Saturday, August 20, 2011

Melty Molten Galaxy: Through the Meteor Storm, Star Roll

Hey, just spent some time tonight getting a little casual gameplay in...picked up SMG for the first time since May of this year and picked up where we left off with Melty Molten Galaxy.  A friend and I were taking turns, he go thru the first section and then I advanced us past the thwomp wheel and then on to the final "star roll" section.  He passed the torch to me as I tend to be a little better with these types of missions.

Well, it took 8-10 tries, hence why I recorded there...I kept getting thru the entire maze and would land the jump from the rock platform to the revolving lava platforms, but could never make the final, seemingly small jump to the final rock platform.  I even got a speed run and jump in that didn't clear it.

I finally got it as we decided to wait for the platform to get high and then jump!

Granted we hadn't played in awhile, but this one really added insult...the stress and odd position of holding the Wiimote 90 from parallel proves to be tiresome.  Nonetheless, it was a big relief to clear the mission and collect the star.  I figured I would post it here in case anyone has the same trouble....that strategy will save you a lot of time, provided you can get there!

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