournament info, is to get your feedback on Skyward Sword.

I can upload things sync'd as best I can...without commentary...edited to my best ability etc and just hope for the best, I can attempt to start from scratch, or I can just can it all together.

This is a great game and I feel bad not being able to offer a quality video for all parts...I have recorded 7 installments now and none of them are really going to be great...some are downright horrible in terms of how they sync up.

With the game being requested by so many, I wanted to get your feedback.  

As you know, I can't just go in and replay certain scenes, so it would require a new save file...And that of course, might just result in the same issues.  

I will upload it if people want to see it and realize there are going to be audio/video issues, or I can simply move on...You tell me.  In fact, I think I'll make a poll on it...


Well, it is really late and I need to try and get some sleep.  Keep the votes coming in the Battle Tournament...I'll do my best to have the new polls live when they should be...result and matchup vids will come as soon as I'm back.  

Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9 will resume and should both be done well before Giants.

I will kind of go with the flow on Skyward Sword...let me know what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Skylanders Merchandise: Books and More

Well, I wanted to make this one in the latest "Weekly Update," but ultimately decided it should get its own post.  I am doing this at 4 AM so as of right now I am just going to post links...A lot of stuff has been added just since I looked last last week.  However, fear not...in the event the links are "leaks" I have taken screen grabs of each!

The main draw here is the books.  Some have them already and most like them...the prices are not high at all, but having not read/seen any in person I can't tell you if you're getting 150 pages of fiction, 10 pages of illustrations, or pointless trash.  I may pick a few up...I don't have a Kindle or Nook, so I'll have to wait for the "hard copies."

I kind of ordered them from relevant to just plain and simple money grabs.  I realize people will like puzzles, stickers, and activity books but it has been an awfully long time since I've seen so much licensing madness, lol.  I'll slowly add the lunch boxes, stylus pens, etc.  There are also rumored to be some shirts coming...

Edit: Blast, the shirts are already out...and they stop at like "7" for kids...Curse society and its stereotypes...I'd totally rock the "It's Feeding Time" Terrafin Shirt!  If anyone is reading this, make adult sizes!!

Master Eon's Official Guide

Book of Elements: Magic & Tech

Book of Elements: Fire & Water

The Machine of Doom

Battle for Skylandes

The Mask of Power: Spyro vs. The Mega Monsters

Skylanders Mask of Power: Gill Grun(t)

Skylanders Official Sticker Book (Friggin' A it has been a long time since I've seen a "sticker" book, lol):

Skylanders: Official Annual

Skylanders 2013 Calendar (Sadly, no new images...Series 1 Only)

Skylanders Quiz Activity Book

Skylanders Portal of Puzzles

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Update: First Week of August 2012

Hey Everyone,

It was another busy week, but not without some cool announcements...Let's get started with the run down and go from there.

Skylanders Battle Tournament

I was out-of-town, but got to post the Round 2 Results and Round 3 Matchup Videos.  As of right now there are 7 days left to vote in Round 3 (Elite Eight).  Each contest has over 150 votes at this point, but the matches are not as close as they have been in the past...granted, that can change (especially with a week left).  The vote margins run from 24-57 at the time of typing this post out.  You can vote in the polls by scrolling down this page, finding the Twitter Feed, and then the polls will be right below.

You can also keep up with all the developments here:

Nintendo 3DS

Street Passin'

Well, with being out-of-town one should have the chance to get more and unique Street Pass Tags....If you follow the blog you know I hardly ever do.  This past weekend I did get 2, but neither registered for Find Mii or Puzzle Swap??  I'm not sure what the deal is there, but I at least got 2 new tags in Mario Tennis Open and got to bump the win streak up 2 matches!  One opponent was fully equipped and the other was just in casual Mii trim.  I'm not sure how I didn't get to use them for Find Mii/Puzzle Swap, but oh well.

Thanks to these two...whoever you may be, lol:

IF I'd have had genuine Street Pass tags, I'd have taken the time to rotate the photos...I snapped them at like  6 AM in the hotel room so work with me, lol.

Find Mii II

I have actually progressed quite nicely on this one...thanks in large part to using Play Coins.  I am in the first level of the castle and was able to breeze through the Pink Slime right before that and got a sweet "Critical Hit" that finished off the otherwise tough Granite Golem with one swing.

Coming Soon

August 19th is coming up really quick and that is the day you can get your hands on the 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2.  I'd really like an XL, but with my Aqua Blue 3DS in hand I can't really justify getting a new one at this point...Although that would allow me instant Street Pass Tags anytime I had both on...that might be worth it, lol.

If you pick up New Super Mario Bros. 2 in stores and register it, you can get 50 Coins in Club Nintendo.  Since this is the first, in a likely long line of future releases, that you can "download" from the eShop, Nintendo has put a 100 Coin bounty on the title to encourage that action.

I'm sure this is to test the waters and see how it stacks up with the mobile market, but I am one who simply likes to have the concrete product in my hand.  My only reason to buy from the eShop in this case is to get the extra coinage...tempting, but not enough to sway from my preferred medium.  If you plan to get the game, be sure to say so in Club Nintendo for bonus coins.

Club Nintendo

Speaking of Club Nintendo...Today (August 6th, 2012) is the last day to get your Gold or Platinum Gift.  I'm  Platinum and was torn between the cards and poster set.  In all honesty I would like the calendar more, but it is not a full wall calendar...Plus Gold can get it.  Majora's Mask was very, very tempting...but, in the end I went for the cards.  I figure most will do the posters, making the cards that much more "unique."  I like the posters, but I see the cards being easier to display.  I put my order in tonight...As usual, December 20th or so was the estimated date.  Keep in mind if you go with a game, it is available IMMEDIATELY.

Skylanders Update

And in yet another segway, I also just sent out my first two Skylander Sidekick Offers.  I went for Terrabite and Trigger Snappy.  I'm not sure if I'll go for the remaning 2 or not...It isn't  a horrible deal, but I'm also not big on the hassle of buying something I ordinarily don't (the bigger the bag of chips, the bigger the savings) and I'm mainly just not a fan of their insanely vague offering system.  For all I know, both offers I sent in will return a Gill Runt.  If things were nailed down I'd have probably sent in 4 forms.  As is, I'm fine waiting and seeing what happens.

Heroic Challenges

I am still working to get all the main Skylanders (37), fully upgraded and through all 32 Heroics...I'm not in any hurry...I like to use it as a change of pace and to stay fresh with "Skylands" at this point.

Giants Updates

We really haven't had any big developments...aside from this one.

Earlier this week, GameStop announced that they had teamed up with Activision for an Exclusive "Battle Pack."  This turned out to be the Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.  It consists of: Series 2 Reposed Chop Chop, the Golden Dragonfire Cannon, and Shroomboom.  It is up for pre-order right now at the price of $24.99.  As best I know, this will only unlock a new battle arena...it is not an adventure pack as some have reported.  I would really like it to be, especially at that price, but it looks like it just unlocks an arena.  Hopefully the Dragonfire Cannon will serve a unique role in the course of the game to make up for not being an actual level/chapter.

Skylanders Hunting

This first shot was at Target.  They don't have much, especially compared to all the "out-of-town" Targets I have been to recently.  That said, I posted this for a reason.  This is the very first time I have seen Dragon's Peak at this store!  It is also the first time I have seen Lightning Rod, Zook, and Warnado (all in singles) at my local Target.  The rest of the line up was: Dark Light Crypt, Empire of Ice, Chop Chop, Eruptor, Flameslinger, Wrecking Ball, and Boomer.  The lone Triple Pack was Drobot, Flameslinger, and Stump Smash.

I also want to point out that I went back to the store 2 nights later...All that was left was Dark Light Crypt!

Next up is a local store that has a better stock...Pretty much everything but the Adventure Packs and Wham-Shell.

I had a few people ask me why  I still look at Skylanders when I have the complete set.  First, it is kind of a habit at this point.  Second, I like to keep tabs for myself and others as many still don't have the complete set.  Lastly, you never know when a new variant will spring up, or when you might land an already known variant...Just this past week I've seen 2 people get Crystal Stealth Elf...Most people gave up on that and Glow-in-the-Darks weeks ago...It is unlikely, but not impossible...I like the odds!

Current Projects

I just edited a few more Mario Kart Wii videos...I should upload one or two later tonight as a matter of fact. That said, I am obviously working on editing up through Part 16 which were all recorded over 2 months ago!

Once Part 8 of MKW is uploaded I will spring Mystery Game 1 in the mix...I'm just doing a quick playthrough on it..nothing major, but I think it is a fun game that doesn't get much love.

We still have the initial Skylanders Battle Tournament going and I have plenty lined up for later on...

Currently Playing

-Wii Fit Plus
-Mario Kart Wii
-Mystery Game 1
-Mystery Game 2 (Idle)

-Mario Tennis Open
-Professor Layton and the Curious Village

The goal here is to finish recording Mario Kart Wii and "Mystery Game 1."  Around the time that happens I'll kind of go into what "Mystery Game 2" is, what happened, and what people want to see...I've actually recorded the update video covering that...just need to upload it.

As for the 3DS end of things...I am working towards unlocking all the items in Mario Tennis Open...I just lack 25 at this point, although it is seemingly taking forever.  I really want to get Professor Layton and the Curious Village wrapped up ASAP.  I'd like to have an open slot for New Super Mario Bros. 2 and some other things.

Currently Listening

-Auto Audio (In the Car): Gary Allan, Hinder
-Home Audio (At Home): Seven Mary Three, Taylor Swift,


Well, that does it for this week.  I should have some new videos going up this week and I am really hoping to get back to recording...The main thing is to have Mario Kart Wii and  "Mystery Game 1" wrapped up and uploaded by the time Giants comes out.  Obviously, the sooner they get done, the sooner I can move on to something else before Giants...However much of a time window I've got will kind of dictate what I decide to record before hand.

I will hope for a regular (Thursday/Friday) update for this week and might have some more news to spring then, or very shortly there after.

Well, hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for some big udpates.  Also make sure to vote in the Skylanders Battle Tournament!  It is just 2 months and 15 days until Giants!!

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