Saturday, June 29, 2013

Skylanders Giants: Giant Upgrade Paths

You know the drill by now...This post will highlight all the Upgrade Paths for the Giant Characters in Skylanders Giants.  Luckily, I either have an extra of most, there was a variant/special character which allows us to check out both paths!  Where that is not the case, I plan to add another to the arsenal so we can check out the other path...I will just wait for the right sale!

If you are curious about the Newlander Upgrade Paths, click here:

If you want to see the Series 2 Skylander Upgrade Paths, check this link:

Skylanders Giants Part 121: Swarm's Barberous Avenger Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 122: Crusher's Rubble Master Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 123: Granite Crusher's Rock Grinder Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 124: Hot Head's Burninator Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 125: Hot Head's Oil Baron Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 126: Tree Rex's Tree Folk Charger Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 127: Tree Rex's Lumbering Laserer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 128: Ninjini's Ancient Djinn Magic Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 129: Scarlet Ninjini's Swords of Might Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 130: Bouncer's Robot Rocketeer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 131: Legendary Bouncer's I-Beam Supreme Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 132: Eye-Brawl's Eye Brawler Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 133: Thumpback's Up Close & Personal Upgrade Path


  1. In regards 2 swarm I can pick up an extra swarm at half price 2 try out his swarm form path at eb cos they have a sale but it will take a while 2 give u info on swarm form because I probably cant get it until Sunday or Monday (7 or 8 days) so u probably won't get info from me until Wednesday or Thursday(10 or 11 days) I'm on holiday so that's y I can't get it as soon as usual(otherwise I could get it 2morrow!)

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    1. Yeah, I am waiting for a good price on him again...Amazon had him at $9.99 but there wasn't really anything else I needed at the time...I'm hoping there is a sale soon, I'd love to get a 2nd Swarm, Eye-Brawl, and Thumpback...I just don't want to pay $45 to do it, lol. I take it you went Barberous Avenger as well?

    2. I actually haven't done a path yet but after your video I want to do ba ,so with my current swarm I will do the swarm form and with new swarm I will do ba.

    3. Nice, let me know how you like it!

  2. 1ofWiisdom, I recently picked up S2 Zap, Lightcore Chill and Hot Dog. I have leveled them up twice or three times and I need more coins to buy upgrades. What is the fastest way to get coins?


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    1. I find the QUICKEST way to get coins is in battle mode but if you don't have anyone to play with then the skystones on the ship also gives good money but it's not as fun as battle mode

    2. Personally, what I do in Giants is just use the locked room on the ship...If you've completed the game it has a nice chunk of change you can pick up...Just go in, cycle thru the 8 Elements to open each door, get the cash...exit the room, and re-enter. It isn't exactly fun, but it is quick imo. It is what I personally do.

      As Nigel mentioned, Battle Mode is good too (and works to cover the 10 wind for the hats), but it is pretty lame if you are solo...This is one of the reasons I'm such an advocate for CPU opponents, or Single Player Battle Mode.

  3. This is actually about chills upgrade not giants upgrade paths
    LLC chill looks awesome with that new armor but Chill doesn't
    Also u like ice lancer cos it has your name and I know someone called Ozen (but it could be Ozan) who's name is in Frozen fury
    Also should I get jade fw or (about) 2 xbox 360 games ( the jfw cones with sf which could be on 3ds or Xbox 360 both options are approximately $59

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    1. Yeah, I am picky with the upgrades changing character appearances etc. I really like Chill..surprised she is winless in Castaways vs Newlanders. Chill and Fright Rider had my name, so that was cool.

      Y'all are getting Jade with starter packs now? I'd go with the 3DS version to max the bang for the buck (thus scoring Punch Pop Fizz, or an extra). JFW and PPF + 3DS Game and Portal is move value than 2 360 games imo.

    2. Heh it is much better value considering I have hardly any 3ds games and the Xbox comes with 5 games AND the other games r super cheap so I can get a tonne of other games for it with my bday money (12 July btw)

    3. week out! I'd swing for the 3DS SP and then pick up 360 games in the wake...prices will continue to fall there. Both Skylanders 3DS games have totally different story lines etc.

  4. It's it's not IRS

    I will record swarm form upgrade path it could be poor quality but I will basically do ur format( without the talking) and will show off abilities. In a heroic challenge
    Expect it sometime in the next 3 days I will post comment with link on the blog when ready.

    Also I finally got flashwing (via 3pack) she has been evading me for months!

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    1. Cool, keep me posted on it...It looked killer (Swarm Form), but since there was no extra or special variant of Swarm I was forced to chose one...still pan to go x2 on the solo Giants.

      Oh nice...congrats on landing her! She has been pretty easy to find over here...her different figures have different wing colors and angles though...friend pointed out the new, highly different angled wings.

    2. Now that u mention it my fw does have a diff colour and angle compared to the one on the poster I have a vid on the unboxing but it's not very hood because I don't have a camera so I had to use my phone which has no stand so at times I put it down and I don't talk so u hear my breathing if u do want to see it tell me ans I will post it other wise I will practice doing vids on some of my other characters upgrades until I perfect it at which point I will record swarms upgrade path

    3. Yeah, and even on the actual figures you can see the difference...Kind of like S2 Prism Break's gem color (clear-blue, dark blue, clear-green)...all interesting.

      Have fun perfecting it...takes awhile to sort it all out, lol...same story with any upgrade in equipment...

    4. I upgraded my swarm thru the swarm form upgrade path but didn't record and haven't had a chance to check the damage but it does look awesome the axe and explosion should do massive damage and the swarm form covers a massive area (roughly 5 swarms[ regular mode not swarm form] in diameter of the circle)

    5. Sweeet! I have the second Swarm just waiting to go down Swarm Form. GameStop emailed me today to say that they can't fulfill my order for the 2nd Thumpback or Eye-Brawl :( They did give me $10 to use online though, haha. Not a horrible deal I suppose.

      I'm looking forward to Swarm Form though.


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