Friday, May 25, 2012

Mario Tennis Open: A Not So Great Unboxing

Hey, you read the title, so let me serve it up:

This is definitely not my finest hour.  I'm beat, fought back loosing my voice, the camera was dimming on me even after the initial "ominous shadow" and that made me oblivious to the glare off the packaging.  BUT, all that aside, I wanted to get this up ASAP for two reasons: First, I wanted to show people what they'd get for the money and put out a little insight on the reviews.  Second, the "Buy One, Get One 40% Off" at Toys'R'Us is actually a great deal!

A new Nintendo title usually keeps the top price mark for quite some time. The fact this title dropped and lined up with a decent sale makes this the best time to buy the game.  I seriously doubt we'll see a "half-off" before the summer is up, and even if the sales aren't great this title will be sitting at $39.99 for quite some time.

Here are the basics:

What Are You Unboxing: Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS
What Did It Cost: $39.99 (Buy One, Get One 40% Off)
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us

You will also want to note the following:

The low "critic" scores are being rebuffed by most who have picked the game up.

I have asked a few reputable people (Twitter, IRL, YouTubers ,etc) and those that have had the game have basically been playing it all week (always a good sign), and have all reported enjoying it.  The two folks I know who have gone online loved it...that is probably the high point of this entry.

Camelot has developed (I believe) all of the Mario Tennis titles and this one tires to take the focus from the story line/plot with crazy, power shots and special moves, to a more finesse, control based game.  It won't please everyone, but for most Mario, Mario franchise, or casual sport game fans this will fit the bill.  I think the side draw for those not into "online play" will likely be all the customizations and the implementation of your Mii into the game.

I will be playing this game heavily here the next few weeks and will likely log the progress on the blog, or make some Tweets regarding my initial impressions etc.

Again, the "Buy One, Get One 40% Off Sale" at TRU is a great deal and will likely be the most opportune chance to get the game for quite some time.  You may see a $10 off for a stray week or so, but the savings on a similar priced game ($29-$34-$39) will be greater.  Plus, I know many of you are getting done with class for the semester, or have kids getting out for the summer...This would make a great gift!

You will also want to note:

*Club Nintendo has a Yoshi Costume for your Mii...Sign in to scan the code!

**Mario Power Tennis (Wii) will be released as Nintendo Select Title in June (ie $19.99).

***If you want this game and you don't have a 3DS the AquaBlue 3DS is being phased out...Get it while you can!  AquaBlue is the color of my 3DS and I love it!  There are a lot of great 3DS games out now and it is well worth the asking price of $169.99.

Well, that is it...I'm off to hit the hay...Stay tuned for updates!

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