Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Poll #30 "Skyward Sword Issues" Results

Blog Poll #30 was a change from the norm...it basically just sought your opinion on how to proceed with the issues I was having recording The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Just for the sake of being thorough, I specifically asked, "Your Take on the Skwyward Sword Tragedy?"

And here are the results:

We only had 47 votes, which is very, very low.  I can either assume people just aren't interested in it, or the nice showing who voted for Skyward Sword to be recorded next (previous poll) aren't on the blog as much etc.  Either way, it is a decent sampling for a relatively uninteresting question, so let's over analyze it!

"Scrap it and Start a New Game" took the cake with 46% (22) of the vote.

I have to say I am kind of surprised as I thought more would have wanted to see a different save file etc.  Or it could be that after listening to all my horror stories on trying to record the game, you just exercised common logic and foresaw the same thing happening.

"Edit and Upload...Go from there" came in second with 11 votes, or 23%.

This is actually a middle ground choice.  It isn't saying to ditch it, or start over to have it perfect, but rather.."hey, you recorded it...regardless of any issues it'll still be a playthrough and might help someone out etc."

"Try a New Save File" was third with 8 votes, or 17%.

I thought this one would have been a bit more popular, but I can see the more selected options taking top honors given they are basically "Kill it..Different Game" and "Upload and Hope for the Best."  This is kind of the polar opposite of killing it, as those who really want to see the game would likely want it as enjoyable as possible to view (which means scrapping the already glitched recordings).

"See if Part 8 Glitches" took home 6 Votes and an overall 12% showing.

I just kind of tossed this one out there and I suppose those who picked it are eternal optimists banking on the first 7 parts just being unfortunate.  Can't argue with the view point there, lol.

"Upload without Commentary" got 0 Votes!

I didn't think this one would be the top outcome, but was surprised it was at the bottom.  I'll just be smug and assume it is because people either like hearing me ramble on, want insight, or just relate to someone saying "what the heck do we do now?"

So, what is the verdict?

I am still undecided.  I will (when time allows) continue to play this game...July was like a lost month in terms of progress and I'm honestly looking at like 6-8 weeks of lag between Part 7 and what could be Part 8.  I'll probably fire it up and see what happens, although based on 7 in a row having issues recording the game, I am banking this one does too.  IF THAT HAPPENS, I'll probably shelve this one for now.  If I get time between Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 9, and Giants coming out I may insert a new, quick playthru.  I'll likely pick Skyward Sword back up this winter when things have slowed down (and Giants is wrapped up) and complete it...I'll also try recording it, but I'm not too optimistic about it working...

Like I've said, I have never had that much trouble recording a game before.  There is usually lag at some point (starting, or during gameplay with quick motion etc), but never multiple times like I had with Link and Zelda.  It kills not only the enjoyment of watching the game unfold, but also commentary as I can never sync more than maybe 2 minutes out of a recording session....It is really just unfortunate it went down this way.

That said, I will try Part 8 and let that ultimately decide the fate.  If it syncs I will continue on and then re-record 1-7 on another save file.  If it just becomes clear I can't do much, I'll try a game log to help people out and see how that pans out.  I had enjoyed the game and I think will continue to enjoy it given the right circumstances.

Stay tuned for more updates and again I offer my apologies to those who really wanted to see Skyward Sword.

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