Saturday, November 2, 2013

Skylander Hunting Surprise: Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball and QuickDraw Rattle Shake Frito-Lay Bags


November is off to a GREAT start!

Skylander Hunting: Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball, Topps Collector Card Album, & Quick Draw Rattle Shake Frito-Lay Promo Bags!

First off, I was making my usual rounds while running errands tonight and wanted to stop by Toys'R'Us for two reasons: First, I wanted to see if Legendary Zoo Lou (11/3 Street Date) was out, and if so, if I could purchase him.  Second, I was hoping to find some of the Frito-Lay promotional Variety Packs for Quick Draw Rattle Shake!

Well, neither of those panned out at Toys'R'Us.

However, I did find one (and then several more) of the Skylanders Giants Legendary Triple Packs that I kno a lot of you are after...It has L-Jet Vac, L-Ignitor, and L-Slam Bam.  The first one I found, had something else unique...sitting on the peg to the left was none other than Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball!

Yep...PURPLE METALLIC WRECKING BALL!  I was shocked to say the least!  This is the first time I've found a "chase" variant since Gold Flameslinger back in the day...

I didn't risk taking a pic in the event someone else spotted him...So I plucked him up and began looking for a 2nd Skylander (BOGO40%).  I nearly went with a 2nd Scorp or Rip Tide, but held off in order to pick up the Topps Collector Card Starter Pack (TRU Exclusive) for $9.99.  This turned out to NOT quality for the BOGO40%, but who knew?!  I didn't, but now you do...Should have gone for that Scorp or Rip Tide...oh well.

This Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball kind of makes up for all of that!  I'm not sure how he "broke" thru the system, but he was right there front-and-center staring at me...Especially since his interior packaging is broken and it casts him at a 45 degree angle.  He was literally about to fall of the peg as well.  Before you ask, YES I did scan everywhere for the other Purple Metallics, lol.

You can check out the Topps Collector Card Starter Pack Opening and Review in the next blog post...

Now, on to the grocery store...Shockingly, my local store had the Quick Draw Rattle Shake Promo bags!  I saw the Classic Mix over in produce (don't ask) and grabbed it.  On the chip aisle they just had a few...I checked and the codes seemed to be the same for roughly 8-10 bags and then change...

I found a Classic Mix with a different code and grabbed it too...if you were unaware, the codes are on the FRONT of the bag, right with the "Use By" date.

I will get a video up outlining that contest here shortly...

Also of note...Target had Wave 2 Skylanders!  I, oddly enough, saw quite a few Fire Kraken, several Grilla Drilla, and 1 Night Shift...No Boom Jet anywhere.

That said, this was a killer night in terms of Skylander hunting!  Next stop is, of course, TRU on Sunday for Legendary Zoo Lou.

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