Sunday, August 26, 2012

Street Passing Abroad...In America


Those of you that follow the blog, especially the "Weekly Updates" likely note that I begin most installments with the same ol' gripe about not getting street pass tags...ever.

Well, last week I nailed this beauty!  Mind you, this was far from home on yet another road trip, but I certainly didn't expect it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get a tag with someone from Ecuador!  So many thanks to Alex for being in the same region that I was at the time!

This might even be one that some of you in more "populated areas" that don't necessarily get a lot of foreigners like say a NYC or LA would get might have yet to receive!

That said, I still look at some of the "accomplishments" and wonder how I'll ever pull them off short of going to Tokyo or something.  I mean, "100" in one day?  I think I've barely clipped 100 as is.  Nonetheless, this was a very nice surprise and I can't complain about that.

Here is in all the glory that is a Street Pass Tag from someone from a foreign country!
And just fyi, I have no clue why there isn't map data for it?!

So yeah, check me out...I have Mii characters from 3 Regions and 2 Countries (meaning Ecuador counts for 1 of the 2 Regions)...How lopsided is that?

Nonetheless, it is what it is and that was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.  Just for the record that is also the only Street Pass Tag I picked up on that quick trip.

And yes, I totally think it justifies having its own post, lol.

What are your Street Pass Tag bragging rights?  Anyone gotten the 100 in a day?  What about overall?  How many regions have you gotten tagged?

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