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Weekly Update Skylanders and Scalpers 5/4/2012

Hey, back on track like a runaway train!

Today was a good day.


Another day of running errands with my 3DS and another day of not getting any streetpass tags.  I'm not sure if I mentioned how long it took for me to get a wandering hero with a yellow shirt, but let's just say I've spent a small fortune in Play Coins here lately and can't get a light blue one to save my life, or in this case advance past the shielded ghost.

The puzzles are another deal...where most seem to just magically wander around town and complete a puzzle or two, I have to buy my pieces.  Sadly, you can get the same piece twice when you are forced to purchase, something a few people I've talked with were unaware of...mainly due to them living in a higher population density of 3DS people.

Some day, I hope I am amazed an make a "local" Street Pass tag.

Skylanders Update

Another week, another recap.

I checked in at 4 different stores and snapped pics at 2 of them.


As I was about to go insert the picture, I realized I misspelled Target (but spelled misspelled correctly, go figure).

They had one Empire of Ice, three Darklight Crypts, a crud ton of Wrecking Ball, Boomer, and Eruptor, and a few Chop Chop and Hex singles.  Nothing ground breaking, but this is the first Empire of Ice I have ever seen at Target...more on that later.


Quite a bit of stock:

If you look closely you will see the Lightning Rod/Cynder/Zook Triple Pack.  There were three of them, I was shocked.  There were 6 pegs of Legendary Triple Packs, meaning they either got more in from last week or simply pulled more from the back.  The little crate display was still fully stocked one one-side with Legendary Trigger Happy.

The had a few Empire of Ice sets, a ton of Darklight Crypt and the singles were as follows: Stump Smash, Drobot, Eruptor, Chop Chop, Wrecking Ball, Boomer, Eruptor, Hex, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom, and a stray Stealth Elf.  I asked and they have not had Camo, Warnado, or Wham-Shell.  They honestly seem to be the last to get anything new since the turn of the year.


I just missed a round of Lightning Rod and Zook, but for the most part they have been dry.  They had a few Double Trouble, Wrecking Ball, and Stealth Elf singles.  They have had one round of Camo, Warnado, and Ignitor singles and have yet to see Wham-Shell.

Other Stores

The local store I hit up was well stocked (for their store).  They had Chop Chop, Hex, Wrecking Ball, Boomer, Drobot, Drill Sergeant, Whirlwind, Stump Smash, Flameslinger, and one Flameslinger Triple Pack.  Before you get excited, this is primarily just due to the fact they get a small fraction of the traffic of other stores, and I'm pretty sure not many people know or think they sell Skylanders...likely due to the fact they aren't prominently displayed and had consisted of as little as 2 pegs for most of the time since Ocober.

Walmart/Best Buy

I really don't like either of these places.  I almost think Walmart is less of an evil because they at least have low prices.  I'll get into why I skipped Walmart now...

The Scalper Returns

Well, as many of you know, about a month ago I put the pieces together and solved the local scalper case.  I linked "them" to ebay, and got confirmation from both TRU and GameStop.  In fact, last Friday night when I ran around I was glad to hear one of the managers at GameStop had flat turned the lady away.

Well, guess what...since she can't buy, and the stores have given her husband the same royal treatment I figured she would rest content pillaging the incoming stock at her safe haven of Walmart.

WRONG!  Never underestimate a low-life.

This odious couple has lowered the bar.  Since they have been squelched at these outlets, they are now sending their children in to buy the new stuff.  I wouldn't be surprised if they don't pull them from school should a shipment come in...

Luckily most employees know the family (parents and kids).  Sadly, it is hard to turn kids away.  I'd type what I was told by someone, but I don't want to give any leverage to these vermin should they, or similar scalawags read this.

So with that knowledge, I totally subverted the dreaded walk into hell...I mean Walmart, and just went about my business.  I know people have landed Wham-Shell at Best Buy, but in all honesty I despise that store and in all likelihood the first family of ebay had probably wiped them clean of anything but the usual Skylanders.

I am pretty sick about it...I mean if not for this one family, I and many others in this town would likely have had Camo and Warnado weeks ago and most of us diehards would have caught Wham-Shell.  As it is, we all go hungry while they hock the figures on ebay to fund whatever it is that they do for recreation...

The Silver Lining

All that negative stuff aside, I do have good news.  My Amazon pre-order is...

Still on pre-order with no confirmation.


If you saw some Tweets, you know that I caught the Triple Pack on GameStop.  I got it today!  Check it out:

I have to say, Warnado looks awesome....even better than I had hoped...his shell has a nice luster to it.

Like I said, I've got Ignitor from the 3DS Starter Pack, but this cost $19.99 and just ordering the Camo and Warnado singles from would have been $19.98.  Ignitor was worth the $0.01 in my opinion.

Just for the record, not only is this the first time I have seen the Triple Pack, but it is the first I know of it being in my area.  Walmart (I know thanks to the ebay scalper) and GameStop, thanks to employee info have only had the singles.

So, that part pretty much made my day...I am looking forward to unboxing and seeing how the new Skylanders perform, especially Warnado!

Skylanders Game Play Progress

Obviously, once I open the Triple Pack I will record the Heroic Challenges and then be able to work some Skylanders up to 31/32.  I am a Wham-Shell away from getting that 32/32 and obtaining all the accolades!

Aside from that on the horizon, I've just been working them thru the paces on Heroics.  I am thinking I might get an element group up to 32/32, and then record finishing out their upgrades.

I keep getting people that want to see me take 1 Skylander thru all 32 Heroic Challenges, and I guess if I do that I'd like it to be Warnado (mainly bc I'm not resetting other favorites from 29 just to do so, lol).  I may do that to see if he can hit Level 10 just from the 32 Heroic Challenges.

Other Gaming Notes

I have spent a bit more time on the Last Specter and it is really great.  I have been too busy to advance to another chapter, but took care of a few more Chapter 7 puzzles.

On tonight's Wii Fit Plus Body Test, I got a Perfect Score on the Walking Test, which is actually pretty hard to do, so that was a nice surprise.


If you missed the news and your favorite color is purple, be sure to check out the Midnight Purple 3DS!

-Club Nintendo

There is a new line-up of games you can get with Club Nintendo points...check them out next time you are on...

-Nintendo Channel

Was once again dead...I'm pretty bummed.  The last "new" video was the Mario Tennis Open "Customizations" one...I was hoping they'd replace Nintendo Week, or do weekly updates.

That said, I checked last night too and watched another Xenoblade Chronicles looked pretty good.  Has anyone played it yet?

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Next Playthrough

-Mario Kart Wii

As you may remember, you voted that I do Mario Kart Wii for the next playthrough.  I have been thinking about it more as I prepare to record and would like to know what you want to see...

A). A Total Walkthru
--New Save File, 50, 100, and 150 CC, Mirror Mode, Unlock All Characters and Karts/Bikes

B). A Casual Playthru
--New Save File, Win Each Cup in each Class (50, 100, 150cc), Don't worry about unlocks, they either happen or they don't.

C). A Quick Playthru
--New Save File, 50, 100, or 150 cc in each and call it good.  Move on to the next game.

Let me know what you'd like.  If you just want to see a win in each cup in 150cc or if you'd like to see a run from a new license all the way to Mii Outfit B etc.  I will try to accommodate accordingly.


Well, got a lot covered...and most importantly Camo and Warnado are here!

I will unbox them tomorrow, well later today, and get the vid up.  If all goes well I will also record their introductions, heroic challenges, and have some gameplay footage for you that should be up later in the weekend.

Also, please be sure to vote in the polls and let me know what you'd like to see on Mario Kart Wii.


  1. The apple doesn't fall far from the... scalper? Ugh, great, I wonder if this lady will start hiring strangers to come in and shop for it. The stupid things people do for greed just disgusts me. ANYWAYS, congrats on getting Wave 5! I am exctremely looking forward to their showcases!

    Reply Delete
    1. Very true. I'm sure the kids get the first Skylanders in town, but to put them up to shopping where you and your husband are "well known for all the wrong reasons" is pretty sad.

      I, and many others, have had chances to buy up Skylanders, but I just take what I need and leave the rest. I haven't bought anything local in a long time.

      The fact she works at Walmart and "raids the shipments" if you will is what really disgusts me...BUT to have that kind of access and not be content with that? Please...She wants to cash in so much she trys to raid places she doesn't work.

      I'm sure this goes on in other cities too...Walmart is the best at getting stock and getting it regularly...There is a reason I never see anything but Drobot and Boomer while stores 100 miles from me (out of her range) you can find the "new stuff."

      I just recorded Camo and Warnado's heroics...should have them up today or later tonight.


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