Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Unboxing

Well, Sunday, August 19th, 2012...that can only mean one thing for die hard Mario fans here in the're playing New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Here is the quick unboxing and my first impressions of the game:

And here is a quick run down on what will be the FAQs:

What: New Super Mario Bros. 2
System: Nintendo 3DS
Cost: $39.99
Where Did You Get It?: Toys'R'Us
Any Special Deals?: Yes.  Buy the game at TRU this week and get 70% off any $19.99 or under Wii, 3DS, or DS Game!  That is a sweet deal and netted me The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks for $ can not go wrong with that!

What Are Your First Impressions?: This game plays a lot like you would expect.  The graphics are better than NSMB (DS) and you can see the same graduated improvements we experiences in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

I have currently just played through World 1 with my Nephew in Coop Mode.  It was pretty much a cake walk, but it does look like some of the Star Coins might be challenging.

While the unboxing edited/uploaded I went ahead and started a Single Player Save File...Plays just the same and is very enjoyable.

If you are a big Nintendo or Mario fan this one is a no-brainer.  For casual gamers I think it is a can't miss.  The game is very accessible and has that same "pick-up and play" that made NSMB such a hit for the DS and Wii.

In fact, the game is so good, I am going to publish this blog post so I can get back to playing!  I will update with further thoughts on the game etc.

Game Log (New thing I'm trying out here):

8/19/12: Purchased the game.  Played Coop thru World 1.  Started a Single Player File.  Completed W1.  Clipped 4,000 coins on the day...Got notice of collecting 3,000 Coins.

Went back into the World 1 Tower in search of the 2nd Star Coin...Found it, but before that happened I found the alternate exit that opened up the W1 Cannon and the path (new feature) to the Mushroom World.

8/20-8/22/12: Got to continue the Coop File into World 2 and took out the tower.  Single Player mode is getting pretty interesting.  I am currently in World 4 and just completed the Ghost House about 8 times to finally get the alternate exit and all 3 Star Coins.  I would be much farther along, but I have made it a point to collect all 3 Star Coins from each level I have completed.  So far I am only missing 1 or 2....and 1 of them is quite the problem at this point.
That said, I did somehow replay 4-1 and did something to where the flag scene at the end sounded off in the old school SMB music and shot thing I know a rainbow appeared and I was in a Special Level.  I've also clipped 20,000 Coins.

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