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Skylanders Giants Newlanders Upgrade Paths

Newlander Upgrade Paths in Skylanders Giants

First off let me just say that this is a long time overdue...Having gone the entire blind playthrough with "box stock" Skylanders took away from things...It did make for a bit more of a challenge, and I did have peace of mind for potential Heroic Challenge issues or Quest Problems etc, but the upgrades are one of the more enjoyable parts of the game.

That said, I will still log these videos on the Skylanders Giants Blind Playthrough Blog Post:

Similarly, you can catch the Giants Upgrade Paths here:

Take this link for the Series 2 Skylander Upgrade Paths:

But, I felt the series was worthy of a stand alone post.  Luckily, with the Newlanders and their in-game variants, LightCore Versions, or Legendary counterparts I had 2 of almost all of them....which means you get to see BOTH PATHS!  The only one I don't have 2 for is Sprocket, which may change here soon...I caved in and bought another Fright Rider.

*Please note that all the "numbers" I use are with the full discount (All 20 Winged Sapphires).

That aside, the videos will be below, but I want to take a little time to showcase what you'll need to fully upgrade any Newlander (I think this is way easier to understand in text form, but I realize most prefer video...hence why I rambled on about it):

So basically, as reiterated in the video, you need $8,520 to fully upgrade your Newlander.  With that out of the way, here are the vids:

Jet-Vac Bird Blaster Upgrade Path (SG Part 108 via LC Jet-Vac)

Jet-Vac's Vac-Packeteer Upgrade Path (SG Part 107 via Jet-Vac)

Flashwing's Super Shards Upgrade Path (SG Part 109 via Flashwing)

Flashwing's Super Spinner Upgrade Path (SG Part 110 via Jade Flashwing)

Hot Dog's Burning Bow-Wow (SG Part 111)

Hot Dog's Pyro Pooch (SG Part 112 via Molten Hot Dog)

Shroomboom's Barrier Boost Path (SG Part 113 via Shroomboom)

Shroomboom's Paramushroom Promotion (SG Part 114 via LC Shroomboom)

Pop Fizz's Best of the Beast (SG Part 115 via Pop Fizz)

Sprocket's Operator Path (SG Part 116)

Fright Rider's Sir Lancealot Path (SG Part 117)

Fright Rider's Joust Jockey Path (SG Part 118)

Chill's Frozen Fury Path (SG Part 119 via Chill)

Chill's Ice Lancer Path (SG Part 120 via Legendary LightCore Chill)

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