Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Update: August 9th, 2012 this is kind of strange.  I mean, don't get me is well after midnight (3:59 AM to be exact) and here I am posting the (well part of what will be) the weekly update EARLY.

I say that because technically it is Wednesday night to me, ie the sun hasn't come up on Thursday and I usually post this Thursday night when the sun hasn't come up on Friday.

I'll go into that logic more later this time tomorrow.


Big news.

I'm planning to upload 4 videos tomorrow...Shocked?

There has just been a lot going on here lately and I didn't have any of the recorded stuff edited and ready for upload...That has changed as I am now 100% caught up on the edited recordings.  That is to say...everything I currently have recorded, is edited!  (Well, with the exception of PT#3...which is the long rumored, tragic playthrough that I'll detail in one of the upcoming vids).

4 New Videos 

So, by this time tomorrow you should see:

-Mario Kart Wii Part 5

-General Update Video with details on Vids 3 and 4 and, perhaps more importantly, info on what I was recording that got majorly messed up.

-Video 3

-Video 4...Kind of goes with Video 3, but you'll have to wait for it.

Yeah, so does that mean anything to you?  Probably not, but the good news is I feel like one of the giant boulders on my shoulders has been lifted.

I will use your feedback on the "update video" to decide what to do about the "tragic playthrough."  I think it'll all make sense once you see the video.

After that, I can resume uploading and simultaneously record the rest of Mario Kart Wii and whatever turns out to be Video 3 and Video 4.

So there you have early update at 4:05 AM that just might make sense to some of you who are tired enough to actually be on the same brain wave as me at this point.

Nonetheless, stay tuned for the updates tonight...I'll then come in and update this post in the usual distinguish I'll even make a snazzy dividing line:

^-^ This part of the Weekly Update was cranked out 8/9/2012 around 4 AM and probably won't make much sense....^-^
This part of the Weekly Update was cranked out later in the day when I was awake and is probably where you want to start reading....

Google +

Well, this is the FIRST announcement of the newest developments and something I've worked on the last few nights.  I am now on Google +.  I know a lot of people signed up and left, or simply haven't taken the time to explore it.  So far I am really liking it...It offers a lot of possibility to connect better and in my opinion is way more user friendly than those other "social networking sites."

You are welcome to add me to your Circles...I'll likely place it below the blog and Twitter, but above Facebook.

My favorite, and preferred medium of communication, is of course here on the blog.  I do enjoy YouTube, but it has just become way too daunting to try and keep up with all the comments...It is especially hard to go thru and look for the "important" ones over some that are just totally random and pointless "ie I heart Justin" etc.  I have had in the video descriptions and even mention it at the end of videos for quite some time that the blog is THE BEST PLACE to get a quick reply.  I'm not sure many people listen to that, but oh well.  I know those of you reading this are aware and hopefully realize I respond to blog comments pretty much every night (barring something crazy).

Twitter can't be beat for really quick udpates...and since I can have it display on the blog, it makes perfect sense as a compliment to the in depth posts.

I think Google + will function like Facebook does right now for me, but I'll probably provide more details there.  Nonetheless, I'm excited to see how it goes and if anyone else is on and how they like the new interaction abilities.

So, if you read this you can beat the rush and be one of the first to check out the new page:

And now it is roughly 24 hours later...

Video 1: Koopa Troopa Kart Wii Shell Cup 50cc

Video 2: August 2012 Channel Update

Video 3: Mario Party 9 Part 1

Video 4: Mario Party 9 Part 2

So there you go...All 4 Videos just as promised!

I will now kind of recap everything:

Skylanders Giants

Check out the updated blog post for all the latest on Skylanders Giants:

Skylanders Merchandise

Some of you may have missed this one, nothing too crazy, but some cool stuff to look forward to this fall:

Skylanders Battle Tournament

All 4 of our Round 3 Matchups have over 200 Votes!  The margins aren't as close as the previous rounds, but we saw several late runs in Round 1 and Round 2...that could certainly happen here.

I will sadly not be able to record the Round 3 Results and Round 4 Matchup vids right when the polls wrap up, but I will get them recorded and live as soon as I am back and able to do so...

I should be able to get the Round 4 Polls up...Check here on the blog or Twitter to keep up to date there.

A big thanks to everyone who has voted..we are getting close to the Championship Showdown!

Mario Kart Wii

I have up thru Part 16 edited and ready to upload.  I hope to take on 150cc and record it while uploading the current stockpile of videos.

Mario Party 9

This is just going to be a quick and casual playthrough of a game I feel doesn't get much love.  I mainly just want to show the boards and of course highlight the bosses and minigames we encounter along the way.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I really wanted to record this one.  A lot of  you really wanted me to record this one.  I started recording this one and everything went wrong.  A 17 minute video track and a 25 minute commentary track will never sync and there is no editing trick in the world to really make this even remotely close.  That is extremely unfortunate as I think it would have been very cool.

The main reason for this update video, aside from the Skylanders Battle Tournament info, is to get your feedback on Skyward Sword.

I can upload things sync'd as best I can...without commentary...edited to my best ability etc and just hope for the best, I can attempt to start from scratch, or I can just can it all together.

This is a great game and I feel bad not being able to offer a quality video for all parts...I have recorded 7 installments now and none of them are really going to be great...some are downright horrible in terms of how they sync up.

With the game being requested by so many, I wanted to get your feedback.  

As you know, I can't just go in and replay certain scenes, so it would require a new save file...And that of course, might just result in the same issues.  

I will upload it if people want to see it and realize there are going to be audio/video issues, or I can simply move on...You tell me.  In fact, I think I'll make a poll on it...


Well, it is really late and I need to try and get some sleep.  Keep the votes coming in the Battle Tournament...I'll do my best to have the new polls live when they should be...result and matchup vids will come as soon as I'm back.  

Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9 will resume and should both be done well before Giants.

I will kind of go with the flow on Skyward Sword...let me know what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen.

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