Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Skylanders Merchandise: Books and More

Well, I wanted to make this one in the latest "Weekly Update," but ultimately decided it should get its own post.  I am doing this at 4 AM so as of right now I am just going to post links...A lot of stuff has been added just since I looked last last week.  However, fear not...in the event the links are "leaks" I have taken screen grabs of each!

The main draw here is the books.  Some have them already and most like them...the prices are not high at all, but having not read/seen any in person I can't tell you if you're getting 150 pages of fiction, 10 pages of illustrations, or pointless trash.  I may pick a few up...I don't have a Kindle or Nook, so I'll have to wait for the "hard copies."

I kind of ordered them from relevant to just plain and simple money grabs.  I realize people will like puzzles, stickers, and activity books but it has been an awfully long time since I've seen so much licensing madness, lol.  I'll slowly add the lunch boxes, stylus pens, etc.  There are also rumored to be some shirts coming...

Edit: Blast, the shirts are already out...and they stop at like "7" for kids...Curse society and its stereotypes...I'd totally rock the "It's Feeding Time" Terrafin Shirt!  If anyone is reading this, make adult sizes!!

Master Eon's Official Guide

Book of Elements: Magic & Tech

Book of Elements: Fire & Water

The Machine of Doom

Battle for Skylandes

The Mask of Power: Spyro vs. The Mega Monsters

Skylanders Mask of Power: Gill Grun(t)

Skylanders Official Sticker Book (Friggin' A it has been a long time since I've seen a "sticker" book, lol):

Skylanders: Official Annual

Skylanders 2013 Calendar (Sadly, no new images...Series 1 Only)

Skylanders Quiz Activity Book

Skylanders Portal of Puzzles

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