Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Update: Memorial Day Edition (2012)

Hey Everyone,

The update is a bit behind schedule, but there is good reason for that.

Skylanders Update (Skylandin' and YouTube Combined)

A lot went down this past week.  It started with finding Wham-Shell locally.  This allowed me to record the "Complete Collection video."  More importantly it let me wrap up Warnado's "box stock Heroic Challenge Quest," obtain "Elite Agent" and "Grand Admiral" Accolades, and get a true 100% Completion in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  I got those videos recorded, edited, and uploaded throughout this past week.

Skylanders Playthrough on YouTube

Since then I have taken every Skylander through their full slate of upgrades.  That's right, the "Mass Upgrade" videos I promised are finally complete...In addition to that, I have also recorded and edited the same "Fully Upgraded Gameplay" videos.

I currently (1:40 AM 5/28/2012) have the first two uploading to YouTube.  I've said it before, but they will go in order and by element.  So right now I have Magic Upgrades as Part 110 and Magic Gameplay as Part 111.

I will mention that several of these videos had bad game audio lags.  This is an issue I can't correct.  It is easy to pick it out if you have a trained eye and then you will gradually notice the game audio coming before the game video and my commentary, which are usually still sync'd pretty well.  It happens, and this is something I can't "record again" due to the fact it would involve resetting the Skylander, and spending a ton of time to get them back to being ready to fully upgrade.

That said, ALL OF THESE VIDEOS are edited and ready to upload!  I will probably upload one Element group (upgrades and gameplay) per day or every other day as time allows.

What I still lack on Skylanders is simply recording a similar video with the Legendary Skylanders and Dark Spyro.  I will take them down the other path as promised.  I also have "extra" Skylanders I can take down the alternative upgrade paths for comparison sake (Ignitor, Cynder, Warnado etc).

Skylanders Blogging

I've got a lot that went up this past week: Wham-Shell's HC, Warnado's final HC vids, getting the true 100%, and then of course the "Complete Collection" which included a lot of information.

The "Your Favorite Skylander" Poll is quickly coming to an end...if you have not voted, do it now!  I also opened new polls regarding Glow-in-the-Dark and Crystal/Clear Variants.  I have one more coming soon regarding packaging.

Over the next few days you will see some new Skylanders posts.  I will post my official upgrade path recommendations.  I have also pretty much completed my favorite Skylanders lists and will work on making that one translate to a  nice read.  Both of those should be pretty cool to have complete and live on the blog.

More Skylanders Stuff

As soon as I have all the upgrades/gameplay videos up and the blog posts about the upgrade paths and my personal favorites I will enter into my final plans for Skylanders...I'll see how it goes initially and then decide whether to continue it or call it off.  Stay tuned to see what  I have planned.

Street Passin'

I made a prediction last week before running errands I would not get any tags, and I was correct...insert shocked face.  One day it will happen, until then I can just know I'm the only cool person in my area that drives around with their 3DS in sleep mode.

New Games

If you saw the unboxing, you know I picked up Mario Tennis Open (3DS) and Mario Kart (DS).  I am really enjoying Mario Tennis Open and it is much better than the reviews make it out to be...I've only played the Mushroom Cup, but I have won it with almost the full roster of characters, most recently Waluigi who never lost a game!

I'll be updating my 3DS Library soon!

Mario Kart Wii

This is, of course, the next playthrough.  Unless the earth slips off its axis, I think it looks like ya'll want to see a full blown playthrough showcasing how to unlock everything.  I may or may not make that happen, it'll depend on a few factors that are yet to be determined.  That said, I will do my best to make sure it is close to what you want to see...after all, this was voted on by you!

I will start recording it this week (while uploading the final Skylanders videos).

The Next Playthrough

This one is not going to be up for voting, and I think I might record it alternately with Mario Kart Wii (which should be a much, much quicker playthrough than Skylanders, lol).

In all honestly, I have thought of doing an alternating cycle.  For example recording Mario 2 one night, then recording Mario 3 the next...I could then pick to upload only Mario 2 and then have down time to record a new game while uploading Mario 3, or to upload them alternately...That is all theoretically speaking by the way...I have honestly not started recording anything new...I've been too focused on wrapping up Skylanders.

Currently Playing

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Wii): Working on Legendary Stuff.

Wii Fit Plus (Wii): Daily Body Test if nothing else.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (Wii): Down to a few times a week due to a busy schedule.

Mario Kart 7 (3DS): I decided to get one star on every cup, just lack one in 150cc now.

Mario Tennis Open (3DS): Currently trying out each character in the Mushroom Cup.

Currently Listening

Home Audio: Taylor Swift, Audioslave

Car Audio: Theory of a Deadman, specifically tracks from "Gasoline"


The "Magic Element Mass Upgrade Video" lacks about 9 mins till uploaded.  I will continue uploading them through the next week or so and will also be working on getting the final few Skylanders Blog Posts up...

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I know most of you should now be done with class for the semester, graduating in some cases, or advancing to the next grade.  Or just probably wishing you were doing one of those things as opposed to just going back to work Tuesday, lol....such is life!

Stay tuned for some cool posts and keep your eye out for the new videos.

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