Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beyblade Metal Fury Spark FX Beat Lynx BB-109B

What?  Beyblade Metal Fury Spark FX Beat Lynx BB-109B
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
How Much Did It Cost?  Retail $9.99, I think I got it on 50% in an online order

Well, here it is...my first venture into uploading Beyblade content to the YouTube Channel and posting it to this blog.  I had tons of requests for it back in the day, and since my Nephew is now very much into Beyblades, it makes perfect sense to dive right in to the mix...

I believe it was last year that he really got into them...We went to a demo at Toys'R'Us and he was hooked...He knows the recent episodes of the cartoon inside-and-out.

I mention all that because he was a special guest commentator on all three of these first unboxings!  We've assembled a nice collection over the last few months, but I will now start documenting new additions with unboxings and then you'll slowly see who else is in the mix with battles I plan to record.

Nonetheless, here is some baseline info on Beat Lynx:

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