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Weekly Update: August 25th, 2012: Wii U Conference, Green Warnado, Gold Flameslinger, Giants Music, and More!

Well Hello!

I just posted the super-awesome chronicle of the Street Pass Tag from Ecuador, so why not stick to the usual format?  I'll tell you why...the Wii U!

Wii U Press Conference Set

If you were expecting me to tell you that the Wii U was going to launch Sunday, November 18th, 2012 here in NA, you will have to wait until it is made official at their swanky, NYC Media Event on Thursday, September 13th, 2012.

I believe that date will basically yield the following: official release date, price for the console, price for the games (prob $59.99), and maybe a few other surprises or teasers/trailers of Q1 2013 launches.

Nintendo has released the N64, GameCube, and DS around this time and I expect that to continue.  Honestly, a tad earlier would be nice, but as long as they are out BEFORE Black Friday and the main holiday rush they will make out just fine.  Of course, for us diehards, this will hopefully, finally, give us the chance to lock down a pre-order on what I think will be a very hard to get item (although I'd love to be wrong).

The 3DS was intended to drop in November, but wasn't ready...hence the later release.

I would love to see Nintendo keep its first party titles (and the best games imo) at the $49.99 mark, but with major third-party developers able to port and develop for all three consoles I wouldn't be shocked if they made the jump to $59.99.  Fear not though, low key games and shoveleware will still probably be in the familiar $29.99-$49.99 with almost instant price drops, lol.

So that is really the big news...We don't have big news, but we will soon have big news.  I for one an excited.  So mark your calendars and get ready for the final installment.  I REALLY HOPE that Nintendo will also release a Nintendo Direct either that night with highlights or from a pre-recorded segment for the loyal fans.  Stay tuned!

Nintendo 3DS

And now back to our normal layout.  I know nothing was set in stone with that Wii U info, but it is a big deal and long awaited.

Street Passin'

This one was basically covered here with my Ecuador Chronicle.  Aside from that there has been nothing new...sadly.

Find Mii II

Guess who just took down the Ultimate Ghost?  What, Mii?  Well, you are correct!  Although I was kind of the only choice, I'll still give you credit for guessing correctly.  Sadly, as I kind of expected, that little tower beyond the "Castle of Darkness-Rooftop" does exist and I am now being held captive there by the Dark Lord, who looks to have like 200 or so in the health bar :(

I've actually got a lot of pictures there and plan to post them up separately mid-week...mainly because I have  my headset plugged in and if I pull it, the recording device drops game audio...Which should tell you I have been recording something (won't say what, it is a surprise!).  And I am thinking I'll do some MKW or MP9 after this post, although it is 2:40 AM...we'll see.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Is freaking awesome!  I have really enjoyed this game thus far and today will mark 1 week of play time!  I am actually doing something kind of new for myself in terms of the "game log."  Right below the unboxing video I have a short, brief log of what all has gone on in the game.  I hope to be able to update it can find it right here: NSMB2 Game Log

As of last night (cough 5 AM this morning) I am in World 5.  I have all 3 Star Coins from all but 1 or 2 Levels, although I have only bought access to one gated area at this point.  I have, however, found several special levels etc.  I have pics that I'll add to the game log soon.

Other 3DS Games

I've actually played a little SML2: 6 Golden Coins and will continue to play Mario Tennis Open Street Pass Matches.  I also want to finish Professor Layton and the Curious Village here before long.



I am still waiting on what will hopefully be Terrabite and Trigger Snappy, but earlier this week I purchased another pack to hopefully land Gill Runt or Whisper Elf.  I hope to find another "flavor" pack and just go for the 4th.  I figure if I get duplicates someone else did too and we can work out a trade.  As soon as I get anything, I will let you know.  I can say, however, that several people have already gotten their sidekicks.

And just in case you need to know, I got them at Target for the (still valid from last week) sale price of $5.99.  And also just for the record, I have not seen the school bus display anywhere just yet, but I will keep looking.  School here starts back this week (some last week, some next week) so I figure any retailer that has it should get it up soon...I know Target and the local grocery store does not have one in the store.  I might make a dreaded trip into the confines of Wal-Mart to snap a picture...provided they have one.

Battle Tournament

Well, we are in the final stages of the first Skylanders Battle Tournament.  There is 1 day left to vote and as of right now it looks like Ignitor is going to take down Terrafin and Camo will beat Bash.  Camo has a huge lead, roughly 2x the votes.  Terrafin is only down 10-20 so that one could change.

If you have not voted you need to do it ASAP!  Especially if you are a fan of any of these Final Four, or simply can't stand one of them...Every vote matters!

Obviously, I'll be recording the results and Championship Matchup Video here in a few hours so that is kind of exciting.  Also of note, I am actually IN TOWN when it is ending, meaning it will be up that day, not 3-4 days later when I'm back home, lol.

I will also start really investigating what you want to see in the next Battle Tournament and will try to deliver.  There are some epic matchups we can line-up...I'll do my best to deliver for everyone what you will enjoy the most!

That "Cool, New Info" I Promised was Skylanders Related...

Hey, you're still reading!  Or did you just skim to the Skylanders section?  Be honest!  But nonetheless, I said I would offer up some "cool, new info" and I am a man of my word.  The question is, where to begin?

Let's start with the unknown...

Green Warnado

Yep, that's right...Green Warnado...and I don't mean Glow-in-the-Dark Warnado.  GameStop recently had a place holder page pop-up with "Green Warnado" and $19.99.  It is unknown if this is a pulled variant, a Translucent Green version kind of like you saw with Jello-Mold Drill Sergeant, or if it is actually an RFID deal where he will light up green.  I figure with the $19.99 price tag it has to be something fairly special.  Please note I am not implying he is a "light core" figure.  Those will cost more than a regular Skylander (not this much) and will have special powers.  I just thought they might have incorporate that into a chase, or exclusive figure for GameStop.

The thing about this is, if they are doing a Green Warnado it opens up lots of other doors.  Camo and Ghost Roaster got the axe...will they have special colored exclusives or variants?  Is this something they are doing just for those characters that didn't get re-released as a re-pose?  Is this a special run down for their top retailers: GameStop, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon?

Here is the link:

My gut tells me this will just be a solid color like TRDS (Translucent Red Drill Sergeant).  I think it might look cool and will probably pull the trigger since I like Warnado so well.  However, that does kill my long running feeling there would be a green Whirlwind...Does this mean Target will unleash a Pink or Purple Whirlwind?  Or are they holding out for a Rainbow exclusive?  So many options!  So why am I thinking solid color more than my own "green RFID" hypothesis?  Simple...

Gold Flameslinger...Again

This is why I'm thinking GameStop's "Green Warnado" will be a solid color:

Yep, you see it...Gold Flameslinger in his Series 2 pose!  I am not skilled with photoshop and if I doctored this it would have been done with Microsoft Paint.  This is the real deal and I saw it myself on Amazon...Oh, and I also pre-ordered it!  Just since Wednesday or whenever it was, the page is gone as if it never existed.  The pre-order isn't cancelled, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I figure with this (which was $9.99) that is probably what GameStop's "Green Warnado" will be...And I also figure Target, Wal-Mart, and maybe Best Buy will get special "exclusives."

Pre-Order Bonuses 

What kills me on "Green Warnado" and "Gold Flameslinger" is that they aren't pre-order bonuses.  And thus far, the only real pre-order bonus to be announced is from Best Buy.  You get a bag, bracelet, key chain deal, stickers, and a little poster.  I think TRU is giving away a Blue Bash, LTH, and guaranteeing a Giant character will be available for purchase...although I think this is "online only" and there have been rumors it will be a Legendary Bouncer.

I have still not pre-ordered the game just because I am hoping someone puts together a deal worth getting...or has a first week special (free  triple pack etc).

I have not gotten to update the Giants post, but I am sad to report the "Portal Owner's Pack" will only have Tree Rex, which I think is BS...It should have had Jet-Vac as they originally indicated.  This makes the $15 price difference (Jet-Vac, Cynder, and a spare portal) to the Starter Pack seem like nothing...I can live without S2 Cynder, but if Jet-Vac is only available in the Starter Pack for awhile (think Ignitor from last year's 3DS) I'd like to just spend the extra $15 and have a back-up portal.

I will post all of this, and the pics of the pre-order bonus from Best Buy (which I despise more than Wal-Mart) on the Giants post.

Level List for Giants via Amazon MP3

This one might not be super accurate, but it should be accurate to some degree.  Amazon recently posted the  mp3 links to Skylanders: Giants music, despite it not being available just yet, and I took some screen caps:

Hmm, can't really see that too well...but take my word for it...there seem to be a lot of potential level names there.  That said, I don't know that there were enough to constitute the entire game AND some of those tracks were likely generic "openings' and "scene specific."  I will expand on this one in a separate post and stick it with the main Giants post tomorrow.

Current Projects

Mario Kart Wii

Still need to record 150cc.  Hope to do so this week.

Mario Party 9

Still need to resume Board #2.  Hope to do so this week as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The poll is over, to be elaborate on later, and most of you said to just ditch the game and recording trouble and move on to a different game.  I very well may do that...although I am going to play the game.  I'll mull over it some more...Focus for now will definitely be as follows: Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 9, and Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

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*Everything has currently taken a back seat to NSMB2!*

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Well it is pretty late now...I had planned to play MP9, but I think I'll hit the hay (and play NSMB2 instead, lol).

I will get MKW Part 7 up tomorrow and will also try to get the Giants Post Updated with a lot of new info.


  1. with the next battle tornament can u do it
    group 1
    top fire
    bottem water
    so all round 1 and two battles will be elemental showdowns please
    comment if u like pls

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    1. Do you mean have it set up where: Gill Grunt vs Zap and then Slam Bam vs Wham-Shell where the winner of GG vs Z will advance to face the winner of SB vs WS? Or do you mean Fire vs Water?

      If you can clarify it I'll see what I can do...I'm going to start grouping people's ideas now that this first one is in its final stages. I am a big fan of the elemental clashes and opposite showdowns myself!


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